Length: 26:03
Voice: Mistress Anja

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13 reviews for Pantyhose Seduction

  1. LeRoy1984

    Some good! Anja is such a boss and hits every seductive pulse point.

  2. Rob288

    Thank you mistress Anja’s your voice is so sexy and mesmerising pantyhose will be my obsession because I have no choice but to obay and submit ❤️

  3. 731

    This was the first session i listened from Mistress Anja and what a voice she has. Playful and demanding… Only her voice is a thrill on it’s own. Shivers down my spine… I wasn’t able to do anything else then to listen to that voice, hearing her words… Only thinking about listening more… What a experience.

    About the session itself, it’s about pantyhose and your love for it. Even if you don’t know, you have one. And she will make you aware of it. A joy to listen too.

    And i just can’t get over her voice… It sticks, so be warned 😉


  4. Andi_S

    I confess that I barely remember a word but the scenario in this session is so hot. Mistress Anja’s voice is incredibly sexy and seductive and I love to just listen to her and sink into pleasure. A woman in pantyhose is so sexy and I would love nothing more than for Mistress Anja to make me even weaker and hornier for sexy pantyhose. Thank you, Mistress Anja for giving us such a hot session. I love it and I will be back for more.

  5. Bianca

    This file is gonna deepen your fetish for pantyhose by infinity or if you didn’t have one before it you’re guaranteed to have one after listening to it. Mistress Anja weaves a web around your mind capturing everything in pantyhose. She takes complete control and replaces any thoughts with feelings about pantyhose or stockings. She describes with brilliant detail how pantyhose feel to the touch of your fingers among other things…
    Mistress Anja sweet laughter at certain points is gonna be unforgettable stuck in your mind and my absolute highlight of the file was hearing Mistress Anja say „or maybe just maybe“ and the continue that with irresistible fantasies. So I don’t know what happened but after the file stopped I couldn’t help myself from ordering a few pantyhose to do what Mistress Anja maybe just maybe suggested…

  6. Zaid

    I never would have thought I would be soo addictive to pantyhose, mistress anja so delicately filtered in my mind I could not escape the addiction. The voice of Mistress Mia made my mind so maleable to infiltrate in the initial that I couldn’t resist the temptation and addiction to pantyhose

  7. Alex

    Let Anja´s voice abduct you into a different time, where she can tinker and reshape your minds desire into loving the legs of women even more. The look, the sight, the touch of sheer nylon pantyhose drives me wild. I want to kneel before them and worship them.

  8. Michael F.

    Incredible session. I love pantyhose and women’s legs generally, so this was an easy sell, but I also loved how this session (which I listened to as part of Femdom Court selection) has started programming me to want so much more. I’ve never thought about cross-dressing or anything like that before, but this made me think about how hot it would be to wear pantyhose under my outfit at work, at Mistress’s command…


  9. lorenzo

    First off, I loved the intro. It really set up a stage, story wise.

    A stage for Anja, my goddess how I love her style. Its almost humiliating how fast I fall for her voice. She has this deep kind of purr mixed with playful words that drive me absolutely wild with desire. And her induction style is just so arousingly confident. And the fantasy of a panty hosed leg trapping a kneeling boy like me. The way Anja can describe it…
    I secretly hope 2024 becomes a bit of an Anja year because as I’ve stated before I am an Absolute Anja fan‍

  10. Orella

    The session cover is very sexy and alluring. You just want to reach out and touch…..

    I loved the Celestial themed mindscape woven by Mistress Anja and Mistress Mia. A hot experience with exquisite details and naughty themes.

    Then on to the main session. Mistress Anja is in full hot sexy sensual naughty mode as she uses her beautifully irresistible voice to take me on a journey through the wonderfully seductive spectrum of a world of feminine hosiery.

    I loved being immersed in the imagery, tactile sensations, scents and sounds placed into my open willing mind by Mistress Anja. Oh, so many possibilities to desire and enjoy, lost in complete submission to pantyhose, stockings and garter belts. So many different patterns, styles and textures. What bliss to be under the enchanted spell of these sexy symbols of female power.

    Thank you, Mistress Anja and Mistress Mia, I loved the introductory part of this session.
    Thank you again, Mistress Anja, the main session was delicious in so many ways. Very hot, completely irresistible. Deeply desirable and arousing.
    I awoke later from deeply arousing dreams of all of the possibilities that you wove so expertly into my mind.

  11. Maarten

    I now have a new pleasure.
    All the things you can do with a pantyhose.
    Anja has a beautiful voice so easy to follow and slip in trance. I am going to listen it again.
    Thanks Lady’s for this seductive sesion

  12. Chrissy76

    Very seductive

    This is the first session of Mistress Anja’s I have tranced to. The scene is set very well at the beginning and it was good for me to hear Mistress Mia’s cameo near the start as I adjusted to Mistress Anja’s style, which I soon became accustomed to. I know I will soon be going back to this session, which for me increased in intensity after Mistress Anja put me under.

    A delightful session.

  13. Bad Boy Braxton


    Mistress Anja’s voice continues to draw me in more, and more with each session. She sounds confident, sensual, and well in control. This session is all about a classic garment that has been driving men wild for more than a half century now. Pantyhose! The word alone can induce arousal in me immediately. Both Mistress Mia & Anja had my attention with the way they told this story.

    Great job ladies.

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