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Length: 38:53

Voice:Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Mia’s Mindless Minion

  1. mattintrance

    I admit it. I’m a sucker for a well-laid trap. Especially when it’s set by a pair of sexy, dominant, and oh-so-devious women. And they got me so easily. What kind of messages were embedded in the static from that old record? All I remember is being gently pushed back down onto the couch when I tried to get up. And the music was so soothing, the pendulum on the antique clock so fascinating. So, I started to think that maybe there was nothing to think about. So I just listened to the music. It sounded like someone was speaking. A beautiful, female voice. Then, I’m being collected, with my brain freshly washed, and a satisfying life of submission and service ahead. I didn’t really need that dinner tray, anyway.

  2. Dale Roads

    Pure cognitive dissonance. You make a choice now, you leave, you stay. * or *****

  3. Pye

    A hypnotic gem of recording. Make no mistake, this session will take you extremely deep and fuck you over (in the best possible way:)). Felt completely blissful when I finally came to my senses.

    Have a feeling that this session has many interesting layers to it that is going to be amazing to explore.

  4. Orella

    I cannot believe how deeply this session took me into trance, totally lost in mindless blissful obedience.

  5. Lagaz

    I’m not one to write reviews often. This session warrants a few words though. The Intricate plot and subtle use of conversational trance are certainly engaging. In all honesty, it’s hard to say when trance was entered. Yet it certainly drew out more relaxation, and interaction with this well woven tale of willful submission

  6. Michael F.

    This session was amazing – possibly my favorite fantasy THM session yet. It’s very much a story that you fall into….just listening to a pleasant story, and before you know it you are in a deep trance, unable and unwilling to think, just want to keep listening and be mindless for Mia….

  7. andrew

    I only want to say this.
    Dreams do come true.
    Mia crafts dreams for us to dream.
    A new dream then… perhaps is to be summoned.
    And just be.

  8. Abe

    This session left me in a blissed out state for a couple of hours in which my mind only thought about all the programming and brainwashing in becoming Mia´s Mindless Minion.

    I heard it 3 times already because 1 listen wasn’t enough for me. For me is a perfect mixture of her Mindless Mantras and Puppet sessions.

    She never fails to take into trance in her sessions, either when I hear them for the first time or whenever I revisit them over and over. Mia takes over my mind after a few minutes into the session and takes me into the story in an instant at the sound of the tick tock of the clock. I got transported into the story and everything went into bliss from that point. Being unable to move is quite challenging for me but I’m still in training, but here, even being unable to move my body felt quite relaxing. I won’t spoil the fun but I’ll say that Mia’s voice here will fuck your mind to the point that will leave you mindless with only thoughts about her and being a mindless minion. The reason why I mention this is because even it wasn’t explicit but the moment of the programming, brainwash, I found myself feeling so much pleasure and arousal as my thoughts of myself, my identity, my life, me as a whole in this world were replaced by Mia’s words. My mind was out, taken and brought back to this world very slowly. The experience is truly amazing, the programming in becoming her Minion is relaxing, pleasurable and fore me, quite arousing.

    Such an incredible feeling in becoming Mia’s Mindless Minion.

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Anoni Mouse
4 years 11 months ago

Cant wait to check this session out – the description has me really curious.