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Length: 38:31

Voice: Mistress Mia

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4 reviews for New Neighbors – The Second Day

  1. Orella

    What a delightful treat this session is as Mistress Mia and Mistress Alicia weave their magic inside my mind.

    I find myself back in my friend’s house in Wisteria Lane, day two of my stay there. Caught like a lab rat in this conflicting ‘sexperiment’ that Elena Lovejoy and Alicia are conducting.
    I’m still pondering what to do in this situation. Still trying to please two sexy mischievous neighbours.
    On one hand I made a promise to Mrs. Lovejoy to refrain from stroking for only five days, on the other I’m given the opportunity to watch, and indulge in a pretty sexy webcam exchange with my other, young attractive neighbour, Alicia.
    Decisions, decisions. What to do. Add to this the frustration of the technical video glitches that are proving an additional frustration on top of being teased to distraction by one sexy neighbour and denied by the other sexy neighbour.

    Only five days, how will I survive this without losing my mind completely.

  2. Dale Roads

    As always with the THM sessions, there is the confusion, is one engaging with a fantasy or a reality. The difficulty is more acute for VIP members, and, with increasing experience.

    The session starts and then, while one is soothed and made calm, perhaps even yawning as one enters that twilight state before falling into trance, there is the realization that one’s emotional state has been helplessly placed in their hands, and will be attached to whatever words and images they desire. Mia and Alicia, in this episode, are just that powerful and effective.

    The story continues from A good Neighbors 1. We are back on Wisteria Lane, our second day here. We are hoping that Alicia will come by the house this morning, she promised that we would have fun today after needing to break off yesterday just before she had finished her countdown.
    We find ourselves peeking out the window every five minutes, with the same absent-minded capitulation to porn that we often experience. In the intervening moments we become lost in a reverie of the powerful encounter we had with our other neighbor Elena. We cannot help but savor the mental picture that we hold of her in our mind. Equally exciting is the emotional state that she has placed us in, a state of deeply desiring her approval.

    Time passes, and now the temptation of porn manifests, as we know, porn pussy is incredibly powerful too. Seating ourselves before the screen, we are about to succumb when a little message pops up on the screen. It is Alicia and she wants to play, a Skype session. Is it really safe to do that? What will she look like today? Is there still a problem with viewing her? Alicia is a powerful hypnotist and actor, soon the only consideration is in maintaining a connection to her under any circumstance.

    What happens next? Certainly you will be engaged, certainly you will be drawn in more deeply. Afterwards, if you’re like me, you might also find yourself realizing one has fallen deeply under the sway of Mia, and Alicia in this instance, as well as, at other times, their colleagues. Like the Hotel California, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave, they need only to snap their fingers now.

  3. Abe

    Man, the house at Wisteria Lane is such a great place to be at. I’m easily taken there in an instant once Mistress sweeps me away before even noticing. This is getting me to think of a past movie where Men took their wives for upgrades (robot wives) but this series is much greater than the movie and we’re I’m sure I’ll be upgraded by the sexy programming of these hot sisters neighbors. Perhaps a dream house with a big screen to watch all the sexy porn I’ll ever desire or sexy Skype calls with Sexy Alicia. Following along with her instructions and finishing off at the perfect time to continue on where we left off, letting that sexy time between us go on through the next days for our next skype call.

    I can’t wait for the next Skype session, Alicia is full of surprises

  4. Braxton

    Fun. Entertaining. Tempting.

    Meanwhile, back on Wisteria Lane… I find myself caught in-between 2 mischievous neighbors who are plotting on me. I’m still pondering what to do. On one hand I made a promise to Mrs. Lovejoy to refrain from stroking for only 5 days, on the other I’m given the opportunity to watch, and indulge in a pretty sexy webcam exchange with my other, young attractive neighbor, Alicia. Decisions…

    Mia, I love how mischievous, and playful you can be. I’m enjoying this series, and I’m egar for Day 3.

    Alicia, in my opinion you are a wonderful addition to THM. I’m enjoying discovering you as my new neighbor, something tells me it’s a trap, but I like where this is going.

    Great session ladies.

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