Length: 34:43 min

Voice:Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Phantasmagoria

  1. Orella

    My vision is one of dark emptiness, Mistress Mia’s voice fills my mind as I sink deeper.
    I become aware of being in a dimly candle lit room, as I look around at the old mysterious décor of this world. I am in bed wrapped in blankets against the cold.
    My attention becomes drawn to a voice outside of the tall window, speaking a language that I am unfamiliar with. I move to the window and recall a comment by the hostess of the manor house about a mysterious woman roaming the streets at night calling to the rooms and warning me not to go out into the street to find her.
    I am drawn to the voice that I can here and I see her in the mist in the street searching for something. I am compelled to sneak downstairs as I go out into the street to try and find the woman. I see her feline figure almost fluid as she moves in the distance behind a cobbled wall, I follow lost in curiosity and desire desperate to find out what she is searching for and what she is saying.
    My foot brushes against something, I pick it up and see an intricate wrist purse made of precious metals and bejewelled, it also has a symbol of the Goddess Venus upon the clasp. I finally manage to open the purse and examine the contents.
    I hear the clicking of stiletto heels in the distance, I am overcome by the need to return the purse to the strange woman. The footsteps are moving away and I follow the noise as I chase after the mysterious woman. My senses are filled with a musky perfume as I continue to follow, consumed by an increasing need to find her, hypnotised by the clicking of her heels.
    I notice that I am now in misty lanes and hollow shadows, the town has disappeared and I am no longer sure where I am. I feel her presence even though I cannot see her, lost in curiosity searching for this woman. Suddenly she appears, the clicking of heels still hypnotic in my mind, I behold Mistress Mia, her pale skin glowing in the moonlight.
    My gaze is fixed on the items at the top of her stocking. Her eyes drawing mine as I gaze helplessly into her eyes. She places the cigar into her mouth, I strike a match and light her cigar obediently.
    She breaths a puff of smoke into my face and I am filled with the combination of smoke and her perfume. As she moves in as if to kiss me, I respond automatically only to feel the sting of a slap from her gloved hand. I cannot help but smile at the control she has over me as she teases me, I am helpless to resist and obediently wait for her to tease me as she wishes.
    She speaks to me in her strange language. I automatically return her purse and as she walks away glancing back at me, I follow obediently. We arrive at a door and I submissively open the door as if silently commanded to, she hands me a match and I light the candles set in the walls as we walk down a spiral staircase. We arrive at an ornate door that is magically opened by my companion, I light another cigar for her. I am compelled to lean forward and her lips graze mine as she parts her lips and I am filled with her exhale of smoke into my mouth. She thanks me and leans back in and kisses me on the lips.

  2. Shakara

    This session has a very well written story. You will find often yourself in a Situation, where you have a certain emotion and only a blink of an eye later Mistress Mia will describe excactly this emotion.
    This session also includes the basics of Femdom; seduction, obedience and submission.
    If you like to be seduced, played with, or you are happy to be a GOOD BOY, then consider to get your fingers on this session.
    4 out 5, because I do not like smoking.

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