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Length: 35:25
Voice: Mistress Mia

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16 reviews for No Resistance to Trance

  1. RonS8048

    A mind is exposed to suggestion every day whether we are listening or not listening. These suggestions become part of the subconscious as what is believed to be true. I believe that some of these suggestions are the truth and some are not the truth.

    If a person believes that they have resistance to accepting the suggestions while entranced, how did they ever accept that that belief? The resistance would have prevented the suggestion from becoming their truth. If their mind indeed has that resistance, then how would that suggestion be accepted into their subconscious?

    I don’t believe there is a resistance to accepting suggestions into my subconscious. Loop on “No Resistance to Trance” and you may believe it too.

  2. GoodBoyLance

    No Resistance to Trance breaks down all of your mental barriers through the power of hypnosis and Mia’s breasts. This session is all about removing social stigmas about hypnosis that creates barriers in your mind and replacing it with vulnerability and openness to trance. Mia easily makes you vulnerable with the idea of being a helpless baby in the arms of your loving mother, then that mother becomes Mia holding you up to her soft nurturing breasts. Mia leaves you with a trigger to return when you see soft breasts.

  3. Dale Roads

    Lying back in my dreaming chair, the living room fading into darkness with the ending of the day. The summer heat descends from the attic. The floor fan, at some medium speed, slips cool air over me, and I let my breathing slow. I click on the recoding and Mistress Mia walks in.

    I imagine for a moment she is in her private studio. What is her experience now? Does she imagine certain favorites who are already entwined and softly panting. Has there been a recent strike, a new boy nibbling on her baited breasts, the swell, the warm texture, her nipples inducing tumescent alarm? Is she speaking to each of us as she records? Perhaps, it seems so personal while listening.

    But thoughts fade, and now the duel between listening and falling into half sleep ensues. “System II” holds sway over a factor of consciousness, savoring the meaning of the words she speaks, the words themselves, and the mindscape of the alternate reality she presents … eeny meeny miny moe, she has your mind, but it is YOU that can’t let go … So what? But some can’t say that, fantasy failed so long ago, and so … so something! (Does anyone remember Intel, he was myself so long, long ago, perfectly sane but utterly crazy.)

    And then the System I mind, the subconscious neural network decorated like a Christmas tree with Mia’s favorite fetish ornaments. Each ornament tempered like a bell, that can be struck by mere allusion. But this takes time, and perhaps “Loop training”.

    Later, in the darkness it is time to get up. And then what?, either you tell yourself that it doesn’t mean a thing, or you feel that you want her acceptance, and her affection, and that too is possible, over time, for some, surely. No Resistance to Trance.

  4. Jakub

    Well who wanna have no resistance to trance? I already have that desire to enjoy Misteress Mia sessions more, now my desire to have no resistance is even more deep. Perfect session full of very plesuable sensations, hard to end it when you are looping it. After a 3 months break this is session what i really needed. It is like next step to my hypnotic life with Misteress Mia.

  5. JonSun

    It feels a little out of control but good. I listened to this for the first time 2 days ago. Since then I have listened 3 more times when I was caught out by the trigger. It feels like I really need to go and listen whenever I see ##$$% you’ll know what I’m talking about when you listen to. Mia is a powerful Mistress.

  6. Churchill

    I’ve listened to this session at least 10 times now, and I’m sinking so deep each time that I have to let my subconscious do the heavy lifting. I keep coming back over and over, and I think that I must not be resisting, because I fall into trance so quickly. Lead and I will follow. I know that I am safe. Thank You Miss

  7. kinbaku

    This is magic. I remember beginning thinking if it would work, but then I forgot I was going to think about that as Mia was so mezmerising. I was gone inside the first few minutes and then just floating along and feeling good.
    The way I felt afterwards was different to a lot of files, more mellow. But I can report the trigger certainly works.

  8. Andi_S

    This session feels wonderful to listen to. Absolutely beautiful in every way. Very quickly as I was listening to Mistress Mia speak, I found myself wishing nothing more than for her to take all resistance to trance away from me. This trance feels incredibly good. You really have to experience it for yourself. I can’t stress enough how good it feels. I went so deep. My head against her breasts, my mouth sucking on her finger. And by the end of this file, Mistress Mia had me convinced that even if I wanted to, there was simply nothing I could do to resist hypnosis. That being mind controlled was all that I ever wanted. And it is. What an incredible session. I am already excited for the next time I get to listen to it. Thank you, Mistress Mia.

  9. Steven G

    Mistress Mia knows exactly how to relax a boy and let his guard down. If you are new or inexperienced in hypnosis, this is the perfect file to have. Each listen has made me all more weaker for her voice and enjoyable in hypnosis. I know I went deep in this file with her soft, nurturing voice after about 3 listens. I won’t spoil the contents of this file, but again, those new or perhaps looking to train to let those barriers down even more like me, this is the perfect file to listen and build trust with Mistress Mia. After one listen, it’s hard not to just listen to again and again.

  10. Abe

    This session is deep, very deeply intimate. The only downside I have to say about it is found on the website being that we only can give 5 stars. It’s well deserving of more, enough it’s not an option really, it’s great and beautiful. I don’t ever know how to start. As of this moment of writing, the session has been played on the background since last night when I listened, letting it play overnight so my subconscious could feed upon and suck every word Mia gave. A wonderful suggestion; a talk of wisdom to give to someone Mia cares so much about. A wonderful rebirth, these are just two examples of what I can think about when it comes to this session. Everyone has an inner child and for me, the visual of a rebirth of your wonderful self in a state of total vulnerability and need and dependence of a figure who will take care of you was truly there. Mia holding you, taking you very close to her, what more visual of caring and nurturing can we hope for? This is found here. Caring and Nurturing for one’s self, as always as long as we’re under her hypnotic power and influence, as we helplessly surrender to her voice giving away the most treasured mind to her, we will always need her as a figure of comfort and fortress, to run to with open hearts. But also when her needs meet dominance, arousal and lust, we are there are there as horny subjects and obedient pets to be used to her liking. Again this is my own personal experience with this session. Her words are still being heard as of this moment. I’m still taking her suggestions deep inside. When it comes to the other ladies at THM, I feel safe and comforted as I do listening to Mistress Mia. I know I can trust and surrender to them knowing that I’ll be held the same way and cared for by all…

    Thank You, Mia for this beautiful experience, for caring this deep so much about us…

  11. Lagaz

    Still experiencing the afterglow of this session. Perhaps it would have been better to wait till I’ve returned to myself, or not. This session stirs deeply into the past, and roots the future into the present. And what a present we are given here. Calmly nurtured into a deep, very deep bonding with the beautiful woman who graces the cover art. The imagery layered upon a very easy conversational tone easily sweeps away any concerns over intensions being any less than for you. Nestled so close, and the almost cooing pace of this experience itself sets resistance aside.

  12. lorenzo

    Let me start first by saying that this session has the best cover art in THM history. The beautiful Mia herself. I always liked the images of models Mia used for her previous sessions, but those pale in comparison to the real deal of Mia staring at you like this.

    The cover art gives a personal touch to the session which makes me feel that much closer Mia. And closeness is the key word to describe this session.

    Mia holding me so close to her chest while feeding me all these suggestions. Heaven. I don’t even know what the suggestions were and honestly, who cares when being hold by Mia. I just want to nuzzle my sleepy head against her chest.
    While typing this it is clear to me that I want to listen to this particular file again.

    And I should listen again.

    I’m listening again.

  13. Braxton

    Nurturing. Bonding. Calming.

    Enter a world of pure bliss with Mistress Mia. In this world, we are so carefree. If you had thoughts of resistance, they will quickly erode as Mistress paints a beautiful visual of her nursing you to obedience, and trance. She effortlessly rocks you, cradles you, and then gently robs you of your will to resist.

    Mia, I love this session. I won’t say much, as I am so excited to share my experience during the May episode be off Skull Session.

    Phenomenal session Mia.

  14. Taigh Dupp

    Oh my gosh. This is one of those hypnosis files where you lose you bearings very quickly and then you just get swept along from one thing to the next, never knowing which way is up or down. I had very little resistance beforehand and none at all once Mistress Mia got started on me. Very heady stuff.

  15. Orella

    I forgot to mention how breathtakingly gorgeous the image of Mistress Mia is on the cover of this session.

  16. Orella

    The title of this session tells you all you need to know. If there are any doubts check out the description.

    I love the wonderful sessions here at THM, I love listening to Mistress Mia and all of her Girlfriends, their beautiful, enchanting voices wrapping around me as I open up to whatever mindscape imagery, sensory experiences and suggestions that they have skilfully crafted for me to enjoy.

    As a Gold tier subscriber, I am lucky to have early access and I received access the code to download the session for free on Saturday 21 May, as opposed to having to wait until Tuesday 24 May.
    I settled down in a place where I would not be disturbed, pressed play on ‘No Resistance to Trance’ and immersed myself effortlessly and completely in the voice of Goddess Mia.

    This is a session that I am going to listen to regularly, I don’t want to have any resistance to trance with the ladies here at THM.
    I trust Mistress Mia and her Girlfriends completely and therefore I want to be as open to enjoying their talented skills and creativity as possible.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, l love listening to your voice at every opportunity. Thank you for creating this session to help me experience trance evermore deeply.

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