Length: 65:35
Voice: Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for THM Casino

  1. Braxton

    Jubilant. Sexy. Vibrant

    What a wonderful scene! I remember the first time I stepped into THM Casino last summer. I had such a wonderful time. Imagine exploring one of the most popular casinos ran by beautiful women. See how many terrific games can be played! Maybe try your hand at blackjack, poker, or even roulette? All of those games are for novice players, not you of course. No beginner, you were born a winner! You’ve come to conqueror something much greater. Suddenly, you are approached by a sexy lady who brings a little more than sleight of hand to the games that she likes to play. She offers you a chance to play a very special game with a simple wager… You win, you are given the opportunity to spend the night with her in a private suite. You will be given permission to explore her sexy body, and a chance to give her the work of God… but if you lose… well, you forfeit your freedom, and serve her, and the ladies at the casino until you can finally beat her at the games that she chooses. Are you game? Will lady luck smile upon you?

    I enjoyed this session very much Mia. I recall listening to this one last summer, and it was terrific! I know you love to play your games, but I am always a willing participant. You can count me in anytime you’re ready to play.

    Magnificent Session Mia.

  2. Abe

    I’m not a gambler but I’ve visited a casino a few times. I heard stories about Vegas casinos and the wild lifestyle many residents have, all being sexy, fun and a little dangerous. While I never visited a Vegas casino, I did visited THM casino a few days ago. Mistress knew that I wasn’t really into any of the games as she was showing me those beautiful gamblers playing their games of chances along with those Poor but wealthy and rich men, which had no idea that they were never really going to win. It was great noticing how each of those women held those men by their wallets. But, Mistress had a different type of game she wanted to play with me. For a chance of a wild night with her, I had to win by her rules at all costs. At that point I knew deep inside that I had no way to win, I had become one of those men outside the VIP room playing in the casino, but I knew I wanted wanted to lose, just for a chance to stroke my cock. These women including Mia love playing her games dirty and sexy and we simply can’t resist their tactics and charms as we go into our downfall and failure to win. I played this game before, I lost. I played again, I lost and I will keep playing and losing. Forever serving those women inside the casino

  3. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay, where she talks about how much she likes to play games with my mind is so very hot and arousing. I love to be played with as she wishes, lost in her words and the images that she creates in my mind, being influenced and moulded by my Mistress is such a lovely feeling and something very much desired.

    As Mistress Mia expertly describes the THM Casino in exquisite detail I visualise her words and images cascade forth in my mind. I take in the breathtakingly beautiful ladies so alluring at their respective gaming tables as I am taken on a tour of the casino by the sexy Casino Manager, the games are so seductively beckoning to me to play transfixed to the ladies and their respective tables.
    The tour continues through the rest of the casino and as I am taken down in the lift to the VIP basement area I am becoming more and more aroused and intrigued by the mention of the intimate games that are played down here in these themed rooms.
    This is such an intensely arousing setting just the two of us in the private room, sexy sensual whispers in my ears, mantras repeating in my mind, my desire to play any game suggested increasing to unimaginable levels and the outcomes are so desirable, it does not matter if I win or lose as either will lead to such incredible pleasure.
    I am so frustrated as I am in a chaste period and Mistress Mia’s mental cock cage and shackles are so deeply rooted in my mind and override any other session instructions, even those from Mistress Mia’s own lips, rendering me unable to touch sexually without obtaining her prior explicit permission, this chastity pet will need to return to the casino the next time that Mistress Mia grants me permission to cum. I am so very much looking forward to losing the game and embracing my servitude at the THM Casino.

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Taigh Dupp
4 years 29 days ago

Lady luck is very sexy. I don’t mind whether I win or lose. I just love playing her game.