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Length: 79:29 (+Foreplay 94:33)
Voice: Mistress Mia + Penelope

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

9 reviews for Penelope’s Peep Show

  1. Braxton

    Erotic. Fun. Crude.

    Have you ever found yourself in a weird place, doing obscene acts that you would be mortified to remember ever doing?

    Late one night after a very long and boring day on the job, you decide to end your night with some fun. While driving home you come across a very run down, decrepit carnival. Despite the exterior being in shambles you allow your sexual impulses to lead you to investigate. Everything about this place screams low budget. The carnival staff is quite bizarre to say the least… but there is one who catches your eye..the enchanting Penelope… She has plans for you to explore her world that is, her Peep Show! She has many fantasies that await you, whatever tickles your fancy, Penelope has it. She’s your guide, your only way to fully explore what the carnival has to offer. Will she have something to offer that you’ve been looking for? Perhaps. Just go inside. Take her lead…

    Great session Mia. I remember visiting Penelope’s Peep Show for the first time last year. The build up for the return of Liv was amazing! Your imagination is always impressive. I love how your bring your characters to life, and share them with us. You make me wish that I never stopped doing voices when I was a child. You’re very inspiring.

    Great work Mia.

  2. Dale Roads

    Night time, the wrong side of the tracks, a broken down poorly illuminated fly-by-night carnival pretty much absent of people. A funny itch, an accidentally left turn, a throwback feeling to sneaking into dirty bookstores, nothing you would want to be seen doing. A big boob brassy blonde collecting your money, handing you your ticket, copping a cheap feel on you as you about to walk up the ramp and into a poorly maintained side tent. You enter, then the adventure begins. It’s a good thing this is all just happening in your imagination, right?

  3. tony price

    A fantastic session, so much more powerful than the taster on youtube. I was gone gone gone Open and blank deeper and deeper for so long, felt like hours in trance and delight at Penelopes voice.

  4. Alexander

    Are you up for some kinky and dirty fun after a long day of work? When you should definitely stop by Penelope´s Peep show. Eventho the outside of the Carnival does not look great, you should never judge a book by it´s cover. Inside awaits many room with your dirty fantasys. Take peak inside and let Penelope blow your mind away.

    I am a new listner to Liv Wilde and with session to start of my journey with her, i already fallen for her. My mind loved what she did to me and i just hope that we will get to peep inside more rooms in the future.

  5. Orella

    Wow, what a weekend to ‘Liv’ through, so to speak.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the one-off Discord live streaming event ‘Listen to Liv Wilde’ on Saturday 6th June, a little over 4 hours of non-stop, no longer obtainable, Liv sessions, I was left with my mind full of Liv.

    I read the excellent reviews of this session from Abe, Andi and Taigh, what more can I say about this session?

    The Foreplay from Mistress Mia is irresistible and who would want to resist, I was pulled in and captivated by her so easily, my mind was expertly prepared and gift wrapped to be handed over to Mistress Liv. The 15 minutes flew by so fast.

    The session itself is a further 80 minutes, full of rich detail where Liv paints and weaves such imagery in my mind, even though I have not listened to many Liv sessions previously I am instantly captivated and enchanted by her voice. I really am not sure what happened in this session, I recall the mantra endlessly looping in my mind and I simply went into a very very deep trance, the next thing I recall was Liv’s voice talking about all of the kinky dirty sexy experiences that I will be able to explore and enjoy on my next visit.
    I felt groggy and slow witted as I struggled to organise my thoughts, at first I thought that there must have been something wrong with the recording as it felt like a only few minutes had passed, when I looked at the clock I struggled to believe that the full 80 minutes had elapsed, I didn’t fall asleep but I have no idea where my mind was for much of the session.
    All I can say to sum up is Wow, Wow, Wow what an experience, I can’t wait to go back for more and to explore the range of naughty, sexy, dirty experiences that can be found there.

  6. Taighdupp (again)

    I left something out of my review!
    You cant edit them afterwards it appears.
    My advice, you definitely want to choose the ‘Add Mia’s Foreplay’ option when you get this session. for an extra 5 bucks it totally sets up your mind to really enjoy the session, puts you completely in the scene. Mia melts your mind and hands you over to Liv Wilde on a plate, primed and ready for her seduction. Hot!

  7. Taighdupp

    Just like some other reviewers here for, I also listened to the Penelope’s Peepshow Primer and found that waiting for the session to come later in the week with my monthly VIP subscription, was just no longer an option. I had to get it right away!
    So I also went ahead and bought the session in the Showroom rather than wait. Can I say that, just handing over my money at the checkout really felt hot all by itself. Paying my money for Liv to hypnotise and seduce me felt like an act of erotic submission all by itself. It was like I *was* that guy at the entrance to the Peepshow handing over his cash only to be humiliated by the woman at the counter.
    Now here I am slowly coming down from the high of listening to and hour and half of Liv Wilde’s lusty and wicked persuasion. I feel like i’ve been ravished, taken, manipulated by Liv’s irresistible personality in the best possible way and I’m totally spent (in the best possible way). Now Im in a bit of a daze, a quandary of sorts, I’m wondering what happened. Was that actually entertainment for me, was I the customer purchasing a session, or was I mark, being gulled into making a complete fool of myself for the entertainment of a very sexy, very cunning and wicked woman? I certainly hope so.
    I will be back for more, there’s no question in my mind.

  8. Andi_S

    This session is an absolute masterpiece to me. I knew after the primer that I listened to on Youtube today that this was going to be a wild ride and I was not disappointed in the least. First the scenario of you going to this carnival peep show is just highly entertaining. Liv Wilde is an absolute expert at creating such vivid images and feelings in our minds and I found myself just excited, amused, and highly entertained at the scenario she made me experience. Then as the session went on I was highly pleased and began to get more and more aroused as I realized the focus on taking me deeper and deeper into trance. I am such a sucker for just being taken deeper and deeper and deeper into mindless trance, feeling my mind getting emptier and emptier, just filled with the words and voice of my Mistress. I was so open and empty and so very deep. And then at some point Mistress started describing some very kinky fetishes and I found myself more aroused than I can ever remember being. I cannot quite put it into words how much I loved this part. My whole being so incredibly tantalized, so wanton with raw desire, feeling so dirty, feeling so good being seduced into becoming the dirty, nasty, submissive boy I so long to be. I was completely engulfed with a fire of arousal I do not remember ever experiencing as intensely. Just begging, pleading, wanting, panting, gasping, moaning, needing to cum. Oh how I love the wonders of mindless erotic trance. I still feel the arousal in my body. I love this. Thank you so very very much Mistress for taking me on this journey. This session is a must listen, a wild ride, an incredible adventure and more. As Abe said as well, I was blown away. This may very well be my favorite hypnosis session yet. Just so good on so many levels. I am so excited and I cannot wait to dive deeper into Liv Wilde’s dirty and kinky world of hypnotic fun.

  9. Abe

    This session is kinky, dirty, sexy, daring and I love it! After more than 5 years not knowing about the whereabouts of Liv Wilde, I got the news that she was returning and I have to say, what a sexy cumback. I was stiff and hard the entire time I was entranced but when am I not? Liv here is a more provocative Mistress who’s only goal is to have dirty kinky fun with horny willing boys. It’s hard to understand how this is not Mia but another version of herself, or perhaps Mia is part of another version of Liv. This is a must listen for all new and long time listeners. I am looking forward to see how others experience this session. I was truly blown away. Rumor has it that she ain’t done yet with her show..,

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4 years 1 month ago

Just finished listening to the full session. Penelope’s Peep show just turned me into a wild beast. I think I lost a lot of bodily fluids. I better drink some water. 🙂