Length: 33:15
Voice: Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Mia’s Ring

  1. Spirit

    I heard about this file as I participated in Mia’s Locktober Challenge, but as I didn’t manage to make it through the final days this year it felt like a wast to listen to this right away.

    So it is only now, after another period of chastity for Mia that it felt worth it to claim and listen to it.

    My expectations were not great as, to be honest, I have learned to love denial so much that the idea of release from a period of denial does not sound as exciting to me as more denial.

    But this file surpassed my expectations, as it was full of teasing reminders of chastity and denial and in the end the listener is even gifted a choice in how best to enjoy the first release in a long time.

    Perfect. I should not have expected anything less from Mia.

  2. Abe

    A powerful, exciting and cum-hard celebration like only Mistress Mia can provide. Whether you endured all her teasing that made your cock throb and thicken inside a chastity device, making hard. Or, if like me you stumbled and fell from all that teasing this is your reward for pleasing Mistress. Mistress worked my body with her sensual seductive voice making my entire body hard with pleasure and my cock to swell by the end of this session. The super incredible orgasm that she wants us to have, to give us, to reward us with. You are given back control to enjoy yourself that wonderful release you’ve been craving and needing. Chastity is wonderful with Mistress, a beautiful journey of discovery, a dependence that is treasure and care for my keyholder. Locotber, this year… was something else.

    Forever greateful

  3. Orella

    Having enrolled in Mia’s Loctober Challenge and having successfully made it through the 31 days chaste, resisting the desire to cum despite the teasing files that Mistress instructed me to listen to.

    I completed the Loctober challenge and was awaiting the release from chastity reward session Mia’s Ring on 01 November. Awaiting me over on Patreon I read the post, from Mistress Mia, I had been desperate to finally see with the code to purchase Mia’s Ring for free as my reward.

    The post did indeed have the code, also a message for any Collared Boy who successfully completed the Loctober challenge which read “One last thing. For my Collared Boys who’ve made it this far in my Challenge, I am going to offer you the opportunity of one final test. I want you to remain chaste for me, keeping my ring of hypnotic denial in place, keeping you in your place, at my feet, where you belong. Keeping you aroused and denied for my pleasure for just another month. If you choose to take this challenge, you are not to download this file, but instead will have to wait another four weeks.”

    How can a devoted pet respond to his Mistress other than to say “Yes Mistress, thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue to please you Mistress. Your Pleasure is my Pleasure.”

    So, I will not be listening to this session for another month. This review is more one of the deepest devotion, respect, love and desire to serve, obey and please the wonderfully perfect Mistress Mia.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for the exquisitely arousing teasing fun frustrated delicious torment of Loctober. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to further serve and please you throughout November Mistress.

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6 months 17 days ago

This is the sexiest image I’ve ever seen on here and that’s really saying something because there are so many sexy images! Just the thought of Goddess Mia holding my freedom between her golden breasts gets me so worked up!