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Length: 60:21
Voice: Mistress Sophia

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

1 review for Obedience Class + Foreplay

  1. Orella

    I originally posted my review of the non-Foreplay version of Teachers Pet 1 – Obedience Class on 03 May 2020.

    From my original review. ‘Mistress Mia’s foreplay is exquisitely hot, her opening strict words causing instant arousal and the desire to instantly obediently rush to her for ‘a spanking that I will not forget’, oh yes please Mistress, please punish me for any reason, if I have been bad or good doesn’t matter, please punish me either way. I am so excited and aroused, no hesitation to obey and submit.
    As Mistress Mia continues her introduction my mind drifts back to my school days, when I was at school corporal punishment was allowed and regularly used by some teachers. I recall being 14 years of age and a new teacher joined the school, she was young and very attractive, I had such fantasies about her and was so very keen to please her, I think that she was aware of my crush on her which was a little embarrassing and my classmates made fun of me.
    I have had erotic fantasies about being a student in the class of a sexy strict teacher happy to be dominated by her, obedient to her and disciplined by her at every opportunity for her pleasure.

    Mistress Sophia’s voice is so heavenly, sweet, sexy and sensual as she welcomes me to her Obedience Class, I am instantly aroused, erect and lost in anticipation of what is going to happen in this class.
    I deeply desire to obey and please Mistress Sophia to dive deeply into submission to her. Listening to her explain what is expected of a ‘Teachers Pet’ is delicious and as I listen, I want more and more to be an obedient submissive teacher’s pet for Mistress Sophia.
    Watching the attractive graduate student lost in trance and totally obedient to Mistress Sophia I so wish to become an obedient graduate myself, a perfect pet obediently awaiting instruction from Mistress Sophia.
    I am naturally sexually submissive and deeply desire to be controlled by and obedient to female authority. I love how Mistress Sophia describes her attire and how she has her hair for this classroom, the sound of her beautiful heels as she walks is hypnotic and I start to automatically drift into trance.
    I cannot recall at what point Mistress Sophia took me down into an increasingly deep trance, I was simply filled with arousal drifting on her words as they slipped away from my conscious memory and mind.
    I awoke from the session erect and intensely aroused with a deep desire to be obedient to my teacher Mistress Sophia, the more I thought about being obedient to my teacher the more pleasure I felt.

    I became aware that my nipples were very sore, so I am assuming that I must have had a desire to stroke myself during the session, however I am a collared chastity pet owned by Mistress Mia and I am not allowed any sexual touching of cock without obtaining explicit permission in advance from Mistress Mia. I must have taken out my desire to stroke by teasing my nipples as this is physical arousal that is not forbidden.
    I awoke several times during the night, still erect and deeply desiring to stroke, so more nipple torture ensued over and over again.’

    The addition of foreplay adds to the intensity of the session experience.

    I do always urge people to get the versions of files with Foreplay where you can as Mistress Mia’s foreplay adds a wonderful dimension to the listening experience.

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