Length: 48:50
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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  1. Hammy

    Amazing file by Mistress Alexandra, her gentle praise and her firm hand of control fills my mind with desire. The sexy scenes described by her, the way that the my Mistress is watching as I am being tested on by Doctor Alexandra like watching someone tweaking the settings of a sex toy, which is apparent in this session, I am nothing but a plaything for dominant women, my Mistress controls my orgasm, thank you Doctor Alexandra for making me a better plaything !


  2. Eddie

    Great session Mistress Alexandra I just love the pleasure your voice fills with me as I eagerly accept your wonderful suggestions. Your sexy control easily uncovered the kinks I was hiding but truly love so much. What a great idea being a perfect submissive house boy for that special person. Mistress just loves the idea of her man in uniform cleaning and servicing all her needs. Transitioning from a life thats kept us apart sometimes an eternity, to my dream life of always together. Your words have focused strength and misguided energy, directing it to pleasing my Mistress. I know that has to please you most of all.

  3. Braxton

    Sexy. Arousing. Calming.

    Venture into the pleasure clinic with Mistress Alexandra. You and your significant other have an appointment at the local pleasure clinic. Unaware of what’s going to happen to you, you sit nervously with your girlfriend, and Alexandra calmly explains to you the process of today’s experiment…You are her subject. Mistress Alexandra and your girlfriend observe how your mind and body respond to many different triggers. What will they learn about you? What will they do with this information?

    I wish such a place existed Mistress Alexandra. I know a few things that my past girlfriends would say about me. I’m naturally dominant, but I play the role of a submissive. I would try to bring the submissive side out every now and then just to experience a chance of pace, but the women I was with really didn’t know how to respond. Revisiting this file has made me realize that every woman that I’ve ever been intimate with was never dominant. I’m not sure what to think about that now.

    Great session Alexandra.

  4. marcushavland

    This file is becoming more and more fascinating to me because it pushes my boundaries in unexpected ways. At no point does it feel malicious in any way. It’s more like Mistress Alexandra is introducing me to new experiences. These experiences are meant to help me get past certain aspects of myself which might hold back her conditioning. Mistress Alexandra’s conditioning is so right for me. So while i might feel a little bit of discomfort, I know that it’s in my best interest.
    There’s a point near the end of the session where the subject obeys Mistress Alexandra automatically. It’s hard to put into words, other than it feels REALLY GOOD. It feels powerfully transformative. It feels like I’m being changed for the better, and I have Mistress Alexandra to thank for that.
    Thank you Mistress Alexandra. Thank you for the exquisite gifts of your voice, your control, and your consideration.

  5. Kin

    Doctor Alexandra is so sexy and exiting to be in her presence. I listened to the Primer for this on youtube and felt trembles of excitement from being teased in the waiting room with all the women watching me. Then it was so reassuring to escape inside with the doctor and get my treatment. I went very deep and felt the compulsions given to me very strongly during the session. Afterwards I felt filled with this powerful desire to let Mistress know how much I love her hypnosis. I feel so good just writing this.

  6. Bob D

    I’m still feeling the effects of Alexandra’s therapy session -simply wonderful Bliss. I have been listening to sessions here for several months now, and while the ‘Changes’ in my level of trance have been slowly deepening, the last few releases have truly captured me. I’ve always been able to trance easily, but I guess it took some time to adjust to their subtle approach and enchanting scenarios.

    After Mia’s primer and by the time the detailed lead up to the MRI finished, I was totally immersed in the scene. My responses were instant and very powerful, I remember being surprised at the level. I haven’t been under that level of controlled in a trance in a long time. Excellently done! The Pleasure Clinc certainly lives up to it’s name. Thanks to Mia, Alexandra, and all the women here, great work.

  7. Andi_S

    If any of you has ever wondered about the benefits of chastity…One of the benefits is it can really expand the range of physical sensations you can experience. In this session there are instructions to stroke your cock. Now, since I am practicing no touch chastity to please Mistress Mia and am not allowed to touch my cock without her explicit permission I did instead stroke and pinch my nipples. And it brought me to the edge of orgasm. On the verge of cumming just from rubbing my nipples. I think that is so hot.

    Of course the immensely erotic scenario that Mistress Alexandra made me go through in this session and the hot kinks and fetishes she mentioned were most important in getting me so aroused in the first place. My dirty submissive mind is supposed to be an open book for Mistress Alexandra and all the dominant hypnotic ladies at THM. I agree. And should there ever be an instance where I do not agree or should even have an unruly reaction to any command, well, my dirty mind and my needy cock is completely helpless to resist. Even the sheer mention of these kinks, or even just knowing that a dominant lady knows all my dirty secrets and will use that knowledge to control me, will get me so hot and horny that any possible thought of resistance will be replaced by a desperate compulsive need to obey.

    I look forward to returning to Mistress Alexandra’s pleasure clinic to continue my training and conditioning in order to become a more useful and pleasing submissive toy in Mistress Mia’s collection.

  8. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is so very hot, oh how I would love to be kept as a sex toy and domestic servant by a dominant woman whom I submit to one hundred percent, worship and obey for her pleasure and amusement as a good obedient pet.

    I noticed after I listened to Flame Dancer that I was more aware of and felt a compulsion to undertake domestic chores. I wonder if there were some post hypnotic suggestions left deep within my mind driving an increasing desire to clean and tidy the house.

    I love Mistress Alexandra’s therapy sessions, giving up all control to the very dominant sexy authority figure that she is. I so want to obey and please her, I so long to earn a ‘good boy’ from her lips.
    I feel so excited and naughty as I am so aroused by the scenario unfolding within this session, my obedient submissive mind being reprogrammed by Mistress Alexandra, oh yes please Mistress please help me to become a more attentive, pleasing, submissive, obedient and useful toy/pet.
    Confessing my naughty kinks is so arousing, but the way that my naked helpless confessions are measured and recorded in this session is so intensely arousing, pleasurable and frustrating all at the same time.

    I feel a strong need to return to this session again when I have permission to touch and willingly submit to my MRI testing by the wonderful Mistress Alexandra.

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3 years 11 months ago

Just listening to the Primer for this session on Youtube I feel like I’ve died and gone to hypno-heaven, where all the doctors are sexy mind controlling Mistresses who know how to play me like a toy piano. I am eagerly awaiting my message from Mia with the download link. It will be a long hard wait.