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Length: Hands off – 25:01, Cum-on-Command- 28:47

Voice:Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Mia’s Black Leather Pants

  1. Andi_S

    Have I always had a strong fetish for tight leather pants? I don’t think so but there is a part of me that somehow isn’t sure. It feels a little confusing. I am sure listening to this session more probably will clear up any confusion. Or will I only become more confused with each listening? More stripped of all any any control? More and more powerlessly addicted to my Leather Goddess and her out of this world beautiful, hot black leather pants?

    It doesn’t matter. I cannot get the images from this session out of my head. This session just bombards my brain with sexy images and feelings and I just want to listen again and again and again and again be allowed to feel the presence and worship my Leather Goddess Mia.

    Just do yourself a favor and purchase or claim this session if you haven’t. It doesn’t matter if you have a thing for leather. You will.

  2. Orella

    I have loved the smell and texture of leather for as long as I can recall, the image in my mind of Mistress Mia waring her black leather pants drives me into intense arousal and desire filling my helpless mind completely with her total control, these sessions are perfect as there is one to mercilessly tease me with whilst I am chaste and in turn one to reward me with an earthshattering orgasm if and when Mistress Mia grants me permission to cum.

  3. Mistress Mia’s Slave

    Wow describes how this session is!!!! I had such incredible images in my mind of my Mistress Mia wearing those gorgeous and sexy black leather pants!!!! My Mistress Mia made love leather even more and now my fetish has reached extremely high limits!!!! THANK YOU so much my wonderful Mistress Mia!!!! <3

  4. TaighDupp

    This session is smoking hot! Like the Lady who wears the pants around here. I just found myself dissolving in lust and submission . The two endings option is really great – When I am in the mood to dominated by my BlackLeather Goddess Ms Croft – I can have that fun with tease and denial or with consumation. Sometimes a boy just wants to taken -and this is the session I reach for when I feel that way.
    Oh and no-one ever gives any rating other than a5 stars here in the reviews. Five stars is just not enough for me for this session. So this is actually a ****** 6 Star rating – you know – 5+1.
    There’s also just the slightest chance that I might get in trouble with Mia – If I’m lucky she might punish me for my impertinence.

  5. Abe

    This is probably the kinkiest session I ever listened to and I just love it! It just feels so good and so right to confess my love and addiction for leather through this review. Mia amazes us with her presence here and captivates us with her black leathery pants which makes us even even more weaker and our addiction that much stronger…

  6. Abe

    This is probably the kinkiest session I have ever listened to and I just love it! My fetish for leather began in the early 2000s and wow 17 years later, I cant help but fall weaker and weaker for ladies in leather pants and well, I just had to confess my addiction and love for leather pants because it just feels so good to do so…

    Such an amazing sexy session this is

  7. Michael

    This session is amazing. I listened to this right after mind wash (also highly recommended, by the way), and my mind was so blissful and empty, and I was happily worshipping Mistress Mia’s wonderful black leather pants. It probably helps that I already find tight black pants hot, but even if you didn’t, I am sure that you will after this session.

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