Length: 29:14
Voice: Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Mia’s Mixtape

  1. mattintrance

    What an amazing experience. I was going to say “what an amazing session,” but that would be selling this gem short. There is so much to unpack here.

    Music. Mia uses it like a fast-acting drug to tranquilize the listener’s mind. I envision Her, in shiny latex, turning knobs and sliding faders until everything is perfectly adjusted to send Her boys quickly to dreamland, and keep them there throughout, docile and accepting.

    Silence. Mistress has spoken often about how, even in silence, Her voice is working on us. And it does so to perfection here. I can literally see the calm, satisfied look on Her face as She watches our reactions in the quiet moments, appraising the effects Her voice is having on our increasingly helpless minds.

    And the moments themselves. The steadily descending numbers, coated in the honey of Her voice. The countless embedded messages that you know are there, but don’t fully hear. The deep, deep relaxation and joy you get from just giving in and sinking.

    I see in the description the context of this session, and I regrets the fact that I hadn’t yet taken Mistress’s bait at the time came out. I can only imagine what it did to the boys who heard it in real time, and then got to hear Mistress speaking live. It must have been heavenly.

    Thank You, Mistress Mia, for doing this to me.

  2. Braxton

    Dreamy. Relaxing. Fun.

    What a celebration Mistress. The day we are born, and introduced to the world. What better way to celebrate you, then with your amazing work. This concept is so amazing, a dreamy time travel of so many great sessions of the past. Just another example of your creative genius.

    Mistress, I want you to know, I started thinking of something that I would like to do to honor you for your 35th this year. I began to put together the gift last month. I hope it is something that you will accept from me. More to come as we get closer to August.

  3. Rob288

    Thank you mistress Mia l download and listened to this last night with headphones on of course l have never felt so relaxed and the floating feeling was so amazing anyway way the next morning woken up soso horny and all l could think about was cum lick and swallow and yes thats exactly what happened the Desire to do this was uncontrollable omg now thats full control Thanks mistress you got me

  4. Abe

    I had a chance to listen to this mix track before the live trance celebrating Mia’s Birthday and I have to mention the repetition and DejaVu feelings in this. I’ve heard this track a few times and every listen, the images are clearer, I was taken yet again to the amazing Klub DejaVu, the experience of being there, done this, but the feeling of something different and not the same as I experienced before truly kicked in. I caught me by surprise and I al truly grateful for this amazing and wonderful gift she’s given us. I wonder if others who have been at the Klub feel the same. It goes with every session track Mia used here, it’s amazing…

    Thank You!

  5. Orella

    Thank you for this wonderful gift Mistress.
    I was so lucky to be one of those invited to attend the live event on 29 August and enjoyed being present for the live trance so very much.
    I did unfortunately miss much of the pre event hour in Mia’s lounge, this wonderful mix adds another dimension to add to my memories and many, many layers of sweet memories of the wonderful sessions that I have had the pleasure to lose myself in here in the wonderful worlds created by Mistress Mia and her girlfriends.

  6. Taigh

    This is sensation thank you Mistress!
    I had a lot of fun trying to identify the different sessions that are selectively sampled in the mix and then at some point I just gave in, lay back and floated on the beautiful sound of your voice.
    Crafting beautiful evocative memories and hypnotic sensations using music and your magical musical voice, wrapping it all up in a very sexy package and then gifting it to all your lucky followers.
    This is such a Mia Croft thing to do.
    As someone who was fortunate enough to have been hypnotized by you at your live trance, listening to this is going to take me back to the bliss over and over again.

  7. Andi_S

    Listening to this makes me feel electric. The combination of Mistress Mia’s beautiful voice, this beautiful music, and some of the very best passages from some of her hottest sessions is an absolute delight to listen to. It gets me aroused, very emotional, and in many ways truly does feel like a dream sequence. It is a wonderful memory of an unforgettable night and a gift that will keep on giving thanks to now being available as a download. Thank you for sharing this with us Mistress.

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