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Length: 27:23
Voice: Mia

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6 reviews for Mia’s Chastity Pet

  1. Rob288

    Yes mistress you did worn me but my conditioning lately has worked a treat on me and I just wanted so much to be your chastity pet and I have now become yours my chastity cage is on as I write this review ♥️

  2. RonC4880

    Relinquish ownership and control PERMANENTLY and severely limits the frequency of release.
    It truly works. Mia has total power including the ability to override all other suggestions and triggers from other hypnosis sessions. I love it.

  3. Orella

    I am sure that the session is 5 stars if you are seeking permanent irreversible chastity and I have marked it as such.
    However, my review is not of the Mia’s Chastity Pet session itself. It is intended to inform of an alternative route to chaste servitude to Mistress Mia.

    I enjoy the feeling when cock is kept safely under the expert control of Mistress Mia. If left to me then as soon as cock gets control of the blood supply, he starts doing all of the thinking and disrupts my life by constantly seeking any and every opportunity to cum.
    Thankfully with Mistress Mia in control I have a mind cage and shackles installed so that no matter how naughty cock gets he must simply be ignored as only Mistress Mia can decide when he can be played with.

    I took the route through the Devoted Chastity Slave series:
    1. 24 hours session (you will never look at a clock the same way again);
    2. 72 hour session (you will experience a longer chaste period and new mantras)
    3. 168 hour session (extending your chaste duration and more mantras);
    4. Keyholding (this is what it sounds like, Mistress Mia locks you and you have to beg for release in the hope that she is pleased with you to be granted permission, there is no end to this servitude and if you want out of chastity then you will need to listen to the unlock file)

    I found that being in long term chastity serving Mistress Mia became totally addictive on so many emotional levels and on the physical side there is a 24/7 constantly aroused feeling from being controlled and denied that becomes so pleasant that I almost never want it to end, then there is the begging for release which in itself is intensely arousing. If granted release the physical sensations are indescribable and end in unbelievably intense orgasms, these are followed by a few days of withdrawal until the arousal builds up again.

  4. Andrew Wong

    This session is not for edging, tease-and-denial chastity. You’re not allowed to touch yourself except for 12 times a year. And you’re going to come during that once a month masturbation. Part of the really enjoyable part of edging chastity is that you’re constantly bringing yourself to the edge of orgasm and stopping, forced to stop by your mistress. The only problem is that this is very time consuming. If you’re really busy at a particular point in your life, this session is good for you to stop your edging chastity fetish.

    This session also forbids you from touching yourself when listening to any other mistresses, including Scarlet. So this is definitely not a good session to listen to if you’re listening to both mistresses unless you want to never be able to touch yourself when Scarlet asks you to touch yourself.

    This is a really good session to own in case of emergencies though if you need to stop your masturbation habit because of time constraints.

  5. Shakara

    Be really careful with this file.
    If you listen to this file carefilly there will be no reward. The only thing you gain is more time for other things, maybe this is what you seek.
    The warning Mistress Mia mentioned is real.

  6. lostsoul

    My Mistress owns my mind and now …

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