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01 – Instructions from your Mistress: 06:47
02 – Mind Melt: 33:05
03 – Daily Training Loop: 20:11
04 – Sleep Training Loop: 20:15

Voice: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Obedience Loop 2: Crave Trance

  1. Ama

    If you read this (whole site) and skip this product from Mia you should know that (probably) the greatest pleasure in your life is just missing you. If you personalize with what i wrote i have to say that i was just like you. I was paradoxically lucky becouse no one told me what i am missing. I had to spend couple thousends on other Mistresses just to be led on my ultimate path to Mistress Mia control (and she knew it that time already. Sic! But true.) . Although i feel like the complete slave to her commands, i also haven’t felt better in my whole life. And trust me, i pay attention how i feel. How the heck i lived without this file till now? No fricking kidding. It is so hard for me to resist and not buy whole loops at once and listen to them as my ego wants.. But my egp fuctions the best with Mias suggestions. Proof is there every time. Wainting for you to purchase. Blessings.

  2. tymissmayihaveanother

    Listening to Mistress Mia relaxes me and brings me to my knees for Her. I want to listen more and more, and obeying Her has become my pleasure. Honestly a pleasure to loop with Her, and surrender to Her suggestions. I feel mindless, but safe with Her Dominating me. It feel right. Everyone should be so lucky to have my Mistress controlling them. It’s time to listen again. Thank You Mistress Mia.

  3. Dale Roads

    I really haven’t much to add to the brilliant foregoing descriptions. I will say that the word “crave” names a deep experience of hunger, in this case sexual hunger. And that is exactly what Mia is doing, raising a deep hunger to re-experience her state of trance. Even the word itself has become a trigger, and I feel myself responding, craving to listen and submerge, crawl into pocket.

  4. Braxton

    Warm. Daydream. Blissful

    These loops, these loops, these loops… Wow… It’s hard to describe these to someone, and actually do the session any justice. These loops are something to behold. They must be experienced to truly appreciate. Layers of pure bliss invading your mind.

    Mia, just incase no one told you today, your work is always outstanding! It is much appreciated. I admire your creativity so much. Thank you for your relentless dedication to your craft. I know I speak for many when I say, we truly appreciate all of your hard work.

    Excellent work Mia.

  5. puppet

    After training for a couple a of weeks with this recording I had such an amazing hypnosis breakthrough. It has reshaped my subconscious in the most wonderful way. Taking away layers and layers of fear and resistance. This is something I strived for for years and this recording has showed me that there is not need to all of that tension and ambition of wanting to go deeper and deeper.

    Instead: just let go and enjoy!

    Longing all the time now for the next opportunity to zone out with this recording. Thank you so much Mistress Mia!

  6. Abe

    It’s hard to resist the compulsion and need to hear this loop more than one time a day. I like listening to this loop and let it run for 2 times, then take a break for a few hours and fall back again for a couple more listens. This loop is perfect to simply relax and letting your thoughts fade away as you take Mias arousing suggestions lead the way towards a sexy training session. I’m noticing that Arousal and hornyness come and go, it’s a wonder feeling that I get to experience through out the day helplessly aroused to her voice. I crave more of this type of brainwashing. It makes me feel so good…

  7. Andi_S

    I can’t say anything about the long term effects since I just started listening to these new loops just yesterday. But oh my goodness do they feel amazing. This is my favorite loop as of yet. The sound of Mistress Mia’s voice in my mind just feels so incredibly good. And it’s like her voice sounds even sweeter and more beautiful in this loop in particular. Her voice and her words just make me melt. I can’t even recall much of what she is saying but I just know she makes me so soft and open and empty and hot and hard and horny. I’ve been chilling at home without my cage on today and all throughout the day I had to think of Mia and her loop and my cock got hard so many times. Just thinking of her and of how her voice sounds in my mind gives me a feeling of trance and arousal. So this loop definitely has a very immediate, very pleasant effect. I love it. think you should get it and listen as soon as you can because this is a file you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

  8. Orella

    Since the first time I heard Mistress Mia’s voice (mid 2018) I have felt a compulsion to listen to her enchanting captivating voice again and again at every opportunity.
    Should there ever be a day where I am unable to listen to Mistress Mia’s voice it feels like an eternity lost in a void.
    You can imagine my excitement when Mistress Mia released Obedience Loop 1: Obey the Bell with instructions to listen every day for a minimum of 10 days.

    Obedience Loop 2: Crave Trance is a collection of four files, just like Obedience Loop 1, the parts are:
    1. Instructions from your Mistress – I loved listening to more such sexy instructions from my wonderful Goddess, Mistress Mia. Yes, please Mistress please make my desire and compulsion to fall under your trance ever greater Mistress.
    2. Mind Melt – Already lost in arousal from the ‘Instructions from your Mistress’ file, I immediately listened to Mind Melt, my ears and mind once again filled by Mistress Mia’s enchanting captivating voice as she describes what I will be instructed to do and the effect it will have on me. To have another perfect opportunity to please Mistress Mia and be a pleasing pet obediently trancing under the control of his Mistress brings me overwhelming happiness.
    3. Daily Training Loop – I listened to this file immediately after the Mind Melt, I felt myself falling easily into happy aroused bliss. I will listen to this (20 minute) file wherever an opportunity presents during the day or failing that just before I go to bed.
    4. Sleep Training Loop – I love the sleep loops, to have Mistress Mia’s enchanting captivating voice filling my ears and mind as I drift off to sleep is so exquisite. Knowing that Mistress Mia will be programming my subconscious mind overnight hour after hour is such an intensely arousing feeling and I love it. I love that my that my mind will be hers to play with for hours and hours as I sleep, willingly handed over to Mistress Mia who I trust completely.

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3 years 4 months ago

It’s incredible that just by reading these reviews and showing our passion for Mistress is enough to arouse me… can’t wait to hear this!