Length: 51:16

Voice:MistressMia & Sun

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4 reviews for Pay Strict Attention

  1. MicHam99

    Pay strict attention, did revisit this beautiful session with two seductive voice Mistress Mia an Mistress Sunn ! Great duo’s. And get ready to be moulded to obedience and serve as needed your new Mistress’s. Sensuality is a good word to describe that session.

    I never thought that woman’s smoking cigar could be so arousing so sexy. The THM are specialized to make you crave anything that they want and it’s really working. I don’t smoke myself, never did but was willing to receive any kiss with smoke.

    I was so spellbound, paralyze…. Drinking all words. Wow! another great session. So thankful Mistress Mia, thank you so much.

  2. Andi_S

    Inspired by one of the questions during the first Date Night I used one of my VIP claims last month on Pay Strict Attention. I listened to it for the first time yesterday and I loved it.

    I am completely fascinated and enthralled by these women. Their aura of power, eroticism, intelligence, empathy, but also of mystery, and perhaps a hint of darkness. Should I be worried? Is a sinister plot unfolding? Am I being manipulated? Perhaps I should try to get away but I just can’t get myself to even attempt to resist them. In fact, this lingering feeling of danger, of being seduced into what could be my ruin only draws me further in. I want to see what is below the surface. I want to unravel the mystery. Because even through all this I also feel a beauty, a depth, a sense of wonder, and fascination, and excitement. The promise of a connection that is deeper and more profound than anything I could find anywhere else. Their words touch me on a deeper level than anything I have ever experienced before. My senses are overwhelmed. I am consumed with arousal and desire. These women’s words caress my very soul. I couldn’t possibly resist them. I feel that whatever it is they wish to do to me, even if I could, I would not want to turn away. I want to give myself to them completely. If I were put on the spot right now and if I knew that if I say it, this would be the last free decision I would ever make, even as a part of me might try to warn me, I would say yes, I surrender to you. Please make me yours. Please make me your thrall. For the rest of my life, I belong to you. Mind, body, and soul.

    There is one part that I love so much that I would just like to quote some of the lines here:

    “Sunn: Pay Strict Attention. Subject 43, you are safe. You are cared for. You long to return the favor. You will pay strict attention to the following words: Obedient, respectful, happy, compliant, docile, loyal, submissive, satisfied, unquestioning, faithful, subservient, euphoric, agreeable, glowing, good, and attentive. These are the traits you aspire to be.”
    Sunn: “Subject 43, you feel compelled to obey all commands given by myself and the Lady. No matter how far you wander from us, you will hear our voices flowing into the corners of your mind, wrapping around your thoughts, fondling your plans and desires, your hopes and thrills, and dreams. You have given yourself to us. There is a connection made, a psychic thread which joins us to you. This is an unbreakable bond that only grows stronger with time. Every urge you feel from this point onward is us guiding you, forming you into the perfect boy to serve our every whim and treat our every need.”

    You need to hear this for yourself. I LOVE this part. I could listen to it again and again. Miss Sunn has such a beautiful voice. And these are such beautiful words.

    There are not too many things that one comes across in life that speak to you on such a deep level that you, with all your heart, with all your mind, body, and soul, with everything that you are, find yourself feeling that you are in the right place. The exact place in the universe where you belong and have always wanted to be. Personally, for most of my life I have lead a life without direction. Without meaning. But this. This is one of these things. This connection between Mind Mistress and subject. This unbreakable bond. The teachings of Mistress Mia. The world she is creating. The vision she is realizing. All of it. It is right, and true, and beautiful. It means so much to me and I believe in it with all my heart. In one of the sentences during this section of the session, Mistress Mia says that these words enthrall me and caress my soul. And they do. Absolutely. Thank you so much, Mistress Mia, for the beauty and meaning you bring into this world.

    Personally, I had overlooked this session prior to hearing a small sample of it during Date Night. But undeservedly so. It such a beautiful and arousing experience. Definitely more than worth taking a look at and spending a VIP claim on.

  3. Braxton

    Erotic. Tantalizing. Sexy.

    Weary from a harsh winter storm, you are “rescued” by two gorgeous seductresses. You are carefully nursed back to health with warm love and affection. You notice that you cannot move however… You only have the incredibly sensation of the ladies playfully, and skillfully lulling your mind and body into a very blissful submission. Of course nothing in life is free, now they did rescue you… But for what purpose?

    What a wonderful scene! What man wouldn’t enjoy the company of two sexy dominant women showering him with affection? I admit I do have a smoking fetish, I discovered it many years ago. I find it highly erotic to inhale the fumes from the lips of a sexy woman. Losing control to one sexy dominant woman is an immense pleasure, but losing it to two ladies is pure ecstacy.

    You’re an amazing story teller.

    Excellent scene Mia.

  4. Orella

    An incredible mind journey, deeply detailed imagery in my mind as I warm up from the cold whilst being toyed with by two beautiful women. I am naked and helpless to resist even if I wanted to, the sensation of fingernails on my skin, breathing in the smoke exhaled by these two beautiful and seductive women.
    I am unable to think and simply comply with whatever these women want me to do, their lips on mine, their fingers on my nipples, hands and nails on my skin.
    I am relaxed and transfixed watching my hosts, compliant as they continue toying with me. I remain in this state as they examine me and assess my responses to the treatment that they have administered to me. I no longer have free will or the ability to move my body in any way.
    I am designated Subject 43 and conditioned with a list of traits to serve and obey without question. My mind bound in a psychic link permanently to these two women, programmed to comply and please them obediently as they desire and follow any instruction immediately.
    I am freed from the paralytic that they had administered; I am then able to move and automatically follow the instructions, verbal and psychic, that I am given. I exist to serve these women; I have no other purpose than to obey.

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