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Length: 20:10 min

Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Mia’s Good House Pet

  1. 731

    I loved listening to this session as it gave a great impression on how it would be to serve Mistress Mia. She expresses it so vividly, and during the session i truly felt i was there. Who wouldn’t want to be giving pleasure to Mistress Mia?


  2. Braxton

    Incredibly intimate, and sexy!

    Demonstrate to Mistress Mia just how much you appreciate her. Full body worship, without a word spoken by you.

    I am a man who appreciates the female body in it’s entirety. I absolutely love, and adore women from head to toe. I enjoy exploring her body, listening as she moans in bliss from my touch. This is an intimate experience that every woman should be privy to. Serving you physically, and emotionally is what I do.

    Mistress Mia, as always your alluring voice brought this scene to life in a way only you know how. I remember about 2 years ago you mentioning that one day I would willingly call myself, “Your pet”. I didn’t believe it to be true, but look at me now. Mistress I feel amazing when you call me your “pet”. I now accept it, that is what I am. I am your pet.

  3. Orella

    This session is a vision of paradise as Mistress Mia’s house pet, lovingly tending to her every need and desire with deep respect and obedience, living only to serve and please Mistress Mia.

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