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Length: 11:34
Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2017 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

6 reviews for Mia’s Good Boy Test

  1. Hammy

    The one star was a misclick, 5 stars isn’t enough to express how amazing this file is !


  2. Hammy

    Having my orgasm denied for multiple times has pushed my psyche into a spiral of lust, like a puppy in heat, and this file absolutely made it worse, I want prove to Mistress Mia’s that I am a good boy so badly, I want to surrender my being to her, I yearn to be her puppy, kneeling at her feet while she stands high above, I crave to be her sex toy, unthinking and only move to bring her pleasure, I hunger to satisfy her, I need to spoil her with my mindless obedience.

    I relinquish my mind to Mistress Mia, as my mind is meaningless.


  3. Braxton

    Short. Sweet. Comforting.

    There’s no need to study, and no need to take notes. Everything you are suppose to know, Mistress Mia will tell you. This sweet little session perfectly symbolizes me walking into your embrace. I yearn for your control. Even though I know there well be traps along the way, I can’t help but to mindlessly obey.

    Mia, there are two words that I always love to hear your say, ‘Good Boy’. Knowing you are pleased with me, is very motivating. At all times, I never want you to be anything less than pleased with me. I will always be your Good Boy.

    Wonderful session Mia

  4. Richie

    The first file I listened to from my Golden Ticket was Mia’s “Good Boy Test”. This file was on the shorter side but the description was intriguing and I love hearing the words “good boy” so thought it would be a good intro. Wow this file was so brilliant. The way she dropped me deep into trance and then set up the ending had me hanging on every syllable that came from her sweet perfect voice and at the end i just sat there dazed for like 5 minutes and her words repeated over in my head. So powerful. So creative. So perfect. I am already so weak for Mistress Mia and this is just after one file!! What will become of me after I listen to 10?!?! I am scared of falling deeper than ever before but its also the thing i want… the thing i need most of all to surrender completely to Mia.

  5. Orella

    I always need to hear Mistress Mia’s voice as much as possible and this session is perfect for when there is not much time. I love the power of this session to take me deeper and deeper into devoted worship of my Goddess, I listen to this session regularly and fall deeper and deeper into submission, desire, obedience and surrender.
    I want to be Mia’s good boy, I need to be Mia’s good boy, I must always be Mia’s good boy as I am nothing without the Goddess, the Mistress that I worship so very deeply.

  6. Danny

    I was looking for a quick fix, for when there’s not much time but the need to hear Goddess Mia’s voice becomes overwhelming.
    Well… that’s not it. I had my player on repeat and I fell so deep only to get caught by Goddess’ voice saying “Hello”. When I realized that it was looping it was too late. Good boys don’t leave when Goddess is talking. So I fell, and was greeted again, fell, was greeted, fell, was a good boy, fell, am a good boy.
    It was a struggle to get out of this. I didn’t feel like I’d just listened, when I finally awoke. I just felt like I needed more. I still feel that I need more. It’s worse than before but god it feels so good.

    This session isn’t a hidden trap that wraps you in the silk of trust and emotional fullfillment. It grabs your core and pulls you into the depths of… I don’t know. You just drop and surrender and are a Good Boy.

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