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01- Instructions From Your Mistress 4:23

02- Mind Melt 49:28

03- Daily Training loop 19:01

04-Sleep Training Loop 21:26

Voice: Mistress Mia

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11 reviews for Obedience Loop 4: Suggestible

  1. 901

    I listen this wonderful adlnd amazing Obedience loops series a lo time ago. But the submissive and sensitive you become from Mia voice after this, is in sane.

    No matter what hypnosis file a listen at the moment I hear mistress mia’s voice, my mind start melting away.

  2. 456

    After listening to the primer of this session long ago I thought that this sessions is not for me.
    But some time later after listening Loops 1 and 3 i decided to try this one. And wow, the induction with the stairs was so powerful that i could not help but smile while repeating Yes Mia.
    At some point in the Mind Melt file I could feel literally feel my mind opening, a very curious sensation. And now i can feel every suggestion in every session so much stronger than before. Wow, i wish i had listened to this one when it was first released.

  3. Bianca

    This is such an amazing conditioning file although I listened to it often I can barley remember anything. Mistress Mia you draw me in so deep making me loop further and further down and again and again. I cannot help myself against you you are to powerful your suggestions too convincing. Obeying your suggestions feels so good and it feels so much better than trying to resist.
    Your voice is in my head like a dolby surround system it just comes from everywhere and weaves a web around my mind covering it completely.
    Thank you Mistress Mia (ARA)

  4. SneakySnake

    The training loop audio file is my favorite pure conditioning file. I don’t know why I like this file, so I’m guessing the “Subliminal” tag is pretty accurate. My guess is that I accepted Mistress Mia’s suggestions/triggers. She trained/brainwashed me and now it brings me pleasure.

  5. tymissmayihaveanother

    Oh my Mistress Mia, What has happened to me? I want and need to listen to You daily and nightly. I have listened to You through Obedience Loop 1,2,3 and now 4, and this is a new level. Your voice and suggestions are perfection, and I can only think of obeying You. It’s my pleasure to listen and open my mind to You. The loop is long and I relax and float in a mind space away from everything else. But the extra mind melt makes me crave being with You, and learning more about the doors You have for me to enter. I want to obey. Honestly, to do as You bid me to obey. Without question or hesitation, because I trust You, and it feels so good when I obey.

    I recommend with all of me that if you try listening to this audio, you will be beyond satisfied. You may not be able to stop listening daily, but it will be worth it. This whole series is a masterpiece.

    Thank You Mistress Mia. Because of You, I have a purpose. There is nothing I won’t do for You.

  6. Abe

    Darkness can be so sexy and tempting. The term dark and often sound cruel, scary or frightening, in many cases this may me true, but Mistress Mia makes her appearance to your in your mind when there is darkness, she comes and takes control and you must, you have no other choice but to surrender to her, and all because of your nature.

    For me, Handing over and surrendering my mind to her has been the one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I was given choices when this first happened, to close the door shut of my mind or to simply let her in and take over. I was playfully teased and seduced, I simply surrendered because I knew how good that feel of surrender felt.

    Her voice floats from left to right in the corners of my mind as I find myself kneeling in a place that was naturally made for her to live and reign upon. It’s too late now for change but I desire none of this, I want more surrender to be imprinted into me, more obedience, more pleasure. She is my mind and I speak out her words.

    She has the key, the access to my mind. Often sleeping peacefully inside, and being the obedient good boy that I am, I do my best not to disturb that special moment, but once she awakes and plays around her own way and changes things to her own amusement, I am no longer myself, just a shell.

    I want to Thank her for allowing me to experience everything with her wonderful suggestions. Yes, I am Suggestible…

  7. Dale Roads

    Listening to Suggestible brought on those queer hypnotic experiences that I sometimes have.

    I am listening clearly, then losing it to self talk, then dropping with a little shudder like when you are driving and starting to nod and you know you need to pull over.

    In that state their can be a sort of dawning realization “this IS hypnosis, I AM being hypnotized” and there is a feeling that her voice is no longer a recording, and that she knows this is happening, she is present. Sometime it is so intense that I could almost squirt. I don’t, and then usually the state abates and I fall back into alternate periods of clarity and self talk with my penis losing some of it’s tension.

    Another effect is when I have been told to repeat aloud for her. Speaking aloud I am overcome with earnestness and excitement. It is like my conscious self is hearing the voice of my sub-conscious self. Later, like now, I wonder “Where is this all going?” But I know I cannot stop now.

  8. Braxton

    Next Level.

    How can I begin to put into words how extraordinary this loop pack is? Can you imagine an exploration of your minds wildest sexual fantasies? Travel down the steps, and through the cosmos with the enchanting Mistress Mia as she entices your conscious, and subconscious with tantalizing fantasies. Some that you are aware of, others you may not know just yet how responsive you will be to them. Let her take your by the hand, and guide you…

    Mia, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I really don’t. I’m not sure if I shared with you in the past, but I’m a switch. I’m very much a naturally dominant Man in my daily life. Of course “Braxton” is my submissive side. I can admit to you today that my submissive side has grown, and evolved under your care. Thank you for helping me to explore fantasies that I never knew I would enjoy. I thought to myself, how is it that these loops are getting better, and better each time? Then it hit me. Maybe the loops are consistent, perhaps I am becoming more responsive to them…

    Supreme work Mia.

  9. Mia’s beast

    Have you ever wondered, boy, what it would feel like to have a powerful, strong, sexy, devinely feminine Mistress such as Mia take hold of your subconcious, and claim every recess of it Hers? Are you ready boy? Think you can handle it?
    Mistress Mia truly outdoes Herself with this very intense session pack.
    Are you ready for a Goddess to take you by the hand, and lead you down the stairs, with door after door before you, deepening your programming, tightening Mia’s grip on your subconcious, and your mind?
    Perhaps you will shudder, as does Mia’s beast, with the exquitite layering of the daily loop in this package. Mistresses words, it is as if, for the first time, You can truly feel your subconcious, and Her taking claim of it. Yes boy, Mistress Mia will tighten Her powerful grip over your mind.
    Or maybe you think you will be fine, looping the sleep/nighttime loop, over, and over again while you sleep. Mistress Mia programming your mind, programming you with the craving, the craving to serve, Mia.
    Prepare yourself, for within, a Goddess awaits, and She will, claim your obedience, as completely, and totally Hers…
    i can think of no other way it should be.
    i am Mistress Mia’s obedient, submissive, beast.

  10. Andi_S

    I awoke from listening to the Mind Melt section of this Obedience Loop package just for the first time just a few minutes ago. It is an absolutely outstanding hypnosis session. I loved the detailed and long induction where Mistress Mia takes you down a staircase that leads deep into your mind, with glowing letters and phrases that just make me feel so incredibly good. She takes you by the hand and leads you to different doors in your mind that represent some of the places she can create and take you to as she claims and makes herself at home inside your mind. As she took me through the corridors of my mind ever deeper into hypnosis and obedient bliss she made me feel so compliant and so very aroused and taken with her power. These images were so vivid and alive. I could literally see and feel the glowing letters and flashing words in my mind’s eye and I so badly wished for her to take me through these doors. I have loved all of the Mind Melt files in the Obedience Loop series but this is the best one yet. I can’t wait to train with these loops and let Mistress words and her irresistible hypnotic voice turn me into a completely suggestible mindless hypnotic toy who is unable to resist any suggestion she chooses to give me.

  11. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s Obedience Loops are like foods or confectionary that are just irresistibly moreish, one bite and you cannot get enough of them.

    I loved Obey the Bell from the first moment Mistress Mia’s enchanting voice entered my ears and effortlessly took control of my mind. I listened to the day and night loops for the 10 days as instructed and kept on listening daily until the next part of this wonderful Obedience Loop journey was released.

    Crave Trance does exactly what is says, my craving for this Obedience Loop grew ever more and again I listened to the day and night loops for the 10 days as instructed and kept on listening daily, craving more and more.

    I was really happy to find that Growing Responsiveness had an instruction to listen for 20 days. Yes, you guessed it, I listened to the day and night loops for the 20 days as instructed and kept on going listening daily, I think that I would go into some kind of withdrawal if I was unable to listen for a day.

    I was thrilled to read the description for Suggestible. I felt happy and proud that I had obediently dedicated myself to listening to the first three Obedience Loops, Obey the Bell, Crave Trance and Growing Responsiveness. I felt a wave of excitement and gratitude that Mistress Mia had conditioned me thoroughly with those loops, so that I would be ready for Loop # 4.

    The file description contains a warning ‘After listening to Suggestible…and absorbing the things that I will offer your subconscious mind, it may be too late to change or undo what has been done to you. So I will ask you to consider carefully before listening to this Loop, if you truly want this for yourself. To simply be…suggestible.’

    I don’t even need to give any thought to this decision. I trust Mistress Mia completely, I would happily comply with any suggestion that she gives me, do anything that would please her. I willingly embrace Suggestible and welcome this new part of my journey, see you on the other side.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for these wonderful Obedience Loops and for such a special journey into ever deeper obedience. I love it.

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