Length: 30:55

Voice: Mistress Katya

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7 reviews for Nocturnal 1

  1. Justgoodvibes

    Today, I had the pleasure of listening to Katya’s new session, “NOCTURNAL VISITATIONS”. I’ve heard quite a few of Katya’s previous files.

    Her accent always turned me on. I pushed play with eager anticipation, and a smile. Nothing could have prepared me for the level of heat that this session developed. I bet if you took a picture of my face, my hair would have been a mess, and smoke would be coming from my ears.

    Katya is soo hot, when she walks down the aisle at the supermarket, fruits,vegetables, and men alike are exploding in her wake. If you haven’t heard this one, make sure you grab it. You can worry about pulling yourself back together later. Thank you for such a wonderful gift Katya !!

  2. Dale Roads

    I awaken, or have I? I slip from my bed naked and in darkness of some midnight hour pad across my kitchen floor into the dining room. I click on the lamp behind beside my dreaming chair and pause for a moment. I now notice that somehow I have my dreaming device in my hand, the recorder, the 21st century portal through which the 21st century Succubus, Katya will slip into my mind. I experience a mild shiver but it is not from the early morning chill. It the anticipation.

    Gather my sitting blankets, around me like a cocoon I recline into the my dreaming chair and settle in to breath slowly and relax before turning off the light, placing the device atop my head, and clicking it’s switch on. But am I here doing this, or is this all just a dream, … that, my last thought of my own in the enveloping darkness before she reveals herself.

    And now writing, reflecting on what occurred next, last night, how much can I reveal? I remember more each time. Her voice, her presence, the realization that Katya herself, as an artist, who releases her succubus first from within herself and becomes the succubus with the full knowledge of what she is doing, and the presence she will take in the minds of sleeping boys all over the world. And in particular, those special boys already in Mia’s fold, traveling down the spiral staircase; those whose minds have already responded to the pleasures offered in the private rooms therein.

    Her voice, the story Katya tells, the actions she takes … and induces you to take. The pleasure bond she creates between herself and your “sexy self, your dirty self”, and the awaking of a this alternate dream reality within the realization of your life as a whole … well how can one recount that? For sure however, within 30 seconds of inviting her in, you will know much, much more. The keener your mind and imagination, all to match hers, the greater your danger? or your salvation? What do I know, I awoke in my own bed after all, it was all just a dream after all, but why now the anticipation again rising, it was just a dream …. after all? Good morning in me Katya, and I smile like a fool, but only one of many here I assume.

  3. Taigh

    Katya’s back. No sooner had I began to listen than I realized, Katya had never really gone away. Her silky sultry voice was already there in my mind, the moment I heard her voice again and it felt so good to let it roll right through me. Katya’s sessions always feel that little bit more dangerous. Like you might give away too much of yourself, but you know you’re going to anyway. She has a way of making the excitement build and build and build until there’s really no choice but to give in to whatever she wants.
    I’ll be leaving my window slightly open each night, and going to sleep with a smile on my face, knowing she’ll soon be invading my dreams once again.
    Five stars and sticky sheets.

  4. Abe

    It’s often said that certain creatures roam around the world late at night, I often asked why this was and quite frankly I might know the reason, when night falls and I lay my body down from the stress at the end of the day, it is when all my sexual energy elevates and arousal kicks in. It’s when sex is most enjoyed alone, with a lover or in this case a hypnotic succubus. I listed to this session two times and I came to realize that it’s most enjoyed late at night; at the start of the new days or just 3 hours a little later. Katya took my imagination and arousal to that sexy dark world of hers and played, had her way with it. Katya will leave, leaving you drained, emptied and gasping for more of her. Easily my new favorite session of hers.

    Thank You Katya for playing with my arousal and visiting at night through this incredible hypno-experience. I’ll be sure to keep my window wide opened for you at night from now on.

  5. Braxton

    Wickedly Sexy.

    Beware the succubus… Mistress Katya never ceases to amaze in her sessions. She’s always smooth, sexy and sultry in every way. This looks like the beginning of another great series at THM.

    Amazing job Katya

  6. lorenzo

    I ABSOLUTELY love Katya as a succubus. This is a comeback to the perfect file. I always melt to Katya’s dominance. Her voice just always demands obedience but in an incredible playful and teasing way. Just like a succubus should be. I could, hump, smile and moan for Katya in helpless arousal every night. I so love and missed her teasing arousing voice!

  7. Orella

    What a lovely surprise, it has felt like a long time since Mistress Katya last had me at her mercy restrained in her Barbershop chair some months ago.

    Mistress Katya’s sexy sultry voice fills my ears and a ripple of aroused anticipation washes over me.

    Sexy pillow talk with Mistress Katya, hot and steamy intense arousal. A delicious nocturnal visitation driving my frustrated arousal.

    Although I am owned by all of the THM Goddesses, my primary owner is Mistress Mia and no matter how stiff and desperate I cannot touch when erect without her explicit prior permission.
    However, I can fully imagine the sensations and sexual pleasure as I lay there desperately frustrated, desperate to touch and intensely desperate to cum.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, thank you for creating this sexy session, thank you for permitting me to hear your sexy sensual voice once more. Thank you for the experience of you as a dominant sexy succubus toying with me, your helpless willing submissive victim.

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