Length: 45:51 (+Foreplay 60:21)
Voice: Mistress Sophia

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8 reviews for Obedience Class

  1. Dale Roads

    I was the last into the classroom, but fortunately the class had not yet started. The teacher, Sophia, was all smiles and cheery as she directed me to the third row in the back. Was I dreaming this? – of course, but the more engrossed I became in Sophia’s session the less it mattered.

    Teacher was so hot, and her words seemed to catch one’s inner ear. I followed everything she said as I sank into a state of infatuation. So modestly dressed, except for those 4 inch heels. Her hair pulled back in a bun, those black framed glasses, so modest, but then those gorgeous red lips, and that pixie voice, explaining, promising everything I secretly desired.

    As appropriate for a class of instruction, Sophia defined what being a teacher’s pet is all about … and hardly were the words out of her mouth, and you just knew she was talking about you, and what you ardently desired. One’s inner self was already begging. Next, as best as I can recall, she went on to describe the curricula’s key concepts, “Obedience to teacher is pleasure.” and “Obedience to pleasure pleases teacher.” I remember feeling how much sense that made.

    And then, just before stretching us out in our minds to put us into a trance she introduced us to the pretty girl sitting demurely by her desk. She explained that as HER perfectly captivated obedient pet that young woman would be demonstrating the sort of activities that we would be trained to perform. Sophia did not fail to inform that her teacher’s aide had started her journey to pet-dom right in the very class that one attends by purchasing this session.

    After that it was a sort of blissful oblivion until later when I awoke somehow even more infatuated, and vowing to attend her next session. See you in class boy.

  2. little fly

    This is quite beyond expectation. Mistress Sophia ‘s voice is so sweet and charming that it is impossible to resist Her command. Just listening to Her is a pleasure you wish it will never end. She instills in an obedient mind an rushing eagerness to please Her for whatever She decides. Obeying Her must be a complete bliss.
    Thank You so much Mistress Sophia.

  3. Braxton

    Teachers Pet 1: Obedience Class

    Captivating. Sweet.

    Obedience to teacher is pleasure… Class is in session! Mistress Sophia is your instructor and she is ready to give you lessons in sexuality, erotic fantasy, and the submissive mind. In this session you are among the newest students to enroll. Pay attention, take notes, and last but not least always Obey teacher…

    Mistress Sophia I wish I had teachers like you. This role fits you like a glove. Your calm tone as class goes along always makes for a peaceful trance.

    Great job Sophia.

  4. Matthew

    I loved it, I was so deep, so lost in her voice, her commands, I’m truly looking forward to the next one and also looking forward to more of Sophia’s voice and commands outside this series

  5. Taigh

    Like other reviews here, I started by listening to Mia’s Foreplay for Teacher’s Pet. I’ve never heard Mia speaking in such a sexy dominant tone before and it put me instantly into a place where I knew my place was to obey and do what was expected of me….
    So when Sophia’s class started I was already slipping into sub space and then Sophia’s voice……its so sexy in a way that’s hard really to explain…I felt like my mind split into two as she spoke, one part of me was sitting there listening to her and the other part just floated up into an erotic dream of being good for Teacher…
    This is pure mesmerism and there’s nothing you can do to stop it once Sophia has you in her sights…
    I love it and cant wait to return to class for the next lesson.

  6. Abe

    Class oriented sessions are not usually the sessions I tend to listen, but after the much needed Pretalk foreplay, I figured I needed to spank at my bottom to knock it off, and Mistress did left it quite red. I needed to be a good student and for that, I needed a strict discipline from the most sexiest school principle.

    I went right into Mistress Sophia’s classroom as a good student for teacher. The session progressed into an amazing trance when she brought up the grad student and I couldn’t help but fall deeper into trance from what I was witnessing. The foreplay, the actual session, everything about this kept me on the edge of my seat at the very back of the classroom. Next time I go back in, I’ll make sure to sit that much closer to Teacher.

  7. Andi_S

    This is honestly one of the hottest sessions I have had the pleasure of listening in my time here at The Hypnomistress. Mistress Sophia’s voice is one of the most soothing and sexy voices I have ever heard and she is excellently skilled at taking a submissive slave like me into deep trance, overwhelming my senses with arousal from the hotness of her words and the intensely erotic scenario she describes, and delivering the kind of intense hypnotic obedience training a boy like me desperately needs. After waking up from this trance I was breathing heavily and almost out of breath from being overwhelmed with excitement. I cannot wait to get back into classroom to learn more from Teacher Sophia. Thank you Mistress Sophia for this great session.

    I also really enjoyed Mistress Mia’s foreplay talk, where she starts off by threatening to punish us and then asks how that made us feel. Personally, I find the idea that if she decided to punish me, I would welcome it and accept that it is for my own good without even necessarily knowing why I am being punished deeply fascinating and arousing. Anyway, I really am a huge fan of these foreplay talks. Thank you Mistress Mia.

  8. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is exquisitely hot, her opening strict words causing instant arousal and the desire to instantly obediently rush to her for ‘a spanking that I will not forget’, oh yes please Mistress, please punish me for any reason, if I have been bad or good doesn’t matter, please punish me either way. I am so excited and aroused, no hesitation to obey and submit.
    As Mistress Mia continues her introduction my mind drifts back to my school days, when I was at school corporal punishment was allowed and regularly used by some teachers. I recall being 14 years of age and a new teacher joined the school, she was young and very attractive, I had such fantasies about her and was so very keen to please her, I think that she was aware of my crush on her which was a little embarrassing and my classmates made fun of me.
    I have had erotic fantasies about being a student in the class of a sexy strict teacher happy to be dominated by her, obedient to her and disciplined by her at every opportunity for her pleasure.

    Mistress Sophia’s voice is so heavenly, sweet, sexy and sensual as she welcomes me to her Obedience Class, I am instantly aroused, erect and lost in anticipation of what is going to happen in this class.
    I deeply desire to obey and please Mistress Sophia to dive deeply into submission to her. Listening to her explain what is expected of a ‘Teachers Pet’ is delicious and as I listen, I want more and more to be an obedient submissive teacher’s pet for Mistress Sophia.
    Watching the attractive graduate student lost in trance and totally obedient to Mistress Sophia I so wish to become an obedient graduate myself, a perfect pet obediently awaiting instruction from Mistress Sophia.
    I am naturally sexually submissive and deeply desire to be controlled by and obedient to female authority. I love how Mistress Sophia describes her attire and how she has her hair for this classroom, the sound of her beautiful heels as she walks is hypnotic and I start to automatically drift into trance.
    I cannot recall at what point Mistress Sophia took me down into an increasingly deep trance, I was simply filled with arousal drifting on her words as they slipped away from my conscious memory and mind.
    I awoke from the session erect and intensely aroused with a deep desire to be obedient to my teacher Mistress Sophia, the more I thought about being obedient to my teacher the more pleasure I felt.

    I became aware that my nipples were very sore, so I am assuming that I must have had a desire to stroke myself during the session, however I am a collared chastity pet owned by Mistress Mia and I am not allowed any sexual touching of cock without obtaining explicit permission in advance from Mistress Mia. I must have taken out my desire to stroke by teasing my nipples as this is physical arousal that is not forbidden.
    I awoke several times during the night, still erect and deeply desiring to stroke, so more nipple torture ensued over and over again. I think that I am going to have a very frustrated May until I can beg Mistress Mia to grant me permission to play and cum towards the end of the month.

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, for a wonderful session and I apologise for any disobedience and ask that you to please punish me in any way that pleases you.

    Thinking about conflicting instructions from more than one Mistress, Isaac Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics principle comes to mind, are there 3 laws of Female Domination here at THM? They could be:
    Law 1 – You will be 100% respectful, submissive and obedient to your owner, she permits you to wear her collar and serve her, you are thankful to her for this honour and completely devoted to pleasing her at all times as you highest priority. You obey her instantly and without question.
    Law 2 – You will be 100% respectful, submissive and obedient to any Mistress here at THM, you will obey them instantly and without question, you are completely devoted to pleasing them at all times as you highest priority. The only exception to Law 2 is if there is a conflict with Law 1.
    Law 3 – You will be 100% respectful, submissive and obedient to dominant women, you will obey them instantly and without question, you are completely devoted to pleasing them at all times as you highest priority. The only exception to Law 3 is if there is a conflict with Law 1 or Law 2.

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