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Obey the Bell:

01 – Instructions from your Mistress: 06:01
02 – Mind Melt: 34:21
03 – Daily Training Loop: 17:56
04 – Sleep Training Loop: 17:52

Crave Trance:

01 – Instructions from your Mistress: 06:47
02 – Mind Melt: 33:05
03 – Daily Training Loop: 20:11
04 – Sleep Training Loop: 20:15

Growing Responsiveness:

01-Instructions from your Mistress : 03:46
02-Mind Melt : 42:39
03-Daily Training Loop : 28:35
04-Sleep Training Loop : 28:35


01-Instructions From Your Mistress 4:23
02- Mind Melt 49:28
03- Daily Training loop 19:01
04-Sleep Training Loop 21:26


01-Instructions from your Mistress : 03:22
02-Mind Melt : 35:53
03-Daily Training Loop : 24:46
04-Sleep Training Loop : 13:01


01-Instructions from your Mistress : 04:39
02-Mind Melt : 48:46
03-Daily Training Loop : 27:12
04-Sleep Training Loop : 17:23

Voice: Mistress Mia

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All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

8 reviews for Mia’s Obedience Loops

  1. mattintrance

    This series is one of the most effective, long-term conditioning programs that I ever experienced. Every one of the loops is immensely powerful, and they work very well running in the background on repeat while you go about your everyday tasks, or while sleeping at night (if that works for you. Sadly, I struggle a bit getting to sleep when there’s much sound in the room. But, just before bed works just as well.) They certainly make me more relaxed when I’m able to use them that way, and I wind up ending the day in such a lovely, floaty daze.

    As good as the loops are, I am equally impressed by the unique “Mind Melt” files included with each one. These are either full-length session, or close to it. Each one is different, and specialized to the corresponding loop. They are tremendously effective when used in conjunction with the loops, but they are also outstanding on their own.

    Maybe it’s just me, but when I listen to them I can picture myself in Mistress Mia’s office, sitting comfortably in her brainwashing chair. She reviews all the progress we’ve made together, and explains what’s yet to come. Then, while I’m fixated on the the beautiful crystal nestled in Her cleavage, She leans over toward me with her mesmerizing bell in hand. The little “ding” trips the switch in my mind, and I begin drifting down immediately. The appropriate loop starts the headphones, and She gently places a blindfold over my eyes, and runs a perfectly manicured fingernail down my cheek, as I sink deeper and deeper with every breath. Just before my eyes flutter closed, I glance over at Mistress. Seeing that I’m now totally spellbound, a small, satisfied smile comes to her face; so pleased with Her toy’s progress. She leaves me sitting there, to sleep and absorb her conditioning. Then, She calmly gets back to work preparing for the rest of the day’s appointments, reviewing the files of Her other hypnotized playthings.

    But, I digress–the entire package is wonderful. I recommend it highly. 🙂

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for doing this to me.
    142 ARA

  2. Rob288

    This is absolutely number one on my wish list my desire to be trained and belong to mistress Mia obey and submit hmmm totally yesss please ‍♥️

  3. Subjekt81

    Are you looking for a female dominant beauty and are you willing to surrender to erotic hypnosis? Well, look no further, because here at the Hypnomistress you have come to the right place.
    And where better to start than with these obedience loops. I think they are the basic elements of everything Mistress Mia has to offer here at Hypnomistress. All these 6 loops are one by one masterpieces, with loop no. 4 “suggestable” as an absolute highlight for me. Thank you Mistress Mia.

  4. Eddie

    Wow OMG these loops are an incredible journey. What else could I say after receiving Mistress Mia’s reward. She is most generous to good boys and girls who have been training with all of her loops so diligently. This series is a amazing experience filled with so much pleasure that builds and builds off each loop. The loops are not a quick fix or short cut, they are a pathway into Mia’s playground and to all the incredible things you’ve heard her describe so many times. I’ll pass on Mistresses advice, “don’t hurry through the loops experience each fully before moving onto the next.” She offers up so many wonderful gifts in each loop. To receive them all you have to do is listen.

  5. Abe

    These Obedience loops are very fundamental elements to Mia’s session of this generation and by generation I mean recent years. I’m lucky to be part of this generation of incredible sessions just like the past years. There are other stand alone sessions she has done that are incredible and fun to listen to whether you simply want to relax and allow as a calm and seductive voice lead on or whether you seek sexual release through very a very powerful orgasm, You can get that all here, but if you one of us boys who have experienced the endless arousal, the pleasure that is in surrendering own bodies and minds and simply allow Mia to drive our arousal wheel motor, she will do everything in her power to lead us there. Endless pleasure, endless arousal through powerful Mindgasms that just keep on going leaving us in a state of urgent need for more, but to get there, there is a journey one has let Mia control and lead;

    Loop 1 and 2:

    Both very similar loops, It’s hard to resist the compulsion and need to hear these loops more than one time a day. I like listening to these loop and let it run for 2 times, then take a break for a few hours and fall back again for a couple more listens. This loop is perfect to simply relax and letting your thoughts fade away as you take Mias arousing suggestions lead the way towards a sexy training session. Much like loop 1, loop 2 is a lot similar but compared to the first one, I found this one to be more intense, arousing to be exact. Arousal and horniness will come and go through out the day or days that you decide to listen, this is the start of that growing pleasure and arousal that you will want to feel for days, weeks perhaps. You will crave more of this type of brainwashing. It makes you feel so good…

    Loop 3:

    This loop is my favorite of all because I loved feeling My sexual pleasure even through the voice of my Mistress in this loop. Agreeing and speaking out my own desires and craving, I can’t even express it, you need to feel it yourself. It was like Mistress took all my sexual energy away, that urgent need of sexual release but keeping there on the brick and not allowing me to cross the line, instead she took it all for herself. This arousal will grow and will become stronger and intense making it almost impossible to resist. This was how I experienced such powerful loop. Left me needing more and of it.

    Loop 4:

    Mia makes her appearance to your in your mind when there is darkness, she comes and takes control and you must, you have no other choice but to surrender to her, and all because of your nature. In order to start this loop program one but be totally submissive and willing to obey and submit.

    For me, Handing over and surrendering my mind to her has been the one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I was given choices when this first happened, to close the door shut of my mind or to simply let her in and take over. I was playfully teased and seduced, I simply surrendered because I knew how good surrender felt.

    Her voice floats from left to right in the corners of my mind as I find myself kneeling in a place that was naturally made for her to live and reign upon. It’s too late now for change but I desire none of this, I want more surrender to be imprinted into me, more obedience, more pleasure. She is my mind and I speak out her words of conditioning

    Yes, I am Suggestible… and at this time, she will posses your mind and make it her own home, your thoughts will be taken away and hers will be those all you will need to hear in those moments she sees fit that’s when you know you’re in good hands.

    Loop 5:

    An affirmation loop to what you have experienced through out your journey looping. She will prepare you for that final moment in which your pleasure respond will be doubled, tripled to never ending pleasure

    Loop 6 – Conclusion:

    You will find yourself feeling deeply aroused, emotional and completed. Yes, completed. You can discover that once in trance, there is no time, no hours, no months, no years… just her voice and pleasure, or pleasure through her voice. Throughout this wonderful time in trance she sneaks her way into your mind and plants herself there as it was her own place, she will lead you to places you only dreamed about and The pleasure you will experience here is unlike any other physical release you will have or encounter, but even those are sexy and fun every once in a while.

    She still will have you, condition and brainwash you and you will want her to always lead the way, always

  6. Braxton

    This Loop pack is amazing! Here are all 6 of my original reviews. Obedience Loop 4: Suggestible is my absolute favorite! It holds a special place in my heart. Mistress Mia does a fantastic job with all of her loops, but I must say that the bar was raised with this series.

    Outstanding work on all of the loop packs in this series Mia.

    Obedience Loop 1: Obey The Bell

    Blissful. Perfect. Intriguing.

    If you enjoy being fed blissful suggestions, then you will enjoy this file. Imagine erotic layers by a sensual hypnomistress feeding your subconscious. A whirlwind of pleasure is how I describe this incredible loop. The Bell… It’s so simple, yet incredibly effective.
    Mia, I love all of your loops. It’s so hard to choose a favorite. I guess the good news for me, is that I don’t have to choose, I can enjoy them all. I have fallen in love with the sound of your bell, I can hear it beckoning me even when I am not listening to your loops. The Bell calls me, I know when I hear it echoing in my mind, it is time to return to trance with you. I’m so excited for all of the future loops
    Excellent file Mia.

    Obedience Loop 2: Crave Trance

    Warm. Daydream. Blissful

    These loops, these loops, these loops… Wow… It’s hard to describe these to someone, and actually do the session any justice. These loops are something to behold. They must be experienced to truly appreciate. Layers of pure bliss invading your mind.
    Mia, just incase no one told you today, your work is always outstanding! It is much appreciated. I admire your creativity so much. Thank you for your relentless dedication to your craft. I know I speak for many when I say, we truly appreciate all of your hard work.
    Excellent work Mia.

    Obedience Loop 3: Growing Responsiveness

    Calming. Sleepy. Comforting.

    Imagine the Hypnomistress herself, invading your mind with blissful loops of wonderful suggestions. Listen to her all throughout the day, and night while you sleep. Her words will become your thoughts. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? I think so.
    I can’t say enough about your loops Mia, they are terrific. I’ve enjoyed them so much lately.
    Great job.

    Obedience Loop 4: Suggestible

    Next Level.

    How can I begin to put into words how extraordinary this loop pack is? Can you imagine an exploration of your minds wildest sexual fantasies? Travel down the steps, and through the cosmos with the enchanting Mistress Mia as she entices your conscious, and subconscious with tantalizing fantasies. Some that you are aware of, others you may not know just yet how responsive you will be to them. Let her take your by the hand, and guide you…
    Mia, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I really don’t. I’m not sure if I shared with you in the past, but I’m a switch. I’m very much a naturally dominant Man in my daily life. Of course “Braxton” is my submissive side. I can admit to you today that my submissive side has grown, and evolved under your care. Thank you for helping me to explore fantasies that I never knew I would enjoy. I thought to myself, how is it that these loops are getting better, and better each time? Then it hit me. Maybe the loops are consistent, perhaps I am becoming more responsive to them…
    Supreme work Mia.

    Obedience Loop 5: Malleable

    Calming. Relaxing. Cosmic.

    What more can I say? The Obedience Loop series took me by surprise. They are among the most relaxing sessions offered by the incredibly talented Mistress Mia. With each loop building upon the next, it’s no telling how far you can go if you just give in to her suggestions, and allow yourself to explore with Mia.
    Mia you already know how much I appreciate, and admire your work. This series is simply amazing. I’m so eager for OL6 later this month.

    Obedience Loop 6: Pleasurable

    Intriguing. Sexy. Exciting.

    In the 6th, and final session in the Obedience Loop series titled ‘Pleasurable’, Mistress Mia fills your mind with various erotic scenes. Some of which you may have experienced in the past, or maybe you would like to experience in the not so distant future. One thing for sure is that you will feel heightened arousal over time if you practice this loop. Mistress Mia is a master in the art of pleasure, seduction, and erotic hypnosis. This loop builds on the previous loops in the series, and amplifies their effectiveness.
    Mia, just when I thought I couldn’t say anymore about how great your Obedience Loops are, you go and deliver once again. I can’t say that I’m surprised. You are the sweetest drug, there’s no doubt, that I’m so strung out over you. Every scene that you described in the Mind Melt piqued my interest for various reasons. The main scene with the ice is something I used often on one particular lady in my past, she affectionately called it, the ‘ice trick’. I’ll spare the details of how I showed her body love, affection, and pleasure with a single ice cube. All of your loops are outstanding Mia. Every one of them from the Mindless Mantra series, to the 2 Subliminal files, and of course now, all six Obedience Loop packs.

    You often mention how your voice is so powerful. I couldn’t agree more. A voice can induce fear, arousal, comfort, joy, and a host of other emotions. Everyone who has heard you speak Mia, will agree that you have a very captivating voice. It’s sultry, and deep, but still remains extremely feminine and inviting. “Hello boy” were the first words I ever heard you say to me. It was years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was your voice that captivated me, and it has kept me loyal, and obedient to you. This series is just another example of how creative you are.

    Fantastic work Mia.

  7. MicHam99

    Collection of the Loops – As an obedient submissive pet ! I did have the chance to listen to all of the loops and that was day and night. Collecting them one by one! listening to them every single day. followed every instructions of Mistress Mia. Fallen to sleep while listening to them at night. These loop are extraordinary, powerful and very addictive…trust me very addictive. I appreciated the quality, the great work of Mistress Mia as always with each sessions produce at THM. I recommend these if you need to trance deep, want to progress in obedience or lost yourself in Mia Voice, Mia World. Thank you Mistress Mia for accepting me in your beautiful world.

  8. Orella

    I was lucky enough to be able to collect the Obedience Loop sessions as they were released. Had I not collected them all already, then I would definitely take this wonderful opportunity to own and love this collection and at such a bargain price for this exceptional collection it is a must have.

    I was so excited when I embarked upon the Obedience Loop journey that Mistress Mia chose to create, the thought of travelling to a new destinations to experience the wonders that she had in store for me was tantalising, thrilling, arousing and filled me with hopeful pleasure.

    These sessions all have four components to them and each component is a sensational experience in their own right. the parts are:
    1. Instructions from your Mistress – I have never listened to such sexy instructions before and how desperately I desired to comply with and obey them.
    2. Mind Melt – Mistress Mia’s voice filled my ears as she described what I would be instructed to do and the effect it would have on me, hearing how my feelings of pleasure would intensify when I obey Mistress Mia’s instructions, commands and post hypnotic suggestions was delicious.
    3. Daily Training Loop – It was so exciting to have a loop to listen to daily like a good obedient pet.
    4. Sleep Training Loop – It was delicious to have Mistress Mia’s voice in my ears and mind as I drifted off to sleep happy that Mistress Mia’s voice consuming my mind, totally hers to play with for hours and hours as I slept was a beautiful thought. I wondered; would I ever want to wake up.

    As with all journeys you leave one place to travel to another, so it was with the loops. I set off to discover what wonderful experiences awaited me and arrived at my first destination Obedience Loop 1: Obey the Bell, I spent 10 and more wonderful days exploring this destination absorbing all that was meant for me to discover.

    The next step of the journey was revealed and with a little twinge of sadness I left the land of Obey the Bell. My attention was redirected to Obedience Loop 2: Crave Trance, I was delighted that key components of Obey the Bell ware also to be found in the land of Crave Trance, again I spent 10 and more wonderful days in this new land deepening my craving for trance with Mistress Mia.

    All too soon it was time for a new destination to beckon to me, it was so very hard to leave the land of Crave Trance. However, it was time to travel to the land of Obedience Loop 3: Growing Responsiveness. I settled into my new destination with loving memories and cherished programming from the lands of Obey the Bell and Crave Trance still vivid and very much now a part of me forever.
    This time I spent 20 and more wonderful days exploring, absorbing and discovering all that the land of Growing Responsiveness had in store for me.

    The journey was not over and the time came to become lost in the land of Obedience Loop 4: Suggestible. I settled easily into the land of Suggestible, programming from the lands of Obey the Bell, Crave Trance and Growing Responsiveness were now integral parts of who I have become and who I am. I was desperate to become as suggestible as I could possibly be for Mistress Mia, and another 20 and more wonderful days passed in the land of Suggestible.

    I was then lured away to the land of Obedience Loop 5: Malleable. This is a new and different land of mantras and affirmations, I loved Mistress Mia’s mindless mantra sessions when they were released and here in the land of Malleable, I found some of these past mantras and some new ones too, I loved repeating the mantras here in the land of Malleable and could stay here for a very long time.
    The land of Malleable also has affirmations, Mistress Mia clearly expects her property to be properly maintained, as her pet I should be a healthy and happy plaything in the best condition that I can be so that I am ready to serve and please her in any and every way that she chooses.

    It dawned upon me that this journey to different lands has an alternate metaphorical interpretation. Perhaps I have been building the Temple of Goddess Mia within my mind, each loop was an essential component of the construction, foundation, floor, walls, roof etc. Each component must be completed and in place before the next can be added.

    Having been summoned to the last destination in the Obedience Loop journey I arrived in the land of Obedience Loop 6: Pleasurable. I found myself enthralled to experience the pleasures that Mistress Mia has in store for me.

    As with all of the Obedience Loop sessions, the Instructions from your Mistress file is so arousing and as Mistress Mia’s voice fills my ears I drift blissfully along on her words.

    The mind Melt file, Oh my!!!!!!!!! So many images, sensations flooding into my ears and mind, pulse quickening and breathing increasingly heavier as these deliciously sensual images, thoughts and yes physical sensations and deeply arousing feelings wash over me again and again. I am helpless and lost in aroused blissful overload.

    I loved the training that I was to undergo for a whole month to achieve and increasingly enhance my ability to ‘mindgasm’ ever more intensely to Mistress Mia’s voice, complete helpless obedience to my Mistress, hers to play with, tease and torment as she pleases.

    It is both a happy feeling that I had reached the final part of this incredible Obedience Loop journey and sad that there will not be another new land to explore. But great joy, arousal and happiness that I can revisit these wonderful loops.
    Thank you so much Mistress Mia for sharing your skill, creativity, talent, heart and soul with me on my deeper and deeper obedience and total submission to your power and control journey. I loved every moment.

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