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01 – Instructions from your Mistress: 06:01
02 – Mind Melt: 34:21
03 – Daily Training Loop: 17:56
04 – Sleep Training Loop: 17:52

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

10 reviews for Obedience Loop 1: Obey the Bell

  1. Curiously Curious

    Submitting to this training has been both life-changing and life-affirming.

    Having found THE Hypno Mistress, I was keen to see how deeply she could programme my mind and I was not disappointed.

    I have become so conditioned to Mistress Mia as a result of this training that my long-held desire to be a properly brainwashed submissive has become true.

    My journey started here, I have no idea where it will end, all I know is I would not want to be anywhere other than where Mistress is taking me.

    This session is sensual, sexy and very arousing but most of all, it is very very effective, achieving the clearly stated aim of making the listener into Mistress Mia’s deeply conditioned toy, available for her pleasure.

    As a free session you have nothing to lose but your mind, and you will give your mind willingly once you have listened.

  2. MMIwanttobeagoodboy

    I will be a good boy for the mistress <3

  3. little fly

    After listening to this session as prescribed, it was clear to me that my mind was now belonging to Mistress Mia. She created in me the need to surrender to Her powerful feminine charms.
    At the beginning i thought that i will get used to it and stop responding anymore to Mistress Mia’s suggestions. How wrong i was, this session works like magic on the mind. For a submissive, feeling how progressively he becomes conditioned by his Mistress to follow not even a command, but a simple suggestion is a bliss.
    Like a wild horse tamed by its rider, i feel now tamed by Her.
    i would have never thought that i could stay in a state of strong arousal so long. My frustration of having a limited body, unable to follow the increasing suggestions, was strangely part a pleasure of being conditioned.
    I would highly recommend this session to anyone who crave being conditioned to obey his Mistress.
    Thank You so much Mistress Mia.

  4. AMA

    I like it. No way to describe it. It is a way. Very interesting. You want develop discipline and be rewarded with arousal – than go ahead and listen. I don’t think that i am going to be the same ” beeing” after listening to whole Serie. I just want to hear Mistress Mia voice for night and day. It is CRAZY

  5. tymissmayihaveanother

    Mistress Mia has a soft sexy voice that permeated my senses and allowed me to relax almost immediately. I feel my mind go blank and can follow the directions that She provides me, and the bell calls me to focus on Her words and be obedient. The daytime loop is a great quiet time in my day to calm down, and also be aroused at the same time. The nighttime loops is so easy to fall asleep to and wake up to. The multiple messages all swirling together, Her voice whispering in each ear, and in my mind, so much to take in, and so easy to absorb. I don’t know where She will take me, but I want to follow Her. I never believed that I could be hypnotized, but I am sure She controls me now. I feel like Her voice wraps around me and makes me safe, and aroused, and I feel submissive to Her. I have already got the second loop, and look forward to drifting deeper with Her. I am so thankful I found this audio.

  6. Braxton

    Blissful. Perfect. Intriguing.

    If you enjoy being fed blissful suggestions, then you will enjoy this file. Imagine erotic layers by a sensual hypnomistress feeding your subconscious. A whirlwind of pleasure is how I describe this incredible loop. The Bell… It’s so simple, yet incredibly effective.

    Mia, I love all of your loops. It’s so hard to choose a favorite. I guess the good news for me, is that I don’t have to choose, I can enjoy them all. I have fallen in love with the sound of your bell, I can hear it beckoning me even when I am not listening to your loops. The Bell calls me, I know when I hear it echoing in my mind, it is time to return to trance with you. I’m so excited for all of the future loops

    Excellent file Mia.

  7. Steven Gagliardo

    I love loops. They make it so easy to relax and just listen to over and over again till it all blends together. Even after sitting down and listening to the day loop for about 3 hours and sleeping for 5 hours with the sleeping loop (I woke up in the middle thanks to the headset being displaced with my moving about.) I can already notice it working so very well. Simply listening to Mia’s voice already had my so aroused it surprised me. I am also sure I am hearing things in the sleep track that I didn’t notice before and already am encouraged to see what else Mistress Mia has deeper into the sleep file. I can’t wait for more obedience loops to come out in these series. Thank You Mistress Mia.

  8. Miaslave

    I did listen more than ten days. but after the first five days I forgot the loop for the night and I did dream from the loop mmm. the effect did come pretty fast and now I’m totally be addicted to Mistress Mia’s voice and controle. so if you like to give the controle to Mistress Mia and have deep implanted triggers you have to use these loops. the phrases from the loopare in my dreams and I like it to hear Mistresse Mia’s voice at night. Now if i hear a bell it takes all my willpower to not go to a quiet place and hear a file from Mistress Mia. thank you Mistress Mia for these loops

  9. Andi_S

    I have been listening to Mistress Mia’s Obedience Loop this past week and I believe I am really starting to notice its effects quite intensely. My reaction to hearing her beautiful, sexy voice has been intense for a quite some time but the intensity right now is off the charts. I feel like the very sound of her voice really is the most erotic, most arousing thing in the world. Not just what she says but the sound itself. All I want to do when I hear it is listen and believe and obey her every last word. My cock gets so hard just from hearing the sound of her voice. I get aroused watching a porn movie but that arousal is nothing compared to the intensity of arousal and emotion I feel from hearing and obeying Mistress Mia’s voice. It is like the sound of her voice combines and carries with it the essence of everything that has ever turned me on. There is such a power and authority as well as such a beauty in this sound. It makes me so mindless and can get me to the edge of orgasm. Not every time I hear it and not on every day. But it can and it does. Its effect on me seems to be growing all the time and listening to these loops every day definitely seems to make a very noticeable difference. So if you like Mistress Mia’s voice and look for an even deeper effect this Obedience Loop series is a good place to start.

    I’ve been listening to the Mind Melt part at least once a day, then to the Daily Training Loop occasionally, and to the Sleep Training Loop every night. Previously I did not listen to hypnosis overnight much because it tends to cause me to wake up in the middle of the night. But I can actually fall and stay asleep listening to this loop. It feels so good waking up in the morning and the first thing I hear is Mistress Mia’s voice still penetrating my mind or to wake up and the first thing I think of are phrases from the loop echoing in me. And it feels so good to have your voice with me throughout the day as often as possible, Mistress.

    I will keep listening to these loops every day. I love this new conditioning program and am very excited for future installments. Thank you so much for training me Mistress.

  10. Orella

    I love this concept of deep, deep mind and body training to become a better obedient pet for Mistress Mia.

    This four-part ‘Obedience Loop 1: Obey the Bell’ file is so irresistible, the parts are:
    1. Instructions from your Mistress – I have never listened to such sexy instructions for anything before and how desperately I desire to comply with and obey them, such an intense feeling. Yes, please Mistress please make me a better obedient pet so that I may please you more and more.
    2. Mind Melt – I was so intensely aroused by the ‘Instructions from your Mistress’ file and then Mistress Mia’s voice filled my ears and mind again as she describes what I will be instructed to do and the effect it will have on me, intensifying my feelings of pleasure when I obey Mistress Mia’s instructions, commands and post hypnotic suggestions. To have the perfect opportunity to please Mistress Mia and bring her pleasure makes me feel so happy and aroused, a hot and horny erect pleasing pet obeying Mistress Mia’s bell and falling deeper and deeper into trance under her complete control, lost in bliss.
    3. Daily Training Loop – I cannot say what this loop will do to me yet, I will find out later today when I obey Mistress Mia’s instructions and listen to it over and over again. I am so excited even though cock is already aching from being erect all night.
    4. Sleep Training Loop – I am so excited to listen to this loop, the thought of drifting off to sleep with Mistress Mia’s voice consuming my mind is thrilling, that my mind will be hers to play with for hours and hours as I sleep is a beautiful thought. I wonder, will I ever want to wake up?

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