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Length: 66:54

Voice: Mistress Mia & Sophia

Copyright © 2021 by TheHypnoMistress
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10 reviews for Mugzy’s Dream – The Cum Factory

  1. Eddie

    Such a great session, so glad to see when it comes down to it I’ll make the right decision. Man I really am led around by it. It took me a couple tries to get through Mistress Sofia had me laughing so hard at thought of returning to her desk, I just had to keep stopping. Such a way about her, she can make me feel so small so fast and so aroused the next minute. So much fun getting passed back and forth between Mistresses. Mistress Mia never disappoints, and had no problem taking control of the situation here.

  2. BlazeSM

    This turned my femdom fetish into an addiction.

    The slick click of the heels and the hypnotic voices of both doms turn you into helpless putty in their in no time at all. A lifetime spent in the factory would be a lifetime well spent! Though, by the time they are done with you, you won’t have much choice.


  3. Clay

    I began feeling separated from my body from the very beginning. I have always felt to some degree that I have just been playing along and not really going under. I want to go under and fully experience it all but question if I am truly there. Well I think I went under. I felt as though I was in the room. I still had my faculties but I was floating out of touch with my body. I kept dropping deeper and I loved it. Mistress Mia kept turning up the heat and though it was a choice, there was no choice in the end. My submissive hypnotized slave self took over and begged to stay. Surprised I wasn’t surprised. This one soaked my soul. I just want more, please more.

  4. Dale Roads

    The reviews above, collectively capture everything but one thing. Some who are not VIP members might read this, but forgive me, I speak to those who are members, and to Mia and Sophia who sooner or later will chance this way.

    The one thing not mentioned in the reviews above, I would not say missed, because that would be purely arrogant, is this …. this whole episode is a metaphor for THM. We ARE Mistress Mia’s cum cows. Our whole sexual experience in our life is subsumed and perverted by Mistress Mia’s lust and the pleasure that she takes in her alternate identity as Dr Lovejoy.

    “My mindless pumping pleasure pleases powerful woman”, Mia has us recite. And then her voice softens and there is an inflection of emotion that goes beyond artistry into truth when she says “Yes, it does please me.” She meets us in the climactic moments, she herself sounding close to orgasm, to offer us a choice, to leave or accept her wedding proposal and marry her. Well … marry ourselves to her sexual desires and proclivities and perversions. Just say “I do”, make your commitment, as she brushes her moist lips on our ear and has Sophia nuzzles our testes with the vibrating brass milking nozzle.

    She, as will we, pass through this experience and resume our day to day lives but her need to call us, and ours to respond will persist. In this open marriage we ARE her submissives, her cum cows, she our mind Mistress. All which would be fine except this, after such elevated artistic pleasure can one really have mundane coitus, even with a loved one. Can we even explain ourselves to those who have not taken this path? To be sure, possibly, but the woman would need a genius as great as Mia’s. How likely is that? So here we are, “trapped”, a point she has taken pains not to hide.

    Isn’t all of this grounds to hate Mistress, to detest her, and ourselves, our weakness, perhaps to hate the nature of sex itself. Let’s cut that damn thing off, it is inhuman, turning us in a beast of the night, a betrayer.

    I don’t find it in my heart to feel any of those things. Firstly, I choose to see her as entrapped as we. Her path has required choices and precluded another life that she might otherwise have had. Perhaps marriage to her life’s greatest heart love. Who knows, I simply believe that nobody gets a free pass in life.

    Secondly, if “Mugsy Dream” is a metaphor for THM, THM is a metaphor for the nature of our human sexual existence. As an artist she is not creating what “is” but rather, arrestingly revealing it, albeit using it. Thirdly, most here arrived already entrapped by our past choices, perhaps a long-standing porn addiction, perhaps a crippling sense of self-worthlessness. I find her traps more spacious and forgiving, even more enlightening and more human. Finally, I trust her, and I feel I am living better with her as part of my life. Still, she has trapped us, our attention is hers.

    This is an honest review and, in the end, promotes and elevates her effort by acknowledging that saying “I do” has REAL meaning and consequence attached. Mia’s experiences do shape and color us as difficult as that is to fathom in the daylight.

    “I do” Mistress Mia. I cannot help myself; your attraction is too strong, I crave having deeper hypnotic experiences with you, and serving the dominant lady’s in the upper echelon of your factory … be that as being of the mindless minion humping and squirting in the basement, or serving, tending, groveling, and worshipping those lady’s in their presence. I do. My truth, where I live.

    I do not know Sophia well enough to understand her larger attachment to her role but judging by her performance alone I am sure that at the least she quite enjoys sipping from the nuances of her performance and the effect it will have on us listening boys.

  5. Kin

    Thank you Mistress Sophia and Mistress Mia. This was like the wettest wet dream I’ve ever had. Sophia’s voice is so sweet. When she humiliated me about my failure to cum I felt such a hot flush of embarrassment and at the same time so much arousal for her. I fell so deep when she had me gazing into the creamy pool. I’m not very clear on some of the things that happened after that. I think I can listen to this many times over until I can experience everything that happens inside the trance. I know that I want to.

  6. Braxton

    Mind Numbing. Cruel. Exhilarating.

    Imagine orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm rippling throughout your body. Experience endless pleasure, a new height of ecstacy which most men only dream of. Could you imagine yourself living in a stress free world, where your only concern would be your next orgasm? What if there was a place…a place where you could experience mind numbing orgasmic pleasure all day, and all night? Well, from the vision of Dr. Lovejoy, there IS such a place. Enter, the cum factory. Enslave…I mean indulge yourself in mindless pleasure. This state of the art facility can ease all of your pain, and take away all of your sorrow. Built with the purpose of enslaving…I mean empowering men to use their most precious resource to generate power that’ll sustain the entire facility, The Cum Factory is for the women of the world to enjoy. Given the choice, would you get on line on the factory floor, and become part of the workforce? Constant vibrators tickling your balls, while simultaneously receiving the worlds most spectacular blow job from the machine… It could be bliss. Or would you walk out of the factory, and then later regret your decision? The choice is yours…

    Wow, this session was done so well! Mistress Mia, Mistress Sophia, this was a wonderful fantasy. Although the cum factory sounds enticing, orgasms can get painful after 3 or 4. I couldn’t imagine hundreds per day. Ouch!

    I enjoy roleplaying, and interacting with your scenarios very much. Last week, I ordered a new toy in anticipation for this session. From the dinner date with Mia during the foreplay, until the end of the session, with Dr. Lovejoy, I was able to simulate all of the “vibrating moments” with my new toy for added immersion. It was amazing.

    Excellent work Mia & Sophia.

  7. Taigh

    Mugzy’s Dream – The Cum Factory…what can I say about this.
    ‘Holly Shit’ is the first thing that comes to mind.
    If you can imagine the love child of Bladerunner and Barbarella …then maybe you’re getting close.
    Like one of the other testimonials here says, it does remind you of all those great Mind Control stories you ever read online, but actually brought to life inside your mind, in fully immersive ‘Sex-Dimensional’ wizardry from Mistress Mia. (Sex-D is one more than 6D if you were wondering).

  8. Abe

    My beautiful doomsday there before be, seeing my fate right there with my own eyes as a witness. I can pride myself as being humbly obedient to power women, being sexually submissive and compliment to them, and that will only make me weaker and weaker than I’ve become, completely broken to the women that will surely take over in just a matter of time. Producing and providing endless entertainment for their pleasure.

    The Cum Factory’s details have been said and there’s nothing I can add on this great fantasy that has taken hold of me. For me, The foreplay story was Mistress Mia’s seductive trap to get me into that factory to never be seen or heard again all while enjoying the life she deserves from the power source from those other 800 machine pumpers.

    The machines have taken over my life and those Machines are run by Women. This is my future, to become mindless, a cum cow… maybe lifeless as I’m sucked and pumped by that nuzzle… forever and ever

    Dark, Scary… Arousing… but I want it this way…

    The production value and quality are superb as always. Sophia always takes me at ease and Mistress Mia always makes me feel those sensations deep inside my mind and body. I’m helpless… broken

    I’ll gladly become your mindless cum cow, stroking and pumping away for the rest of my life. It’s all what I’m really good for…

  9. Orella

    I loved the foreplay story. I could imagine myself being the lucky chap meeting Mistress Mia for dinner after work. Dinner with such a powerful dominant beautiful woman would be such a dream come true.
    She the cat feeling playful and I the mouse that she has chosen to play with in this public place, her finger on the button that so easily switches me from an intelligent articulate man into a pulsating helpless toy for her amusement, simply by her stimulating a slight change in blood flow priority.

    Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia have woven such an intricate exquisite fantasy mindscape of images and auditory experiences throughout this session. An incredible if somewhat dark journey into the imagination that is enhanced many times over by their hypnotic skill and creativeness.

    My residual images post this session as usual are jumbled and somewhat ethereal as they dance around my mind.

    Mistress Sophia’s naughty sweet sexy voice always does such naughty things to me and I love it.
    I can clearly picture Mistress Sophia in her sexy nurse uniform, my ears filled with the clicking of her heels and my eyes transfixed to her beautiful ass as she walks ahead of me, I try not to drool as I stare at her swaying ass trapped in the tight short skirt and as I follow her up stairs and my face becomes level with her ass I am lost in desire and bliss.

    I recall gazing into a vast swirling creamy spiral, unable to look away for some reason.

    I recall seeing Dr Lovejoy a powerful beautiful woman in her lab coat, I recall listening to this sexy scientist as she explained in detail how The Cum Factory and her machine worked, how boys were used to provide the power for the superior ladies above in the SPA to enjoy and pamper themselves.

    After Dr Lovejoy explained fully the fate and one way trip of the boys who become attached to her machine, I had a choice to make, leave or say two words that would seal my fate.

    I think that you will guess my choice as I thank Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia for creating such a wonderful session. Thank you, wonderful ladies, for leaving me with very empty balls and a very sore but very happy cock.

  10. Andi_S

    This session strongly reminds me of the mind control stories I used to read. One type of story involved the victim somehow being lured into a secret facility where they are strapped into machines designed to brainwash them into becoming mindless slaves. I love these stories. Alien abductions. Corporations planning world domination through mind control. That sort. Most of us have probably read such stories. Well, now we don’t have to read them anymore. We can experience them for ourselves.

    Personally, I have never experienced a sexy mind-control fantasy story being brought to life quite like this. There is so much going on. From Mistress Sophia hypnotizing you with her ass as she leads you into the sperm harvesting facility to Mistress Mia explaining in detail what this facility does and what device she plans to strap you into. All told in the sexy, fun, so very arousing and hypnotizing way we would expect from Mistress Mia. I really can’t do this any justice how excellent this blend of storytelling and hypnotic experience is. There are also far too many details to remember after just one listen. I am such a huge fan of how all these details play together to create these immersive, sexy experiences for the listeners in the sessions at The HypnoMistress. Mistress Sophia’s and Mistress Mia’s voice performance was out of this world as well. Sound production. Everything. Mistress Mia is just so incredibly good at making these experiences come alive. I was so immersed in the story and so hypnotized and aroused. I could literally feel myself being strapped into this device. It felt incredible.

    It really is a can’t miss session, especially if you have at any point in your life been a fan of mind control stories or have had such fantasies. Thank you so much Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia for creating this wonderful experience and for turning my mind control fantasies into a reality.

    Of course, as is the case in many of these stories, at the end you are given a choice. Will you walk away and retain your freedom or will you give in to the pleasure and become a mindless cum cow?

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