Length: 30:34
Voice: Mistress Mia & Girlfriends

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12 reviews for Mind Mistress

  1. Maarten

    Not only one but all the girlfriends in this File its not fair all against one, but you don’t mind Mistress taking your mind. And more

  2. Jalang

    The best training loop to date.

    I return to this session over and over again when I want to feel so helpless, frustrated, open and cradled in Mistress Mia’s hands.

  3. Capti

    Insane loop, teamwork at perfection. Might have the potential to keep one locked up for a long time, losing all control to the powerful mistresses.

    I want to be submissive, lose control and let you take over my body so much now. Falling into the sweet trap of this recording and loving it. Fascinating and captivating things in store if consumed in the long term I guess, looking forward to it 🙂

  4. janelle868

    The Mind Mistress loop is not a narrative, but just plunges you into a world of Mistress voices, coming at you from all angles and volumes, sometimes over each other, making some voices harder to hear.

    The voices are telling you in authoritative tones just who you are – weak, submissive, willing to hand over control to dominant women, waiting for permission, loving being told what to do obedient, lacking in will, and so on. While it is all true, it is still a little shocking to hear it stated so assertively.

    The more I listen to it, the truer it feels, and the more powerful it becomes. I can’t praise it enough.

  5. Fridex

    I find myself continuously drawn to this audio loop, each repetition deepening my obedience to Mistress Mia. It’s undeniably addictive, eliciting profound pleasure and an immense sense of relaxation that washes over me in powerful waves. This loop has played a significant role in my journey, leading me from craving release during Locktober to embracing the role of a Collared boy, even seeking permission for an additional month of chastity. The connection I’ve felt with Mistress Mia has never been stronger, all thanks to this mesmerizing loop.

  6. mattintrance

    Deep, deep hypnosis. Right away. They have me surrounded. The voices are so soothing. I just keep falling down, down, down. Deeper every moment. Everything they say is true. I have no will of my own. I don’t need any will of my own. Their control feels so good. Better and better with every word.

  7. Orella

    I love this loop. It is a multi-mistress immersion into the exquisitely aroused frustration driven to ever greater intensity by this tease and denial loop.

    My Mind Mistress Mia and her girlfriends amusing themselves playing with me, a willing helpless pet, happily lost in submission loving the feelings flowing from their control, locked in servitude to these wonderful Mistresses.

    My desire to cum wrestling with my desire to obey and please the Goddesses here at THM.

    Taking part in Mia’s Loctober Challenge is such frustrating fun. Should I fail the challenge Mistress Mia will be pleased that she has won, should I be successful in staying chaste then Mistress Mia will be pleased that her conditioning and control is my stronger desire, obedience to her pleasure stronger than ever.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and your girlfriends, thank you for this exquisitely intense tease and denial experience. A loop to become lost in arousal and desire, intensely frustrated locked in conflicting desires.

  8. Alexander

    Listing to this loop while in Locktober feels so amazing, my mind is taken over by my mind Mistresses. I am a good boy, I am a good boy, I love to serve.

  9. Kotor

    This loop is impressive.
    All those voices confused me when I first listened to this file.
    I’ve never felt so weak and submissive.
    I feel in danger because the idea of losing and giving up becomes very exciting.
    I’m in the middle of a battle between wanting to give up and wanting to remain chaste.
    For the moment, remaining chaste win.
    Another masterpiece from Mistress Mia.

  10. Marcus G

    Another masterpiece by mistress Mia. With all the dominant women whispering in my ears, I know that I missed a lot, but what I can remember is go deeper, you can’t cum unless your mistress says so.

  11. lorenzo

    Upon writing this review it is the 22nd day of Locktober and I have something to confess…
    In addition to the influence Mia has on me this whole month this new loop was just to much for me yesterday night. Somewhere in the middle of the file I started touching and edging like the weak and horny submissive that I am.

    As I edged and wriggled in my bed. The only thing that kept me from exploding entirely was Mia’s voice in this loop reminding me that I could not cum without her permission.

    So…Yes, I’ve failed this Locktober after 21 days… Mia has won and I have lost.

    I can not win,
    I can never win,
    And maybe I don’t want to win.

    Because it feels so good to lose in front of Mia

  12. Andi_S

    Oh my Goddess. Oh my absolutely fucking Goddess. This is the best loop ever. The perfect Locktober mind candy to listen to all day and all night. It sounds so good. It makes me feel so powerless. Like pinned against the ground. Mistress kneeling above me. Tying me up. Leaving me no other choice but to helplessly to submit. Nowhere and nothing to hide. Mistress just working herself deeply, ever more deeply into me. Taking away all control. Defenseless. Helpless. So horny. So weak. Just watching, staring helplessly as Mistress takes over. Looping over and over again. All these voices. Every word taking and subjugating me deeper and deeper. Locked up. Mind empty. Unable to resist. Just listening and believing. Giving it all up. My only desire to please and obey Mistress. To be chained and owned by Mia’s voice. So powerful. So amazing. Thank you, Mistress Mia, for this powerful loop and for making my mind control fantasies come true.

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