Length: 23:54

Voice: Scarlet Bordeaux

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2 reviews for One Night Stand

  1. Orella

    Who could say no to a one night stand with Mistress Scarlet, although after this I am left wanting so many more nights.
    Mistress Scarlet’s silky-smooth sensual voice draws my mind into the mindscape unfolding before me. She is so beautiful and I cannot help glancing in her direction, her smile captivates me deeply as I happily follow her lead and respond to her questions.
    I am only too happy and eager to agree to be hypnotised. I watch the pendant; I feel so deeply relaxed and start to feel sleepy listening to her beautiful voice, so willing to hand over all control to Mistress Scarlet and experience intense pleasure from being deeper and deeper under her complete control.
    I am suddenly naked and unsure of my surroundings; I simply must follow Mistress Scarlet’s instructions making me do such naughty things for her entertainment and amusement.

  2. Martin

    Reminiscent of Scarlet’s earlier session Reservations, this could perhaps be thought of as a prequel.

    It all starts with a few glances across a bar, the sight of Scarlet, in that dress, with that shiny pendant hanging from her neck, is magnetic. A conversation between strangers, quickly become friends and an offer to hypnotize you. That’s something you want isn’t it?

    I really like the setup in this session, it’s so easy to follow Scarlet’s sensual voice as she weaves this fantasy. The new trigger she implanted into my mind is one that with more training, will pay dividends in almost every session she has released.

    The ending, I don’t want to spoil it… I’ll just say that hiding behind her innocent, girl next door looks and demeanor, Scarlet has quite a naughty mind. It’s a pleasure to behold.

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