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Length: 31:19

Voice:Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2017 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

4 reviews for Meine Spiele Spielen

  1. Andi_S

    Play my Games is a legendary session that every fan and every follower of Mistress Mia should have listened to. This serves as a sort of introduction to who Mia is and to the kind of games she intends to play with our minds. I do not easily trust people to let my guard down but somehow when I listened to this session I had the feeling that I could trust Mia like noone ever before. I didn’t know why or how and I was skeptical but I had to find out and go deeper to see what truth there was to it. To this day I listen to Play my Games when I feel that I need a fresh start or when I want to be reminded of the beauty of Mia’s spirit. To hear her speak these words of beauty in my native tongue German is quite special as well. This is a lovely, beautiful session that will touch your heart and is sure to seduce you to want to go deeper and let Mia play her games with your mind.

  2. Orella

    Even though I do not understand the words being spoken, Mistress Mia’s beautiful voice is still enchanting, captivating and commanding in any language, the music of her words plays directly into my subconscious as I drift away listening without conscious understanding feeling relaxed and happy lost in the presence of my Mistress.

  3. Taigh

    This review relates to the English version of the file not the German one – Play my Games.

    Play my Games, more than anything else I have experienced ever, gave me the feeling of wandering helplessly into a maze of words where I became lost and could only follow the voice – which only led me further in. When listening, you don’t think you are being hypnotised. Theres’ no ‘breath deeply’, ‘snap’ or deepening phase, You cant place the exact point where you became seduced – but you know it already happened somehow, somewhere along the way and that you are lost.
    Just like all those hypnosis stories where someone get’s duped into becoming hypnotised in a conversation, where they don’t suspect what’s coming until its already too late and they cant escape.
    I have never felt so *changed* by a file as I do when I listen.
    For me at least this file is taking me somewhere I long to go and I am not doing anything myself at all – I feel completely lifted up and carried forward.

  4. Abe

    Grab this!

    Mia started off 2018 with this great German session and let me just say that this is my first time, ever listening to a non-engligh audio ever since I got into erotic hypnosis.

    What I loved about it is the ability to not understand a single word but trusting her completely with everything that she said.

    I just let myself go, listen and dive in into pleasure I got to experience in a different way. Its what makes this voice fetish so special. Its really not about the words. Words can be spoken and understood most of the time, but the sound of a voice as lovely as hers that really does it for me every single time. Can this be translated into english? Sure, but I don’t think it will have this first impact it did on me like this one did.

    Give yourself a try and listen in… you will love it!

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