Length: 33:43
Voice: Mistress Sophia

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10 reviews for Parlor Games

  1. 836

    I liked it immensely. It was very soft yet highly captivating and hypnotizing. Falling under the spell of her soothing voice is effortless, allowing one to focus solely on her words, absorbing them completely.

    I was aroused throughout most of the listening experience. There were moments when I felt waves of pleasure, which is quite uncommon for me.

    Sweet Sophia, it is a pleasure to relinquish full control of my mind to you. I am your slave. Please, feel free to play with me anytime you wish.

  2. Stiffels

    Loved this file. The setting was great fun, i enjoyed the build up. The sounds of the diner gave an extra touch of immersion.

    Mistress Sophia has been absolutly amazing, she has that kind of a soothing voice that flows into your mind like honey, absolutly addicting and irresistible.

    If you ever been thinking about hypnosis in a diner/cafe, this file is a great start.

  3. Maarten

    What a Voice Sophia has.
    The first sentence and i knew that i gone lose control giving her the control over my Mind.
    The art of her voice so….. Arousing, You have to experience that by yourself.
    I had a wet spot on my belly.
    I have to go find her show to see her Art work and hear more of her voice

  4. Michael F.

    Early contender for session of the year, and one of my favorite THM sessions of all time. I love how effortlessly Sophia shifts from a public conversation into a seductive trance, and how subtly she shifts from friendly and nice to dominant and powerful. And how much I immediately wanted to follow her and be her willing and obedient slave…


  5. Dale Roads

    At a certain point, tuning in to THM sessions becomes more than a fantasy. At a certain point you realize that the Mistresses feel that way too. They are playing for keeps. Their first goal then, is to awaken us to just that truth, why? … because the revelation is DEEPLY arousing, their point of leverage, and there pleasure.

    In this session Mistress Sofia alludes to her lineage as a Witch, without claiming the title for herself; but, then proceeds to use her craft to mesmerize us, her listeners. A formal Witch? probably not; but certainly a highly educated professional women, and talented hypnotist and voice actress.

    The more interesting question is, “What motivates Mistress Sofia? From what context is she actually speaking? For sure, this is Sofia, a THM hypno-Mistress telling us a story, but the context keeps slipping. Is the male in her story a fictional character or is it about us, me, you?

    A dreamy thought appears in the mind, if the shoe fits … do you soon find yourself pointing your toe, and slipping it on … knowing that she, the THM Mistress, Sofia, wants you to, wants you to become part of her story? Towards that end she springs a trap, Witchcraft?, you poo-poo the idea but suddenly you are in the story playing the part she has created for you. You will see!

    The session begins, of all crazy places, in a busy popular diner when a part time waitress, ending her shift, sits next to a male customer whom she has been serving and briefly chatting with about her tattoos. The conversation takes a direction when she to reveals that her mostly hidden tattoos actually cover “every square inch of her body”, and that waitressing is a part time gig supplementing her full time job as a carnival peep-show performer. It is here that you “poo-poo” her witchy lineage, and she decides to teach him (you/me) a lesson.

    As the background sounds of conversation, and the clanking of silverware and dinner plates, seem to diminish, we are privy to her words, how she uses them, and how she says them. The trancing is constructed like a multilayer cake, with changes in temperament and tone (bubbly waitress, knowledgeable Dominatrix, skilled hypnotist), and significantly, for a “spell of time”, a remarkable, deftly punishing increase in tempo. And that’s it, fusion, her mind and yours, and guess who is left erotically subservient.

    Well, I have told something of this session’s outline; but really, it is here, in the trance that it all truly happens, and that can’t be given away.

    Later, now writing this, I am still off center. I am left pondering just what part in her drama I was induced to play, and with what consequence. When I listen again, won’t I find it IS about me …. at least in my own head, with Mistress Sofia now therein, myself her love slave? That thought begins to have an effect all to quickly!

    I think there is more here than meets the ear … Witchcraft? I would say ‘no way’ but then I would be back within her story reciting the closing, subtly sardonic lines of her script.

  6. Orella

    Parlor Games is a thought-provoking title, what games does Mistress Sophia have in mind I wondered?

    I have always found Mistress Sophia’s voice to be have a mixture of bubbly, sweet, innocently angelic qualities with a counterpoint of sexy, sensual and alluring naughtiness. She is wonderfully delightful to listen to and relinquish all control to.

    If you are into tattoos then this is definitely a session for you. If, like me, tattoos are not really your thing, then trust me Mistress Sophia’s voice and her beautifully woven mindscape in this session is fabulous. She accentuates her sexy, sensual and alluring naughty aspects of her voice to great effect in this session.

    There are layers of background noises in the session that really help bring the scene and mindscape being woven fully into life. I really felt I was there engaging with Mistress Sophia, such a sexy waitress in the diner.

    I am so happily lost in Mistress Sophia’s boobs, lost in her words, drawn ever deeper by her sexy sensual voice.

    Mistress Sophia’s voice slowing my mind, dissipating my thoughts, dissolving my consciousness.

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, thank you for this mesmerising journey into your boobs lost in your voice and your words, completely under your spell, a happy obedient slave for you Mistress.

  7. Braxton


    Unbelievable! I had no idea what to expect with this session but my goodness Mistress Sophia delivered! The session started off with instant immersion as Mistress Sophia waited on us at a local diner. After we became intrigued by her many tattoos, she used this as an opportunity to channel our focus exactly where she wanted it.

    Mistress Sophia your confidence shined in Parlor Games! Outstanding work!

  8. Andi_S

    Mistress Sophia’s voice is so beautiful to listen to. The whole range of her speech. It all sounds so sweet and beautiful. Every word, every sound tickles and caresses my inner self. With her, it feels like it literally is the sound of her voice that seduces me and takes me into trance. It feels so good to just listen and let that sound have its effect on me. And it is so easy to just agree with anything Mistress Sophia says. It could be the most devious or the nicest things in the world that she talks about. Before I realize what is going on, Mistress Sophia lures me into a trap and there was nothing I can do but just listen and obey and agree with each and every word that she injects into my psyche.

    Parlor Games is easy to listen to. It feels great to listen to. It’s just so much fun to spend time with Sophia’s voice and feel her words deep inside of me. Thank you so much for playing with my mind, Mistress Sophia.

  9. LC

    Wow! I didn’t think anyone but Mia could take me so deep so effortlessly (there I go thinking again). Sophia simply led and I followed.

    Thank You Mistress Sophia

  10. lorenzo

    This was so fucking good! In all my years of being an EH fan I never once considered tattoos to be a hypnotic focus point. Yet here I was repeating phrases like ‘I must obey Sophia’ . Fantasizing about female forms covered in tattoos really makes for a perfect induction.

    This session has all the other aspects that I personally enjoy very much like: public hypnosis, getting outsmarted, trap fascination inductions, breast induction and hypnotic commands.

    But what I like the most of all in this session is simply: Sophia

    Her whole dangerously playful persona fits the setting so well. I would love to suckle on her breast, watch her tattoos and go deeper into her mesmerizing spell forever

    I wonder if Sophia has tattoos of her own. Either way I’m going to her next show on the front row. Not at all because I am in any way compelled by her sweet commanding and mesmerizing voice. I just want to check her out once again, you know ‘just for fun’

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