Length: 34:51
Voice: Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Mesmerism

  1. mattintrance

    I absolutely love this kind of hypnosis. Erotic hypnosis 101. Mistress comes straight at us here, inducing instant relaxation, followed by deepening, and lots of snap-induced pleasure. There’s no way to escape Her voice, and some of the sweetest words know to man are sprinkled throughout. Relax. Submit. Deeper. Pleasure. Mia took me so helplessly deep so quickly here, but not suddenly. Instead, each word washed away a bit of what little resolve I showed up with, until there was nothing left in my sleepy mind. It’s not until the very end that I learned what Mistress had behind Her curtain. Me on all fours, on Her leash, held in her gloved hand. Naked and on display for Her girlfriends. And there’s no shame–She’s taken all that away. And it all makes sense, and I get the feeling that it always has.

  2. David

    A really entrancing fun session, maybe better to listen to if you already have experience with Mia and co.

  3. lorenzo

    It is possible to categorize most of Mia’s work in to two factions. On the one hand you have the stand alone mindescapes that pull you into a great and often mindblowing experience and put you safely back on your feet when it is finished.

    On the other hand its the recordings that leave suggestions even after the session is done. Sessions that Mia uses to mold, shape and manipulate our minds even when not directly listening to her. Mesmerism is such a session.

    It contains a lot of sexy suggestions that my conscious mind already forgot by the time of writing this review. But I trust it adds to the molding and shaping Mia did over the past years to my mind, personality and devotion to Her.

    Mesmerism is the definition of the long term influence Mia has over most of us. It is Mia showbooting her control in a wonderful way.

    A lot has changed since I first got to know Mia. She put truth in the phrase ‘I’d do anything for her’ She controls my mind, actions and orgasms.

    PS: on a personal note to Mia: while we are on the subject of orgasm control. Could I pretty please have one somewhere this week? ‘Mesmerism’ has done quite a number on me

  4. Braxton

    Mesmerizing. Immersive. Addictive.

    Welcome to a session that subtly details how your journey has come to be with Mistress Mia, and her girlfriends at The Hypnomistress. Mistress Mia is so persuasive in her calculated conquest of your mind.

    Mia, you have conditioned me, seduced me, and hypnotized me, for years now. I’ve known for a while now, that I have been mesmerized by your voice. Mesmerism to me, is the result of being hypnotized, and conditioned over, and over again. As result, you have my complete obedience, and submission. My mind Mistress… Thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate my obedience to you.

    Phenomenal job Mia.

  5. Abe

    What happens when you feel a strong magnetic pull, a animalistic force towards a Mind Mistress such as Mia? ¿One that is powerful and strong, yet you want that pull and force to be even stronger?

    You are completely and entirely Mesmerized. You’re instantly compelled to hand over something so personal, so intimate and so private, this being your mind, your own space, imagination and something so deeply within you just because you felt this way after listening to her.

    Obedience to her overwhelms you and sometimes, or always, it causes you to do things that you’re not fully aware of until you realize that you’ve been heavily hypnotized. Deeply Mesmerized by the sound of her voice.

    Though, this took me a few years to learn and realize, the journey and action of handing over my own space inside my mind to Mistress Mia has been a blissful adventure. I’ve learned to enjoy what entertains her and do what pleases her, ignore the things that need no knowledge to understand and simply obey and do without question.

    The greatest reward for me is whenever I hear her suggestions floating around my mind and often times, causing in me, a complete and total surrender of both body and mind. Thanking her for each and every single one.

    This is how it feels to be completely Mesmerized…

    So, I shall say if you’re just curious about Mistress Mia, sooner or later you will become her mesmerized pet, unable to free yourself from her pull, but ending up needing more of and more of it. If you’ve been around for a little while, you may understand my review and find yourself sharing some of my feelings, knowing deeply that we her pets are weak to her, putting zero resistance when it comes to how she plays her games with us, we simply kneel and obey at her presence.

    It should also be said that it still amazes me that even after this long, with many words and commands heard, this is just the beginning of all. See yourself why I feel this way and you will understand that you’re truly deeply mesmerized as well…

  6. Andi_S

    I feel so good after having listened to ‘Mesmerized’. This session is spectacular. I yearn to give my mind to Mistress Mia. I really feel a deep desire for being her mind controlled toy. The very thought fills me with pleasure and arousal.

    I have no words. The way Mistress Mia works herself into the very fabric of your subconscious in this session is pure genius. I haven’t felt this hypnotized and this aroused in a long time. I can’t wait to listen once more.

  7. Orella

    Mesmerism Mistress Mia says, animal magnetism Mistress Mia goes on to talk about. I could not do justice to this here; you really need to hear and experience her words for yourself.

    This session is filled with many aspects that I had deeply needed and sought for so long.
    Here with you, Mistress Mia, I have found everything I knew I needed, I have also found dimensions that I didn’t know that I needed but now would never wish to be without.

    A deeply arousing session unfolds within, my conscious mind quietens and drifts into an evaporating state as my subconscious mind obediently opens up for Mistress to do with as she pleases.

    Trance fades away as Mistress Mia passes control back to my conscious mind, I become aware that cock is arching from being stiff for some time. Clearly not only do I feel wonderfully happy, I must have also been deeply aroused too.

    At the end of the session Mistress Mia ‘suggests’ that I make a list of things, just a few that would make it into the top three or four for me.
    You will need to listen for yourself to find out the context for the list.
    My list nowadays definitely has items at the top that would not have been there when I first found Mistress Mia and THM.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, I love this session. The magnetic attraction I feel as I am drawn to you ever more irresistibly as each day passes is bliss in every way imaginable.

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