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Length: 53:49
Voice: Mistress Mia

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11 reviews for Mia’s Magic Show

  1. mattintrance

    I volunteer! Anywhere, anytime. This story spoke to me, having been the loner plucked from the crowd by a female hypnotist at stage shows a few times, and being used as a demo bottom at fetish events. None had as happy an ending as Mia gives us in this session, where Her lucky “volunteer” (or volunteers—the more hypnotized boys for Mistress Mia’s pleasure the better), really never stood a chance once Mistress had him in Her sights. Mia’s description of how She identified him as an ideal victim is extremely hot. After luring him onto the stage, Mistress treats him to a relaxing elevator ride, then fractionates him to helplessness with short counts and snaps, all of which put him deeply, deeply asleep. Then Mistress Mia creates an erotic journey that he surely enjoys, and must have been quite entertaining for the audience. Of course, every word is taking the poor boy deeper, and all of Mistress’s commands are so compelling that must instantly obey. Anything to be a good boy for Her. No doubt, many boys in the audience will come back, arrive a little too early, and compete for seats in the first row. If I don’t get there first, of course. A true masterpiece, Mistress.

  2. Jalang

    Mia’s Magic Show is a session that I listen to every time I trance with Mia. It hits a little different. I go so deep every time, and even though I know what is coming next, I submit fully and completely.

    This session is special in how it demonstrates Mistress Mia’s very real ability to take control over your mind, and how artistically this power is presented to you.

    I enjoy being taken so deep every single time, being made to feel everything Mistress Mia describes. Every trance with this session takes me deeper, and I always enjoy the tease. It is a continual reminder that Mistress Mia is the provider of pleasure, and that I am just a very lucky toy to be given this pleasure.

  3. Miaslave

    I try it a few mins ago. It is a fantastic session. I did feel everything Mistress Mia told me to feel and there was nothing else in myind than Mia`voice and the image of the magic show. Mistress Mia will take you deep down and when you think you are on the ground she show you jow wronge you think and brings you much deeper. When I waked up from the trance I realized that I did totally banned all other thought and it takes a few moments to realized where I was. The magice show is the best i ever saw but I do mot want to take the surprise away and tell what happens exactly. You will be there with Mistress Mia and Mistress Mia will steal all your focus and thought. Oh and ofcourse you will he leaved totally horny. Thank Mistress Mia for these session

  4. Dale Roads

    Magic … Tingles of fear overcame me as I enter the theater foyer. Fear that drops from my tummy into my genitals. I shiver with black pleasure looking at the pictures of the HypnoMistress standing on the stage, a long black cloak, top hat and high heels, all wrapping her tightly clothed form and revealing her long gorgeous legs. She is dressed in a white blouse and black hot pants, her black fish net stockings seem by trick of eye as linked snakes, dangerous. Her eyes seem to look right into me.

    I move on. It is early, the theater itself is almost empty, I sit in the center of the first row and look up at the stage. It seems almost surreal, those dark red curtains closed yet still thickly folded in overlaps and extending so high that I need to tilt my head back to see the ceiling above … I sit so close. There is a feeling of open space, an unnaturally large volume as though I were sitting before a great door, or a vast dark canyon. The moment seems so quiet. I have a sensation of vertigo and am forced to look down and at my hands that grip one another and writhe white-knuckled, to avoid falling forward, falling in.

    “What already?”, the thought forms, and I seem to hear a whisper, and dark chuckle, and see from the top of my eyes a flurry in the theater’s curtain, and a flash of interested green eyes that disappear.

    Wow, how long had I been lost in thought? The theater has filled and now I just become aware of the hub-bub of cross talking conversation. And then she is there, the audience hushes becoming absorbed .. and now I feel as though I am floating as I follow her crooked finger and step up on to the stage.

    Am I her fool now, or a favored lover? Are we now alone together in a private world, satisfying and pleasuring one another in a private drama, or am I the butt of a joke, exposed, later to be laughed at? But these thoughts are only in passing for now I have been drawn too deep to resist; and that, even knowing that this must just be a game pitched from thousands of miles away and from an earlier time , a time other then the NOW, as I lay in my dreaming chair listening. But wait, is that true, or is “then” just “now” freshly reaching me? Is this a game, or …?

    Welcome to the Magic Show, you are delivered accurately to what will now follow and which you must hear for yourself, or unseat yourself and slowly back away. Your choice?

  5. Abe

    If you’ve heard all previous show sessions, this session could be just as familiar to you as all past ones. Reading the description could help bring back memories of these past sessions released. We go in, take a seat and enjoy a hypnotist work her way around our minds and our thoughts. The greatest spectacle for hypno fanatics.

    I will say that this session is completely different from all others. Yes, we go in for a show, and something happens. We become hypnotized. For those of us living far away to experience a live show from Mia, this is the perfect way to enjoy a live and personal experience in a show with Mistress.

    In here I’m able to close my eyes, see myself in my seat and go deeper and deeper into this amazing fizzling hypnotrance.

    It’s like a dream I wish to never end but it does at the very best part like most erotic dreams do, but here we get to relive that erotic dream of trance any time we want.


  6. Lagaz

    Mia’s Magic Show. Yes it does. The walk through the seat set up for the coming attraction of the magic show is like slowly turning down ones awareness like changing the playback rate of a media player. Reaching our seat as if we were always meant to be, just there, & early enough that we’ve caught someone’s eye. Is it any wonder that with a twinkle in Her eye, and a flash of Her smile. The crowd cheers as we drift ever deeper into Her magic.

    Arousal is the magic She weaves throughout Her show. Building right up to the brink, and then working the crowd for their cheers & laughter at some comment regarding our predicament. But, is it a predicament? Is it really? After all, this session is well worth the price of admission. She does point out that we arrived early, if but to find a seat up front. One could do worse, far worse than drifting deeply into the magic Mia shows in this blissful outing. Regardless whether a new, or well seasoned patron of Mia’s mysterious ways. This session may soon become a favorite, without really being aware of just how it’s found that favor.

  7. lorenzo

    Being the un-biased reviewer as I am I gave 5 stars on yet another beautiful creation of Mia.
    It is a challenge on itself to not shower every description of Her with superlatives, but I will once again make a brave attempt.

    There is just something pleasurably special that I can’t pin point about the stage hypnotist fantasy. It was the same back when Mia made ‘the hypno show’ which has the similarity of having the stage hypnotist theme. It might be because stage hypnosis is mildly accepted in the open vanilla world and thus being within reach as a possible real experience.

    Though, this particular session is in some aspects different from the Hypno Show. Mia expertly uses the subjects point of view in this session. Resulting in a very personalized and realistic experience.

    Mia makes you feel like you actually are on that stage with her before she takes you so deep that you forget being on stage and are comfortable enough to.. enjoy yourself.

    If you ever wondered how those hypnotized stage humpers might feel. This is it. This is exactly that experience. A 5 star experience.

  8. Andi_S

    I cannot recall ever Mistress Mia hypnotizing me this quickly and this intensely just with the sheer beauty of her voice. After just a few words I had an intense emotional response to the sound of her voice. With every word the awareness grew of just how incredibly good and beautiful her voice sounds and feels. How every word that she speaks is an expression of beauty and of the way she has perfected the art form that she practices. Every word an expression of beauty and perfection. Every word sounds and feels so good and takes me exactly to where she wants to take me. Mmmh.

    I love it. I admire this deeply. I admire and I truly and deeply love Mistress Mia as a vocal and mental artist. This art of using her voice and her words to elicit the desired response in her listeners. And there is nothing hotter and more satisfying for me as a subject when her words, her suggestions become true. When my mind and body obey my hypnotist and my physical and emotional response is exactly as she wants. And this is exactly what happened here. It feels so incredibly good.

    Mistress Mia is the ultimate puppet master. The ultimate hypnotist. While listening to this session I felt a kind of adoration that I have never felt for anyone my entire life. I love it when she words herself into my mind. Every word penetrating deeper. Manipulating my emotions. Controlling my thoughts. Playing with my desires. No one does it better and more beautifully than Mistress Mia.

    At some point after Mistress Mia took me onto the stage I zoned out only to wake up right in the middle of what I realized was a hypnotic fuck. It was so hot. I can’t wait to listen once more.

    This whole session filled me with hypnotic pleasure and bliss. This is a treat that no lover of the art of hypnosis should miss. If you know how magical it can feel to give up control to a hypnotist you trust, you should waste no time and get a ticket for entry into Mistress Mia’s Magic Show.

    Mistress Mia, you are my rock star. You are the most incredible artist I can imagine. Thank you for playing with my mind and for giving us this incredible session.

  9. Braxton

    Exhilarating. Arousing. Entrancing.

    Stage magic isn’t real right? Let’s find out. Tonight, Mistress Mia will be hosting an unforgettable Magic Show, before a live audience. There happens to be one particular fellow sitting front row center who allowed his excitement to grow. So much so, that he gives her a premature ‘standing ovation’ but the show is just beginning. For his enthusiasm, Mia calls the young man to the stage, now the real show will begin…

    Mia this session was fantastic! The space that I entered listening to Mia’s Magic Show felt so good! I love going deep, and losing control to you. This is a session that I would absolutely love to role play in real life.

    Phenomenal job Mia.

  10. Orella

    The session starts and the first words from Mistress Mia’s lips flow into my ears ‘Hello this is Mistress Mia’, I am transfixed by her enchantingly captivating voice as I float on her words and sink under her influence.

    I enjoy becoming ever more deeply immersed listening to Mistress Mia explain the differences between magic and hypnotism as my excitement builds.

    I find myself in the audience, arousal and excitement growing as my anticipation builds up ever more intensely.

    Every part of me is so excited as I listen, some parts giving away the intensifying depths of my arousal.

    My conscious mind softening and slipping away into insignificance, my subconscious directly connected to Mistress Mia via her irresistible voice, intense stiffness in my underpants.

    Nothing exists except Mistress Mia’s voice, her words have become my universe and I am in a state of blissful compliance as imagery and sensation are whatever Mistress Mia chooses for me to see, hear and feel.

    As Mistress Mia awakens me from trance, I am so intensely aroused and desperate, judging by the dribbling mess down below I must have been so close, right on the edge.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for taking me to such a pleasurable place deep within, happily lost in your voice and blissfully relaxed.

  11. Taigh Dupp

    Mia’s Magic show is one of those sessions you go back to over and over because the trance feels so good.
    Imagine yourself, suspended on the end of a string, something like a child’s mobile, slowly spinning in little circles without a care, lazily floating and staring up, not at the ceiling, but at Mistress Mia’s perfectly manicured hand, over you, holding the strings, twirling you one way and then the other..In place of your own eyes there are two little pulsing love hearts…adoring your mistress as she plays with your mind for as long as it pleases her…
    If that’s your idea of a blissful, beautiful session then this one’s for you.
    We are all just props in Mistress Mia’s Magic Show, waiting for her to decide when she’s ready to reach down, pick us up and play with us. Forever and for as long as she wants to keep us there.

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