Length: 42:10

Voice: Mia Croft & Scarlet Bordeaux


3 reviews for Naughty&Nice

  1. Orella

    I love to experience duo sessions with Mistress Mia and Mistress Scarlet. Heavenly beautiful voices that must simply be obeyed without question or resistance.
    Beautiful Christmas imagery painted in my mind, Mistress Mia and her naughty list, Mistress Scarlet and her nice list, I cannot help wondering which list I am on.
    I am submitting deeper and deeper to Mistress Mia as one of her naughty boys, as her voice takes me on a wonderful mind journey my own thoughts evaporate and all that remains is the desire to submit to Mistress Mia’s control in total obedience to her voice. I continue to fall deeper and deeper and deeper a blank toy for Mistress Mia to play with, an aroused naughty boy for her amusement.
    I am given such a lovely present by Mistress Mia, buzz, buzz, buzz it goes with every sound of Mistress Mia’s jingle bells, taking me closer and closer to the edge and point of no return so aroused by being played with by Mistress Mia as she enjoys tormenting me for her amusement, taken so close but not allowed to cum.

    A second present from Mistress Mia’s present sack, Mistress Scarlet emerges and, oh my, she is holding jingle bells. Such a sexily clad Goddess as her voice continues my pleasure filled trance, jingle bells buzz, buzz, buzz as Mistress Scarlet plays with me over and over, my submission becoming deeper and deeper as she drives me insane with the need to cum.
    As the song goes jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way as I buzz, buzz, buzz into hands free bliss.

  2. abe

    Just a few days removed from Christmas, it´s still Holiday Season. This is the perfect time to listen to this lovely session from both Mia and Scarlet. Christmas, sometimes considered the best time of the year is a wonderful Holiday to share with loved ones and family. What a lovely Christmas gift to all of us this session is…

  3. Dean

    Thank you both for a wonderful Christmas present.

    The jingle bell sounds of Christmas are gloriously more profound now. What a gift.

    May the joy of Christmas be with both of you.

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