Length: 37:46
Voice:Mistress Katya

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7 reviews for Nipple Nails

  1. mattintrance

    I can only imagine what it would be like to be at this party. How exactly would I feel when Mistress Katya fixes me with Her gaze, places Her hand on my chest, and tells me that I may well be Her hypnotic victim for the evening? She can gauge my excitement, as she sees my eyes glaze over and feels my heart pounding as I try (and fail) to come up with a coherent response. No matter, though. She will pounce when the time is right, and no amount of resistance can prevent that. Her words make the room spin around me, as She convinces me that staying near Her, gazing blankly at Her nails, will be my salvation. I’m a little nervous, but I have to give in–realizing in the end that She had me from the beginning. Just a cat playing with Her helpless little mouse, with sexy claws scratching Her way into his submissive brain. A cat with a voice that puts me right to sleep.

  2. Attorney-at-Paw

    This file gave me such an appreciation, both for an erogenous zone that I did not know that I even had, and for an area of a woman’s body that I previously did not pay enough attention to. Although I had encountered files referencing those parts of the body before, it is only now that I can experience that pleasure and appreciation in all of its intensity. I wonder if my newfound excitement and fixation will get me into trouble going forward whenever I try to hold a conversation with a woman. Will getting caught and women possibly realizing what is really going on bring me even more arousal? Time will tell. Thank you Mistress Katya!

  3. Braxton

    Mistress Katya showcases how methodical, persuasive, and direct she can be in this amazing session!

    A naive boy gets approached by a sultry hypnotist hell bent on making an example of someone at her party. Late in the evening she whispered to him about how tonight there will be a hypnosis show. After a brief conversation the sexy hypnotist has found her victim.

    Will you resist the very sexy Mistress Katya, or will she have you on display, and make you the life of the party?

    Mistress Katya, this is among my favorite sessions of yours. The trance that I experience with you everytime I listen to this is truly powerful.


  4. Alexander

    You find yourself on one of Katya´s parties with lots of drinks, chatting people and a special event happening towards the end. A little hypnoshow to enjoy, but who will be the lucky winner to go under and put on a show for everyone to enjoy. But don´t think this is the end… no no this session is just a build up for a series that will program your mind to submit so deeply to powerful dominat women and what it will do to your poor nipples, well you should find out by yourself.

  5. Mark

    Yes please! Can Katya play with me everyday? My pierced nipples have always been a major erogenous zone for me. Pinch, pull. tug, squeeze and bite they all cause me excited delight.

  6. Tim

    Wonderful new session from Katya! I hope to hear a lot more from her in the future. Eventhough, I’m a little nervous about the things she will make me think about when I’m going about my life and how I will react to fingernails …

    There was a hint of cruelty in the way she acted and I must admit, it was a tremendous turn-on.

    Very well done.

  7. Orella

    I loved the primer for this session as it set such a feeling of anticipation for the full session.
    In the full session I was captivated by Mistress Katya’s seductive voice, I could not resist and did not want to resist being hypnotised by Mistress Katya. My mind blank except for the beautiful voice of Mistress Katya filling my mind completely as I go deeper and deeper. Speaking when prompted to do so by Mistress Katya.
    I loved finding myself bare chested on my knees submissively and obediently complying with Mistress Katya’s instructions, her beautifully lacquered nails filling my vision and mind arousing me intensely, delicious tantalising pain from my nipples adding to my arousal making me even more erect.
    As I emerge from trance, I am suddenly aware that everyone at the party has been watching and I find myself surprisingly aroused by performing a show for the entertainment of the party guests.
    I remain transfixed to Mistress Katya’s nails and completely compliant to her voice as she takes me into and out of trance again and again so easily. Glossy nails filling my mind and arousing me more and more, making my nipples respond outside of my control begging to be pinched and squeezed and making me feel so desperate to cum.

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