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Length: 50:39
Voice: Mistress Mia

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15 reviews for Mommy’s Home Videos

  1. philmslim

    I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve spent a considerable amount of time watching home videos with Mommy Jo and each night it becomes easier to sink into her couch.

  2. lorenzo

    These Mommy Jo files make me almost regress to my teenage years. At a time were my arousal was insatiable and everything regarding online hypnosis and porn was new. Probably a time were someone as Jo/Mia could control me even more easy. Even without direct hypnotic language. The fact that I felt as excited and horny like a teenage boy again, hanging on Mommy Jo’s every word. It just proves how amazing Mia can roleplay fantasies like these

  3. LC

    Cumming on command for Mistress Mia is Bliss!!!

    Thank You Mistress Mia!!!

  4. Bianca

    Mommy Jo is that kind of neighbor one dreams of. She is instantly catching the attention of your mind and soul and with every step she takes you fall deeper under her spell while listening to her heels in the background. The focus on the feet and foot massage were just overwhelming and I was drawn in so deep. I especially love how Mommy Jo gets more demanding through the file and I would love to see a meaner side of her in another potential sequel who knows what other stuff Mommy Jo could be hiding in her wine cellar

  5. Zaid

    As allured slowly towards her addiction mommy Jo make sure that I have no escape or resistance left inside deepening the conditioning making sure I never ever slip from her control nor from her house trapped inside with keys to back door just to be under her control and never away from the thoughts of her seduction.

  6. Stiffels

    Loved every second of it. Mia really did an amazing job at giving Mommy Jo that seductive caring mommy personality that just draws you in and turns you into a very naughty boy for her.

    Big recommendation for every Mommy kinkster out there.

  7. Abe

    Mommy Jo is greatest Cougar there ever can be!
    Such an unbelievable experience!
    Can’t wait to see where Mommy Jo takes me next

  8. Orella

    Mommy’s Home Videos is a hot Sequel to Mommy’s Love Tub. In this second instalment in the series, I am once more transported to a much, much younger version of myself and immersed within a fantasy scenario treat.

    I don’t know if it is just my dirty mind, but right from the start the session feels loaded in innuendo. Access anytime to Mommy Jo’s back door, giggle giggle like a naughty schoolboy at that. Then the OK to come inside whenever I want to, more smutty naughty schoolboy sniggering and smirking.

    Mistress Mia plays in character of Mommy Jo so well, bringing to life the older woman seducing the young man in such a motherly yet hot style.

    However, underneath the motherly exterior there are all sorts of naughty things going on, the video with the Oh my! what is that she is holding……

    I will leave the review parked there and simply encourage anyone reading this review to dive in and try the session and series for themselves.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for creating such a fun fantasy of what I wish I had encountered and experienced in my youth.

  9. Alex

    Visiting Mommy Jo on the weekends is wonderful, she takes such good care of you, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. I´m happy to help her with whatever she needs, but it´s important to follow Mommy Jo´s rules.

  10. vanHolly

    to stroke her feet after slipping off her loubutins was highest bliss. I am dreaming tovisit and serve her temple if she should instruct me to. It is my greatest desire and pleasure to see mistress pleased.

  11. Jalang

    The prospect of Mommy Jo training me to become obedient and servile is beyond words.

  12. Chrissy

    Although I’ve yet to trance to Mommy’s Love Tub, a precursor to this session, I was soon able to relax and picture the scene laid out before me in my mind by Mommy’s Home Videos without being familiar with the prequel, as it were. Great pacing, I loved it. It’s kind and magical as ever to be created in such a way as to make what will be repeated listens more impactful.

  13. Maarten

    What a special File this is.
    So powerful Mommy jo is.
    My body reacts on every word she says.
    Thanks Mia

  14. Bad Boy Braxton


    Mommy Jo is quite the silver fox in this sequel to Mommy’s Love Tub. We are starting to see her boy get more comfortable with her conditioning and care. I feel like Mommy Jo is setting us up in this series. It seems like she will continue to stir curiosity in us, ultimately getting us to cum back for more pleasure. The real question is what is her end goal? What is her plan for us long term?

    Amazing file Mia!

  15. muldy00

    I am kind of torn on this review. While this file was hot as hell and had me sweating long into the night, I am used to Mistress Mia’s usual smooth as silk voice and wasn’t as fond of the accent.

    I would love to see a 2nd part where she further trains her “boy” into pleasing her more. I feel this was a first step into guiding him into a FLR.

    Still. I was horny all through the night after listening. Is it fair to deduct 1 point because I wanted my “Mia voice”?

    I do look forward to where this is going!

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