Length: 31:21

Voice: Scarlet

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3 reviews for Milk Bath

  1. Orella

    Oh, to be enslaved by such a beautiful Goddess driven by a deep desire to serve, please and be a good pet for Mistress Scarlet.
    I drift into trance so sleepy listening to Mistress Scarlet’s lovely voice, I feel so free as I float in the peaceful sky losing myself to deep sleep, aroused, helpless and completely at Mistress Scarlet’s mercy.
    I am transfixed to the vision of the such an incredibly beautiful sexy woman. I am only too happy to sign myself into slavery to Mistress Scarlet and I obediently step into the chamber as instructed.
    I emerge from the water and can see the bath house so clearly in my mind’s eye, I am totally devoted to serving and worshipping Mistress Scarlet, nothing but this desire exists in my mind.
    I lovingly prepare the milk bath carefully following the instructions to recreate Cleopatra’s milk bath for Mistress Scarlet, it is so important that this is perfect for my Goddess.
    Have I pleased my Goddess will she reward me for being a good boy? You will have to listen for yourself to find out.

  2. Martin

    Scarlet weaves the story of Cleopatra, a Goddess who wielded power over all who beheld her, even her enemies, in ancient Egypt, with her own story. Scarlet, a Goddess for our own time, in every sense of the word. Who also commands and demands worship. She crafts a powerful fantasy as these stories entwine, her sweet, sensual words twisting and tying around you until you are deep, so very deep with Her.

    There is a fairly standard induction but I find in this session that even after I am in the trance state, Scarlet continues to take me deeper. Deeper with each snap of her fingers, each utterance of a word, at first floating down, then falling at breakneck speed, always cradled protected in Scarlet’s warm, seductive embrace. Again and again, deeper and deeper.

    There are many verbal callbacks to previous sessions, a word, a phrase here or there that reward the long time listener, that serve to remind you, just how deep you are for Scarlet, just how good it can be to worship a Goddess.

    In the end, it almost feels as if Scarlet has braided every word of this session into an invisible leash, bound it around me and taken it in hand. If I am lucky, I know I’ll feel Scarlet’s generous tug on that leash often.

  3. Bruce

    The Seductrive from the Nile. Have heard of her. Cleopatra. She controlled all males that came near her. Scarlets Milk Bath will take you back to Egyptian time. Iyou want to lose control and go deep. Into a fantasy with so many Easter Eggs will lose control and you will have difficulty rembering what really happened . But the ending. Is …..
    This in my opinion Scarlet’s best fantasy session I’ve listened.

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