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Length: 45:10

Voice: Mistress Katya

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5 reviews for Persistent Arousal

  1. Andi_S

    It is over three years since I wrote my initial review of this session and I just need to say that to this day Persistent Arousal is one of my evergreen session that I come back to listen to again and again. It is hard to estimate how many times I have listened to it but probably a few hundred times. The sound and the feeling of Mistress Katya’s voice and the themes of teasing, being played with, turned into an office pet for the women at the HypnoMistress, becoming a pleasure puppet whose orgasm and arousal is under the strict supervision of its Mistress….I just never grow tired of it.

    Ideally you would listen to Mistress Katya’s sessions Pleasure Program and Slave to Pleasure before this one but I think it can almost just as well be enjoyed as a standalone session.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for making this great session and letting me be your office pet. I would love nothing more than for you to one day invite us into your office again for another session.

  2. Braxton

    * Revisited 72 hours later.

    Mistress Katya when you taught us the new technique, I was instantly taken back. There was a woman in my past who would tease, and stimulate me using this very same technique. The only difference was she used the palm of her hand, and occasionally her fingertips to tease the eye. It was total bliss! I was obedient, and follow every instruction you gave me. Ironically I had already been edging myself for several days prior to listening to this session for the first time. It made my reward that much greater.

    Thank you for a wonderful experience Mistress Katya.

    #Katyaspuppet #Katyaspuppy #Katyasobedientofficepet

  3. Orella

    I love the exquisitely delicious feelings that I experience as I await the next stunning creation from the Goddesses here at THM. The wait is always rewarded with incredible sessions of pure perfection.

    I read Andi’s great review which richly frames this session, so I will keep my review relatively brief.

    The foreplay is as always, a wonderful experience not to be missed. Mistress Mia’s voice doing those deliciously naughty things to my mind and body with such ease.
    I love listening as Mistress Mia talks about the previous Submissive Display sessions in the series and I am flooded with memories, images and feelings from those wonderful sessions.
    I am a naturally obedient submissive boy and love to follow the instructions of the goddesses here at THM. My mind belongs to my Mind Mistress, my body is less and less mine and more and more under the control of these wonderful Goddesses, all of whom totally in control and free to do whatever they wish with and to me. I love every moment of their control over me.

    Oh, my what a session this is. Mistress Katya is irresistible as always, her dominant voice so easily takes control and drops me into trance so desperate to obey and please her.
    Deeper and deeper I go as she guides my helpless willing mind ever deeper under her control, deep into obedient pleasure and a little journey into fear too as my comfort zone becomes a vision in the rear-view mirror. I am a passenger trying to squirm and wriggle but helpless and unable to move away from her words, enjoying the deeply arousing, if somewhat disturbing, but desperate for more sensations that they elicit within my mind and body.
    The next few days will be amazing as I obey Mistress Katya’s instruction lost in intense pleasure, arousal and obedience. Oh, what lovely sensations as I feel her leash tugging on my collar again and again.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for taking me on this journey outside of my comfort zone. I cannot imagine where my comfort zone expansions will take me, but I am enthralled to find out.

  4. Braxton

    Erotic. Wicked. Cruel.

    Wow! Mistress Katya delivers in this wickedly sexy session. She leads you step by step, implanting in your mind the knowledge of a new trick to keep you persistently aroused day and night. Of course she wants to reward you, after all you are her Obedient office pet, and she will… But first you just play her game. Will you accept her challenge? Will you exhibit obedience, or will you fail?

    Mistress Katya, I am thoroughly enjoying the entire Submissive Display series. You certainly make this series amazing. Pleasure is something that is feeling much greater to me as a direct result of my obedience to you and the ladies of THM. I accepted in my mind a very long time ago, I am Katya’s Puppet, her puppy, and her Obedient office pet. I will show my obedience, and I will complete your challenge.

    Amazing session Katya.

  5. Andi_S

    This is another smoking hot installment to the Submissive Display series in which Mistress Katya uses advanced techniques of male pleasure manipulation to further train us to be perfectly obedient office pets. If you have made it this far through the series you would probably do anything at all that she will ask of you to be a good office pet. I found myself feeling so desperate to obey her commands. There is one thing in particular that she does to me that I did not expect and it is something that I would definitely not do on my own. But since she commanded it I was so turned on by the idea and felt myself wanting to do it or have it done to me. Maybe this is outside of my comfort zone but I believe I am developing a new comfort zone where obedience is my comfort. And being this helpless to resist Katya’s suggestions is so hot and thrilling to me.

    Mistress Katya then proceeds to teach you a new masturbation technique that she expects you to train and edge with while refraining from cumming for a number of days. And shows you how you must tease yourself to keep yourself aroused throughout the day. Actually the first time I listened to the session I did not have permission from Mistress Mia to touch myself and was forced to lie there motionless and denied. After the session was over I later got the permission and instantly listened to the session two more times because it is so hot. This new technique involves nipple play and a way to tease the cock that was completely new for me and that I would not have tried on my own but that feels so good. And being made to do it makes it so much hotter as well.

    I have not yet completed the edging period that Mistress Katya instructs us go to through as I write this but I can already say that I absolutely love this session.

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