Length: 30:20

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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8 reviews for Party Plaything

  1. 968

    I should be writing a review of this session, instead I want to issue a challenge. If you want to know want real hypnosis submission is, you need to listen to this session.

    Right now all I can think of is how much I want to be Mia’s Flustered Party Plaything.

    This session is sublime.


  2. Braxton

    Party Plaything Review.

    Inviting. Blissful. Exciting.
    Imagine being seduced into letting go of all of your social fears, and anxieties. Mistress Mia will focus on you, and cultivate your festive side. A blend of submission, objectification, and sadistic pleasure await you. Become indoctrinated by your Mistress, to accept everything that you could endure at her upcoming New Years Eve party. You are simply a ‘Party Plaything’, you are there to be the main attraction. The solo act for the entire party to enjoy however they see fit.

    Mia, I would thrive in the role as your ‘Party Plaything’. My acts of servitude alone would bring me to ecstasy. Knowing that I am pleasing you, by entertaining your guests would drive me to be the very best plaything you’ve ever owned. There are a few scenes that I would roleplay in real life. This is one of them for sure.

    Great session Mia.

  3. Andi_S

    Being used like an object, being made to serve, being a willing instrument for a lady to use and abuse is among the earliest sexual fantasies I had as a teenager. But as many may understand, it has also intimidated me. Even this session…when I first embarked on this beautiful journey into submission that Mistress Mia has taken me on, I would not have listened to it. But at some point my curiosity and the desire for more got the better of me. And I do not regret it one bit. This fantasy that Mistress Mia makes come alive in your mind in this session is intense and extremely hot. The things Mistress says…her voice, her tone with a hint of, dare I say,…sadism (?), her hot descriptions of the the things that her party guests will do to me…it quite frankly brings me to the edge of orgasm. The session promises a “new me”. A me that is nothing but a toy to be used and abused by any number of people Mistress Mia chooses. Does this sound like something you want? Does this sound like something you could resist once you have gotten a taste of it? And how will this new you manifest? I wonder…will this just be a hot fantasy that you can indulge in at your pleasure? Or will your erotic focus and desire really gradually shift towards really wanting and needing to become a useful, shameless party toy for Mistress Mia? I am still researching these questions myself by listening to this session. Perhaps you’d like to join me in my research. 😉

  4. Betsy

    This file is where bliss lives! The new me is so much happier and productive as a person, employee and spirit. A life lived in service to Mistress Mia trumps a relationship/ marriage in the outer world, ( what some may call reality) Instead of arguments caused by a wife who wants to CHANGE you,( without being honest enough to say so) you will grow and prosper under the wise leadership of a stunningly beautiful woman who wants you to BE you. Trust, Obey and Submit and you shall reap the rewards. Listen to this file every day before work and you WILL surprise those around you with the improvement/growth in your health and happiness. Now I’m off to work out and be productive on my day off.

  5. notthething1

    Thoroughly enjoyed this file, between Mia’s beautiful voice and the scenario it was impossible not to. Don’t usually review or comment on content on any website but this file has earned a recommendation from this member of the perverted internet horde to any other.

  6. Abe

    I always fantasized being used by two women for their sexual pleasure but this changed just a while ago. This sets the perfect fantasy to allow myself to become simply an object, a tool. While this may not be what many might want, its a way to free myself from this manhood. The sessions starts off nicely and sensual as you are lead by Mistress, dropping the clothes you are carrying with you as well as all those things, thoughts, troubles that might be holding that submissive side of you, all that is left on the floor before preparing for the task that is asked from you. I cant say if there was a reward, something you got in return while this was happening, my mind is still trying to figure that after the images that crossed by mind, but I did felt very relaxed with so much pleasure.

  7. Quiet Joe

    I was floating in the bliss of this session. I was overjoyed to become Mistress Mia’s Party Plaything in this session. Serving her at one of her parties and becoming an instrument to be used by all her friends and guests was a new dark desire come true. Having no control and being used only for the pleasure of others was an experience I will revisit often.

  8. Orella

    I love the new me that Mistress Mia has transformed me into in this session. Helplessly under Mistress Mia’s control giving up any control that I once had, I become a party slut to be used and abused as an obedient object and sexual plaything for Mistress Mia, happy to pleasure her friends in any way they choose and use me in any way they desire for their amusement and pleasure. My pleasure comes from obediently serving and being the best toy that I can be for Mistress Mia and anyone that she allows to use and abuse me for their pleasure.

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