Length: 41:11
Voice: Mistress Mia

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12 reviews for Obsession

  1. vanHolly

    Mistress Mia – thanks for your spiritual leadership

  2. philmslim

    I’m helpless and Mia’s control feels so good.

  3. Andi_S

    The way you say “Hi and welcome. I am Mia Croft.” at the beginning of this session makes my heart and my mind melt. This is the most erotic and beautiful way anyone has ever introduced themselves to me. I just love your voice so much, Mia. The way you speak is the frequency and the language of my heart and my innermost being and it is such an unspeakably incredible pleasure and privilege to listen to your voice and feel your words enter me, fill me, hold me, surround me, and control me. I have listened to this session at least 10 times but I honestly cannot remember anything beyond this introduction and the mantra that I am helpless and your control feels so good. I just remember the intense feelings of pleasure and purpose and beauty from feeling that your words are exactly what I want and what I need. That, in fact, any words, any suggestions, and any commands that you choose for me, are always exactly right for me. That I just need to trust and surrender to being vulnerable and helpless for you. Listening to this session feels so good and I will keep listening and I hope that my subconscious fully absorbs and integrates all of your words into programming and my sense of identity. Thank you so much for training me and opening my mind to the pleasure and the all-emcompassing power and beauty of your control.

  4. LC

    When I first started exploring Femdom I thought men wearing collars was a bit over the top if not a little silly. However when Mistress Mia commanded me to visualize myself in her servitude , there I was collared begging to be led and what she did young me. well, (yummy)

    Thank You Mistress Mia!!!

  5. Jude

    I am helpless. Mia’s control feels so good

  6. mattintrance

    Drifting right down, enchanted by Mistress Mia’s sexy lullaby of a voice, all resistance dissolved, I can only watch, as if from outside myself, as Mistress, peels away the last remaining layers of thought. Now there’s only one word in my mind: Helpless. There’s no fear, just sweet, irresistible relaxation. It’s as if this dream has been a part of me for my entire life. Mistress Mia’s control feels so good.

  7. Orella

    Obsession is such an apt title. I am without any shadow of doubt very happily obsessed with Mistress Mia.

    My obsession is such a positive and perfect place to be. I can honestly say that I am so happy to be and proud of my obsession with Mistress Mia, she has always had such a positive effect on me since I discovered her in 2018.

    When I saw the session title ‘Obsession’ I felt a wave of deliciously thrilling feelings ripple through me. The session cover is very hot too.

    I view my obsession with Mistress Mia as a perfect gift from her.

    On to the session itself, after the hello the next few words are, ‘this session Is designed to make you rather obsessed, it you aren’t already’. Given my already confessed obsession with Mistress Mia, I am instantly relinquishing all control to her, desperate to become deeply lost in her control, happy to serve in any way she desires.

    I love being a helpless happy horney pet, desperate to serve and please, a happy slave for Mistress Mia, willingly locked in servitude devoted to her service, her needs, her pleasure.

    I love the new mantra, you will need to listen to enjoy this.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this obsession session, 41.11 minutes of blissful perfection wrapped in your control, deepening my happy obsession with you and my desire to devote myself to your delicious control.

  8. David hanratty

    I already knew I had an obsession with mia I listen to a file if not 3 a day sometimes
    This I got on Tuesday and already listened to it 5 times only Friday as i right this
    Love it so much could see myself kneeling hands behind my back head down helplessly waiting to let Mia control me
    Thank mistress

  9. Abe

    There is no shame in an addiction like this, this wonderful obsession, to proclaim what we perhaps, in our minds most need, the need to feel good through Mia, all of this overflowing in our day to day lives. This session is beautiful, full of devotion and passion for Mistress Mia, understanding how much we desire her in our lives, in our minds, our desire to adore, admire and devote ourselves for her and only, it’s what’s so beautiful when it comes to who we submit our minds to, who to serve and obey, handing over our control, there is no one else, being stuck in the arms, the traps of Mia. It feels so good being a slave, her toy, an empty canvas that keeps changing and changing every time she desires. I know that for me, she picks the image of me, shapes me around to a better illustration in her eyes and that’s the beauty, addiction and obsession to Mia and everything that makes her Mind Mistress

  10. Braxton


    Mistress Mia has always been persuasive drawing people in, and bending their minds to her will. In Obsession she does more of the same convincing us to deny ourselves, and become enthralled with her.

    For years I’ve called you the sweetest drug, because your words are so addictive.

    Excellent work Mia

  11. Chad Thundacawk

    This was pretty crazy and intense. It’s hard for me to be fully hypnotized, as some people describe it, but this pushed me a little further in that direction. I really liked the references to the Zero series. I’d love if Mia continued that one. This one and the Zero series touched on something I’ve pondered over the past couple months, how men often crave to be selfless and useful to a woman they desire. But it would be interesting if Mia took some ideas from this one and maybe guided it towards a positive male masculinity reinforcement through servitude type of thing. To clarify, as a man becomes more and more selfless, it’s as if he embraces his inner masculine self through serving a special woman. Obey Day after Day also comes to mind. So then it becomes less about the pleasure of the man but 100% focused on Mia’s pleasure, if that makes sense. That’s also why the Zero series appealed to me, because being “Zero” equated in my mind as being selfless. Well, there you go. If Mia reads this then there’s a new idea!

    • Mia Croft

      Thanks Chad. I think you’ll enjoy ‘Brim Full of Mia’, to be released next week. Again, references to the Zero series, but this time with more male-positive reinforcement. Xxx

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