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01-Instructions from your Mistress : 03:22
02-Mind Melt : 35:53
03-Daily Training Loop : 24:46
04-Sleep Training Loop : 13:01

Voice: Mistress Mia

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10 reviews for Obedience Loop 5: Malleable

  1. 456

    This was one of the most transforming experience for me here, after listening to the mind melt and daily condition, i can say the suggestions in my mind i feel a powerful wave of pleasure completely overtake my mind and body. Wow. Mia owns my mind.

  2. Maarten

    WOW that was the first thing i said after the mind meld so powerful that Mind Melt. Now it is clear to me, what Mind Mistress Mia plan were with loop 1 2 3 4 . Preparing me for my choice or is it..
    Thanks Mia

  3. Pye

    Although I totally love all of Mia’s Loops of this series and think they are completely brilliant I haven’t reviewed any, and the only reason I can come up with (which is a bit of lame excuse) why is that I want to finish listen to a session before reviewing it and with the loops it feels
    oh I have to listen to more and more and then the next loop comes and it happens again and again.

    This is not a full review or full account but just 3 things I notice from the top of my head about my experience with the loops. I also love reading other peoples reviews
    and experiences with Mia voice and session. It give me so much joy reading and comparing the effect Mia has on our consciousness.

    1. Ever loops gets better and better. I utterly love her loops but every new loop so far as been my new favourite. I am on number 5 now and that one has completely swept me off my feet. I listen tons and tons on the other loops but the nr. 5 I have lost myself in. Is it my favourite? Just for fun tried the other 4 loops mix all together on shuffle and that was also totally amazing. I probably love them all equally thinking of it…this is so vague sorry;)

    2. I cannot remember any suggestions given, well I can but I really have to think to remember. The only one I do ALWAYS remember and comes up automatically every time I see THM, think of Mia or hear Mia’s voice is the one with who My Mind Mistress is 🙂 Hearing this ringing over and over in my mind feels so good and makes me so aroused at the same time. I have sat many time chanting this mantra in silent or out loud just because it feels so good. Then I do remember the one closely connected to this one: who own my mind.:) So, my question is to myself or anyone else is why is this? I love it though 🙂

    However that connect to the third thing I noticed:

    3. Hearing Mia’s voice is like being in the womb. What can I say about this is that I may fallen in love with Mia’s warm smooth voice velvet voice (as someone said). Going into my little warm cocoon hearing her voice is absolute bliss. I totally let go and able to recharge and knowing when I come out again I am even more deeply programmed and obedient to her. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

    I will do review of whole series when I listen to nr.6 as well.

  4. tymissmayihaveanother

    This audio just confirms to me that I will do anything for Mistress Mia. She speaks, and I can only think to listen and obey. I pray there are more obedience series. Obedience is happiness. She is helping me become a better person and it’s almost like this audio is made for me. I am open to Her suggestions and I feel I follow them without having to think anymore. My best recommendation if You are thinking of getting this audio is do the early audios first, but once you get to this one, don’t think about it, just get it. You can trust Mia. She is a safe place to surrender and She has shown me I am better than I thought. She makes me happy, confident, positive, and open. I said it earlier, but this audio shows me that I will do anything for Mistress Mia. She has shown me that she has helped me and is helping me one day at a time. Yes, I am mailable. It’s a good thing to be.

  5. Braxton

    Calming. Relaxing. Cosmic.

    What more can I say? The Obedience Loop series took me by surprise. They are among the most relaxing sessions offered by the incredibly talented Mistress Mia. With each loop building upon the next, it’s no telling how far you can go if you just give in to her suggestions, and allow yourself to explore with Mia.

    Mia you already know how much I appreciate, and admire your work. This series is simply amazing. I’m so eager for OL6 later this month.

  6. Mia’s beast

    Mistress Mia’s next loop session, Loop 5, takes you even deeper. Do you even realize, how Mia is taking you so deep, deeper and deeper. Mistress Mia’s exquisite talents take you further, and further in, into Her blissful hold onto your mind.
    Mistress Mia’s got a special surprise for you with this loop series. i cannot say enough about this session. Mistress outdoes Herself once again.

  7. Abe

    I feel that Mistress Mia has opened a different door inside my mind, one I wasn’t fully aware of, a type of conditioning I yet have to be put through, let it begin…

    Yes I know it will be positive and pleasureable

    If you’re finding in need of a particular push and motivation, look no further. It’s here

  8. Lorenzo

    This loop file has so many great reviews already, I will keep mine short by sharing a personal experience.

    The first time i listened to this I forgot to put the session on loop (silly, I know).
    I found out the file had ended about 35-40 minutes after I had started it. Since the loop is about 20 minutes, this means I have been staring blankly into space for at least a full 15 minutes!?!

    This sums up how strong of an influence Mia can have on a helplessly devoted boy like me.

  9. Orella

    I was so excited when I embarked upon the Obedience Loop journey that Mistress Mia chose to create, the thought of travelling to a new destinations to experience the wonders that she had in store for me was tantalising, thrilling, arousing and filled me with hopeful pleasure.

    As with all journeys you leave one place to travel to another, so it was with the loops. I set off to discover what wonderful experiences awaited me and arrived at my first destination Obedience Loop 1: Obey the Bell, I spent 10 and more wonderful days exploring this destination absorbing all that was meant for me to discover.

    The next step of the journey was revealed and with a little twinge of sadness I left the land of Obey the Bell. My attention was redirected to Obedience Loop 2: Crave Trance, I was delighted that key components of Obey the Bell ware also to be found in the land of Crave Trance, again I spent 10 and more wonderful days in this new land deepening my craving for trance with Mistress Mia.

    All too soon it was time for a new destination to beckon to me, it was so very hard to leave the land of Crave Trance. However, it was time to travel to the land of Obedience Loop 3: Growing Responsiveness. I settled into my new destination with loving memories and cherished programming from the lands of Obey the Bell and Crave Trance still vivid and very much now a part of me forever.
    This time I spent 20 and more wonderful days exploring, absorbing and discovering all that the land of Growing Responsiveness had in store for me.

    The journey was not over and the time came to become lost in the land of Obedience Loop 4: Suggestible. I settled easily into the land of Suggestible, programming from the lands of Obey the Bell, Crave Trance and Growing Responsiveness were now integral parts of who I have become and who I am. I was desperate to become as suggestible as I could possibly be for Mistress Mia, and another 20 and more wonderful days passed in the land of Suggestible.

    I am now here in the land of Obedience Loop 5: Malleable. This is a new and different land of mantras and affirmations, I loved Mistress Mia’s mindless mantra sessions when they were released and here in the land of Malleable, I find some of these past mantras and some new ones too, I love repeating the mantras here in the land of Malleable and could stay here for a very long time.
    The land of Malleable also has affirmations, Mistress Mia clearly expects her property to be properly maintained, as her pet I should be a healthy and happy plaything in the best condition that I can be so that I am ready to serve and please her in any and every way that she chooses.

    It dawned upon me that this journey to different lands has an alternate metaphorical interpretation. Perhaps I have been building the Temple of Goddess Mia within my mind, each loop was an essential component of the construction, foundation, floor, walls, roof etc. Each component must be completed and in place before the next can be added.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for these wonderful lessons in deeper and deeper obedience and total submission to your power and control. I love every moment of this.

  10. Andi_S

    So far, every new loop that was released in this series was my new favorite as each new installment was even better than the last. And this new loop called Malleable is definitely no exception.

    If you are a fan of Mia’s Mindless Mantras, you will absolutely love this one as Mia has you you repeating sexy submissive phrases and affirmations in your mind throughout the session. It felt so good to repeat her words in my mind and it felt even better to feel and believe and know that these words are true.

    As the loop went on, my repetition of Mia’s words became more and more automatic. It actually felt like these were my own thoughts. I was hearing her speak but it felt like her voice was speaking to me from within myself as well. It felt so good and made me feel connected with her on a very intimate level. It felt as if we are not two separate entities but have become one.

    Right now I could recall most of the phrases. I will remember them when I need to. It makes me so happy and aroused to know that my subconscious is open to accept any hypnotic suggestion that my Mistress cares to give me and is open to accept the changes that my Mistress wants for me. Being my Mistress obedient malleable plaything is healthy and positive and safe. I must say…being trained in this way…being under the safe care and guidance of my Mistress…feeling her influence and power over me grow with every word she speaks…it feels so very right…it is so beautiful, so hot, and so very fulfilling. I love to be suggestible and malleable and easy to hypnotize. I love to be mindless and obedient. There is absolute no question that this is what I want for myself. Thank you so much Mistress for allowing me to serve you and training me in this way.

    This package also includes a second loop with positive self-affirmations about how you can please your Mistress by taking good care of yourself, eating healthy, doing exercises, as well as being happy and confident. I felt a cozy warmth spread through my body and a deep adoration and gratitude as I heard these words. Thank you so much Mistress Mia for including these beautiful affirmations.

    This loop series truly is one of Mistress Mia’s best achievements. They are all so intensely erotic and so effective. Again and again I am impressed by just how good Mistress Mia is at opening all the doors and making herself at home deep within our subconscious minds and taking us to new horizons of pleasure, devotion, and obedience. I am sure you will feel the same after listening to this loop.

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