Length: 39:12

Voice: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for New Neighbors

  1. Dale Roads

    This session introduces Mistress Alicia who joins Mistress Mia in creating this first episode of a new series.

    Sometime the subtext of a series is interwoven surreptitiously but in this case Mia begins by immediately asking you a question, “I wonder which kind of hypno-submissive you are, is it more erotic to …… or, to …..

    You might think you can give an immediate answer, but then, as you listen and become involved with the drama of this session, a certain dilemma arises … yes it will definitely arise. To be drool, you might find yourself caught in the horniness of a dilemma.

    The horns as it were, are a gorgeous neighbor on each side of you, each interested in eliciting a different response from you. A promise is made … oh, oh … it sort of becomes a matter of character then, a question of what sort of boy you really are indeed.

    Now this promise would be just a story promise, but as an entranced hypno-submissive, you have, to continue being wry, “skin in the game”. For real. I mean, are you, or aren’t you, will you, or won’t you. The compulsion to respond will be insurmountable and so you will, immediately or … eventually (that is a clue). You will reveal yourself, your strength, or weakness, or perhaps just your preference, to yourself, and to the Mistresses should you care to DM a note. But do not fear Mia also starts this session by assuring us that there are no losers, whatever be your response, that is fine because that is you.

    BTW IMHO Mistress Alicia proves herself as a temptress joining a circle of peers. The way she just spoke a few words and brushed past me and walked into the house, I felt brushed all right … so a special thanks. Of Mia? Please … if you don’t know ….

    (warning, this being the 21st century there is a high tech surreptitious suggestion embedded, which nobody cares to acknowledge outright, while no doubt pondering and waxing long on.)

  2. Braxton

    Amazing. Sexy. Lovely.

    I think we’ve all made an agreement that we wish we hadn’t, and instantly regretted it. Caught in-between the 2 scenarios described, the temptation could be too much for anyone. What to do, what to do?

    Mia & Alicia this session was done very well. The story is amazing, and I’m looking forward to the sequel. I’m wondering what the next day will look like for us

    Great duo session ladies.

  3. Daniel P

    This is a very sexy duo session! Alicia’s new husky voice is an absolute delight to the mind and body. I look forward to hearing much more from her in the future. The concept they introduce in this session is just too hot for words and Mia and Alicia made it happen brilliantly.

    The session itself really did change my opinion about how I feel about temptation and denial. Truly a mind breaking scenario! Loved all this session had to offer.

  4. tymissmayihaveanother

    What a great concept. This session is more story than hypnosis, and I prefer hypnosis, especially that controls me, but this story, for me, has a twist, and I look forward to seeing where it leads me, because Mistress Mia instructs that I am the boy in the plot. (Plot is a good word). Mistress Mia is already my favourite, and Mistress Alicia wows in this, her debut audio. (I think) Love the character development, and I can’t wait for the next in this series. If You don’t have this audio in Your collection, and are look for something fun and engaging, pick this one up. Guaranteed satisfaction. Lol

  5. Pye

    This sessions is really fun and playful and it gave me also that real sense of how it is being under the complete control of powerful and amazing women. Being in the locktober challenge I could really feel the psychological undertones of that I was being in played with and that so arousing but at the same time part of me wanted to run away (for real)! My body though was completely under Mistress’s control and I was not able to move a mm. All I could do was to listen and obey. This is something new that happened to me, I guess from all the wonderful practice I put down with Mia’s sessions. Before I felt that I could move (not that I ever wanted to) but in this session I was locked shut down! That is to me so arousing and a hypno-fetishist dream as well. Complete power exchange with Mia something I so long and practice for, but I still feel it could be pushed a loth further.

    The Neighbours which were both amazing could probably have done anything to me this session. The part Mia (assumingly) plays gave me the sense of being a bit unhinged and so f* powerful, which was SO much fun! I have not seen this side of Mia before and having that feeling of being mind fucked and played with is great (and it is because I feel so safe and trust her she can do this to me)! The new addition, Alicia was so alluring! She melted my mind in complete arousal by the end of the session.

    I am still glad (not the right word) that I am in still in Locktober challenge. Being lock up like this has giving me tons and tons of new sexual urges and fantasies I did not know that I had and this has really revealed a lot in order to get to know myself better. Also I am so curious to see where it leads and where the THM will takes this. Thank you Mia and Alicia for this session!

  6. Abe

    As a man I often think that a quick rub down there will bring sexual satisfaction and relief and yes, I have free will as Mistress gladly permits, even if everyday, but in reality being true to myself, I know what to expect every single time I decide to cum and that’s where everything about this concept and practice is wrong and simply boring. 5 orgasms a day or weekly… no… not no more. Apart from being boring and not sexy for dominant Mistresses, it’s not a healthy practice and may lead you to a negative mind fuckery.

    Mistress Mia always says that she takes care of us, always knows what’s good for our subconscious and even our bodies and I find Chastity and Abstinence from sexual orgasm a beautiful care she lovingly gives. My habits have been changing and I found out just how amazing it feels to cum whenever the time is right and suitable and not when it’s urgent by arousal. Like a treatment from medicals, Chastity with Mistress Mia does take time to take full effect, some like me may can take a shorter period of Chastity while others experience the full marveling effect of her treatment through longer periods. I know that for me it will take a little longer to achieve those results that I’ll need.

    Having just failed Locktober, there is a little letdown inside but every fall has a purpose and a learning experience. Just listened to this session and I must say that I’m deeply aroused just by typing these words, I still have the images and scenes that occur here, I won’t say, but it is very powerful and arousing. The female pleasure is all I will ever want and need while in a period of a lockdown to finally shoot powerfully and strong orgasm as Mistress Mia (or) Dr. Lovejoy are after. Alicia’s voice is exotic and very erotic. I can listen to her over and over as I am locked and loaded.

    Lovely experience here with both ladies.
    Thank you!

  7. lorenzo

    This whole locktober thing its so arousing. I would’ve left you a solid review right here which would highlight the many strengths that this file has. But the truth is: Im to horny to go into depth right now. This session is just perfect for your chasity month or any other month. It has Mia, sexy neighbours and cupcakes! Mmm i somehow like those very much right now.

    So yes in summary im trying to not hump my pillow right now because of this session. Mia’s pleasure before my own though.

    Sorry for the rambling, but i think yall got the point

  8. MicHam99

    New Neighbours what a beautiful and sexy session, and I could say so teasing so delicious like the cupcake on the great cover. Bringing me so much arousal, I could say uncontrolled arousal as I am doing the Locktober challenge. Believe me it will turn you into a small kitten or a doggie like me.

    It’s funny that what is denied for me arouse me more, what I can’t have is so frustrating but! so very obedient I become, I am accepting all my fate and succumb even more to Mia Voice.

    The introduction of Alicia ! New Mistress in Town with such a beautiful voice ! We are so lucky to be surrounded and control with such Powerful’s Mistress’s.

    Doing reviews is very long as I am searching my word and don’t want to repeat and to be boring for everyone. But when I press the button post i am so proud of me. Maybe I will become a good English writer.

    Thank you Mistress for this great session and I can feel that you put all your heart and love in all these sessions that you created for your pets. Xxxxx

  9. Orella

    My oh my, Mistress Mia has such a naughty playful side.
    As one of her chastity pets Mistress Mia has decided that it would amuse her to intensify the tease and denial throughout Locktober.
    This session is perfect to enhance the playful torment throughout the month and keep the arousal levels off the scale, no spoilers in this review, I highly recommend that you indulge in letting go and sinking into trance lost in pleasure listening to this session from Mistress Mia and Mistress Alicia.

    I was so very lucky and happy on the 25th January 2019 that Mistress Mia accepted me as one of her chastity pets, She has been my Keyholding Goddess since that date. Cock belongs to Mistress Mia and is only played with when this pleases her.

    I am very familiar with the incredible constant arousal that results from the frustration of denial and helplessness of being totally under Mistress Mia’s complete control.
    Teasing whilst denied intensifies the arousal to entirely new levels. It is fun for Mistress to play with and torment her pet, there are no adequate words to express the fun from the side of the pet.
    Can you imagine being aroused to the point you reach just a nano second before ejaculation, when the aroused bubble normally bursts. But that bubble does not burst and that nano second of intense arousal goes on and on hour after hour, day after day, week after week until it pleases Mistress to grant permission to play………..

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