Length: 51:16

Voice:MistressMia & Sun

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1 review for Pay Strict Attention

  1. Orella

    An incredible mind journey, deeply detailed imagery in my mind as I warm up from the cold whilst being toyed with by two beautiful women. I am naked and helpless to resist even if I wanted to, the sensation of fingernails on my skin, breathing in the smoke exhaled by these two beautiful and seductive women.
    I am unable to think and simply comply with whatever these women want me to do, their lips on mine, their fingers on my nipples, hands and nails on my skin.
    I am relaxed and transfixed watching my hosts, compliant as they continue toying with me. I remain in this state as they examine me and assess my responses to the treatment that they have administered to me. I no longer have free will or the ability to move my body in any way.
    I am designated Subject 43 and conditioned with a list of traits to serve and obey without question. My mind bound in a psychic link permanently to these two women, programmed to comply and please them obediently as they desire and follow any instruction immediately.
    I am freed from the paralytic that they had administered; I am then able to move and automatically follow the instructions, verbal and psychic, that I am given. I exist to serve these women; I have no other purpose than to obey.

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