Length: 57:49

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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9 reviews for Penelope’s Clown

  1. Curiously Curious

    I returned to the carnival, lured in by the clever advertising. It was everything I remember (or rather, everything I have forgotten).
    This carnival was so much fun, but less than fair. What chance did I have, hypnotised by Mistress Mia, then turned over to Mistress Alexandra to be taken deeper into a trance?
    This is a beautiful session, so deep and sensual, such loss of control and it presses so many buttons and so much of pure hypnotic mind control experience that I will be drawn back over and over.
    Thank You, Mistress Mia, and Mistress Alexandra, this is a joyful escape into your world.

  2. Orella

    So many great reviews have already been posted for this session.

    I try to post my reviews of sessions soon after my first listen, sometimes real life gets in the way of exquisite THM escapes, as happened in this case.

    I loved Mistress Mia’s foreplay, the refresh of vague wisps of memories, past visits to Penelope’s Peep Show dancing almost into view.

    My confusion grows more and more as the session unfolds, am I inside or outside, am I hearing Mistress Mia’s voice or Mistress Alexandra’s voice.

    Clown heads turning, chocolate on my tongue melting away as my mind melts away, slipping down deeper into empty minded obedience lost in Mistress Alexandra’s voice.

    I am just another empty minded open-mouthed clown in Penelope’s collection, head obediently turning slowly left then right, left then right.

    As I awaken from trance, I find my mouth to be a little bit dry, I feel the need to flex my jaw.

    I feel deeply relaxed and calm, I can feel, as opposed to hear, Mistress Alexandra’s voice so deeply within.
    I am filled with a happy longing for her to take control and fill my empty mind with whatever instructions would please her.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for this deliciously deep journey into mindless blissful obedience.

  3. Ste He

    What a pleasantly surprise to hear Alexandra’s hypnotic voice as Penelope in this role play. She effortlessly managed to let my mind drop fast into a very deep trance and my body followed by submitting and surrendering full control to her, which made this session incredible pleasurable, irresistible and addictive.

    Thank you Mistress Mia for introducing us to Mistress Alexandra.

    Thank you Mistress Alexandra for another incredible beautiful session.

  4. lorenzo

    There is just something about the whole circus atmosphere that just breaths hypnotic energy. I had the same feeling with the other ‘Penelope’ files.

    And with this one you get dragged right back in to that hypnotic feeling thanks to another one of Mia’s brilliant roleplaying foreplay.

    I myself didn’t even know this was actually an Alexandra until I heard her voice as Penelope, a very pleasurable surprises.

    I love the roleplay that effortlessly goes on after the foreplay. One of the most pleasurable aspects of the events before the induction is the entrancement of other ‘visitors’ before She targets you.

    And then the induction itself, what can I say. It’s very empty and open and I felt myself going deeper deeper and deeper. You know what I mean.

    And there is trigger play, I absolutely love trigger play. You know those phrases that you can just hear in Alexandra’s chocolate sweet voice and make you do certain things.

    And lastly the title of the session awakas curiousity about what will happen. Well let me tell you that Penelope’s Clown is a.. I am deeply hypnotized.

    I am deeply hypnotized

    I am deeply hypnotized

    I am deeply hypnotized

  5. MicHam99

    Penelope’s clown. I did listen to this amazing session it was my second time last night and writing my review this morning with still having the effects of being Penelope’s Clown. I was completely blown away, totally mind control, it was impossible for me to move my harm and then my complete body. The triggers implants are very powerful, was impossible to resist Mistress Alexandra hynoptic control. I became so obedient. Before visiting Penelope’s i was so already prepared with the excellent foreplay by Mistress Mia. Thank you for that great moment. Will revisit that session.

  6. Curiously Curious

    Lured to the carnival by Mistress Mia, already entranced by her mesmerising voice, trancey and woozy, then totally overcome by Mistress Alexandra as Penelope.

    Lulled into a deep trance as the story unfolds, then bombarded by the power of Mistress Alexandra’s direct suggestions that I respond to so helplessly. My mind splits under this onslaught of one hypnotic technique on top of another, leaving me a mear spectator as my body moves, now a puppet to Mistress Alexander, my mind is both deliciously blank and at the same time, overstimulated by the intense pleasure and arousal being created by her deliciously wicked manipulation.
    This is a delicious trance, blissful, sexy, pleasurable and very powerful. A delight for any trance junky.
    Mistress Alexandra’s voice is a sublime, smooth seduction that so beautifully complements the rich and complex subtleties of Mistress Mia’s voice. A combination that needs to be savoured over and over to truly appreciate it.
    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for sending me to play with Mistress Alexandra. Thank you Mistress Alexandra for playing with my mind.

  7. GoodBoyLance

    Simply mesmerizing, Mistress Alexandra has such a soft soothing voice that can easily lead a boy into trance. This file also has beautiful imagery of Penelope’s copious breasts in a beautiful black top that simply captures the imagination. Penelope sits you down and gently relaxes you into a deep trance where you are easily suggestible and she turns you into her mindless clown only thinking and moving as she commands.

  8. Taigh

    That was mind blowing. Felt so good. No words can say. Going to do it again as soon as I can.

  9. Abe

    The only thought I have here inside my mind is the image of Alexandra’s Fingers making my arms tingle and hairs to spasm and to say how mindless and empty I am because of this.

    Truly incredibly blissful feelings

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