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Track Length:

1 – 9:59

2 – 5:33

3 – 5:58

4 – 7:51

5 – 6:41

6 – 6:15

7 – 5:48

8 – 6:49

Voice:Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2017 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.


5 reviews for Masturbation Roulette with Mia

  1. Orella

    I love this playlist of sessions, as the title says you play Masturbation Roulette where you touch and stroke only as instructed and can only cum when instructed and this only occurs in some of the files, but be quick or you will miss your chance and have to keep playing.
    I also make a playlist without the cum sessions for an extended edging loop where I am lost in denied pleasure under Mistress Mia’s direction and complete control.

  2. MattyMatt

    Summary – Each session is unique (i.e. a different masturbation technique) which is good so you don’t know what is coming (pun intended). Denial brings mix of emotions, from intense disappointment (the throbbing kind) to a euphoric satisfaction knowing that you can obey, but when you do get the order to cum, the experience is so much more profound! I highly recommend you checking out this experience!!
    My take: While being a game of chance, it is also training in discipline. Being a student of Mia’s ,I chose to bring out the full effect of this game. In addition to the rules described by Mia, I appended the following:
    – One file each day
    – Masturbation to orgasm out side this game is not allowed
    – I do listen to other sessions, but only ones without any JOI (choose wisely lest you create a dilemma for yourself)

    When I hit on the third day…I had no problem cumming within the time window granted by Mia…the best orgasm I’ve had in a while!
    I have 5 files left and I’m giving that roulette wheel another spin this week!
    Thank you Mia!!

    BTW – I’m looking forward to Mia extending this series…

  3. abe

    This is a really fun game of chance. 8 files (audios) in which there´s only 2 releases. For those who were denied during the first listens, I am sorry. Lucky for me, I got my release during the second listen. Isn´t that luck?

    Now for round two, which was about 2 days later, the anticipation and built up was great. I was at the brick, at the very edge of orgasm and nothing I could do about it. I had to keep listening, when the release finally arrived, It was much intense and powerful than the first try. Without a doubt, a build up towards orgasm is like no other, I loved it!

  4. Dan 85

    This opened up a whole new world of anticipation. The build up of listening to a unknown number of denial files and finally being allowed to release on command was indescribably exhilarating. Mistress Mia, You have captured my heart and mind with Your sweet voice, I am Your humble Servant, and my body is Yours to do with what You will.

  5. Lukas Spilka

    I have been thinking a lot about how I should review this “product” ;), Because as You may know, this is not only one file but compilation of many and yet it acts like single file… “Should I review each file separately? Or do overall review?” I have decided to make something like split decision… I won´t mention any detail about the file(s) and at the same time do the review about “Roulette” as a whole.
    Mistress Mia outdid herself in this JOI session. It is just like the descriction says: 6 denials, 2 releases. My release came after FIVE!!! denials. But let me tell You… I have never been more satisfied with being denied the release for such long time period… You can say that the waiting for release increased the enjoyment when I was finally allowed by my Mistress to. finally having… ehm… the”release” 😉 And the best thing is I don´t even know to this time what number of the session is the “releasing” file…. So I can repeat the whole experience as much as I want to and be thrilled like I was for the first time. I certainly recommend all of You out there who are still unsure about this file to give this a chance. You are not going to regret it one bit I promise 😉
    For me it is well deserved five-star experience – THANK YOU MISTRESS MIA FOR THAT . VERY THRILLING EXPERIENCE. 🙂

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