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Length: 46:59
Voice: Mistress Mia

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4 reviews for Mommy’s Love Tub

  1. Braxton


    What can I say…. I love all of the characters that you and the ladies bring to life here at THM. “Mommy Jo” is an instant hit with me. I love the story and found myself naturally roleplaying along with her during my time in trance. In my experience, older women tend to know exactly what they want, and Mommy Jo displayed that during her conquest of her young cub.

    Phenomenal job Mia!

  2. Dale Roads

    You note the title, you note the picture, you read the session description … you know what is coming. The first question is, are you going to listen as a spectator or find yourself an entranced participant. The uninitiated will listen, those whose training allows, will find themselves immersed in a hot tub of love. Oh! … but that is just the beginning because the deeper story involves what happens next, the important part really IMHO.

    For sure there is the prelude, you on university break, you knocking on her door, your parents neighbor, she who baby sat and helped raise you; really, almost like a step mother so close was your relationship. You, quite fond of her, memories of birthday parties, she always there chatting with your Mom, those lemon flavored cookies she would bake for you, her tight squeezing hugs, her kisses on the cheek, her exclamations “Such a sweet boy.”

    Truly a sweet woman you mused as you crossed the lawn towards her porch. Really, she was your “Mommy Joe”, which was how your childhood mind thought of her. She was often a true stand-in for your mother, who was often busy pursuing her professional career. A slight blush, recalling now those early pubescent fantasies, how silly, maybe even gross. Forget that foolishness.

    It is dusk, the porch light is on, you knock, she answers. How surprised she is, how delighted she is, and as ever, effusive, almost over the top. You are still her “Sweet boy.” For a moment she is almost abashed, and becomes apologetic, for on the way to the back porch hot tub, aerator heard bubbling in the background, she has answered the door in a bikini covered only by a long, see through blouse.

    Mia, our voice actress , our THM Mistress plays her part to perfection, so much so that already dropping into a light trance, one feels a slight confusion, and then a rising excitement … one knows that beyond the “fantasy”, this is our Mistress tying us to another of her apron strings.

    Well … sorry to be so abrupt, I was going to say more, the story is so good, so authentic, and even much better at the end, but … something urgent has arisen and to which I MUST attend; a sort of compulsion I suppose; if you become involved at THM you will ‘get it’ sooner or later. But hey, it a great fantasy either way, enjoy.

  3. Abe

    I’ve always been attracted to mature, older women, women who are well developed in their bodies. My adoration for birthing hips has been going around ever since I started noticing my strong erections. This session truly came as a surprise since I’ve never experienced a hypnotic experience of such, and even though it is more of a roleplay theme, there were a few parts that took me so deeply into the fantasy. For me, being able to feel and see what’s I’m being told leads me towards a wonder trance. “Mistress, we associate Mia with Mistress, but there’s just so so much this wonderful lady can bring to life through her wonderful creativity. Mommy in this case and oh boy, what a hot fucking MILF. I met the woman of my early adulthood through this session and it was incredible to be able to travel back in time to experience it all again. Though I have never really used the term “Mommy” before, I’ve never expressed so much erotic emotion to Mommy Jo(e)(Joanna) to me like I did in this session. Mia is the greatest gift for our ears and our minds. Her ability to bring people come to life is unmatched.

    For sure, Mommy Mia knows best!

  4. Orella

    This session reminds me of certain desires and fantasies from many, many years ago. Back when I was a teenager into my early twenties lusting after certain ladies, some were indeed mothers and many would have been added to a MILF list if I had create one back then.

    I guess one of the great things here at THM is the chance to explore many new mindscapes and bring to life unrealised opportunities and bring past fantasies and desires to life.

    Imagination is very powerful and when enhanced, supercharged and guided by Mistress Mia’s exquisitely seductive expert hypnotic skilled guidance, the imagery and sensations crafted are simply mind blowing.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this seductive journey into a young man’s dream scenario. Thank you for enabling me to experience a hot “what could have been” Seduction by a hot MILF.

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