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Length: 31:44
Voice: Mistress Mia Croft

Copyright © 2022 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

10 reviews for Playtime for Mistress

  1. 737

    Mistress Mia’s pleasure is all that is important. Even though there is the desire of wanting to pleasure Mistress in this intimate fashion, just knowing that being able to lick and worship her afterwards is true bliss.

  2. Kotor

    This session taught me a lot about my submissive side.
    I put my ego aside and started dreaming of being her lucky chastity pet.
    Mistress Mia’s description and wonderful voice made it very real for me. I really felt like I was right there with her.
    Thank you for this superb file, Mistress Mia!

  3. Abe

    A year has passed since my review of this session, and it has worked me over wonderfully through the entire year. It sent me off to a wild erotic adventure where I’m able to imagine Mistress Mia in sexual delight as I get none of it, at least there with her. Wonderfully taking care of her belongings as she’s out there getting the sex of her life, that alone brings a smile to my lips and drool to fall out of my mouth. It’s not getting what we want, Mistress Mia, at least in those erotic ways, but what we need, the need of love, support, acceptance and happiness through a FLR dynamic relationship. Mistress leads and we follow. Being October, this session feels extra special for what this month represents in this wonderful THM world.

    Thank You, Mia

  4. Slave Daniel

    From someone who has enjoyed the cuckold fetish for a long time, this session is easily one of the best I have come across from any other content creator!

    Being able to vividly picture assisting Mistress Mia getting ready for her night out with her girlfriends and the countless orgasms she will experience in the hotel later with her well-endowed, strong lover. While sadly not able to witness Mistress’ pleasure with a true alpha male stud (one who is actually worthy of sharing a bed with an alpha female like herself) the thought of being allowed to service Mistress’ pussy the morning after it has been pounded has me in such wonderful agony from inside my chastity cage.
    I feel so truly put in my place as nothing more than a cuckolded housepet. My role has been defined and the gulf between myself and the superior specimens that are able to satisfy her could not be greater.
    While I wish more than anything that I could be the bull with a strong, muscular body and massive dick and provide her orgasm after orgasm, but deep down in my heart I know that this could not be further from the truth and accept this reality as a wimpy, cuckolded, beta male slave, as humiliating as it is. As a sexy, intelligent, dominant woman, Mistress Mia deserves to have any lover(s) she desires and even in my lowly subservient position, I will do all I can to help her realise this ambition.

    This was a truly wonderful session and the only thing that saddens me is that there is only one cuckolding session on THM so far. The thought of Mistress keeping me in chastity beyond Locktober and making me a permanent chauffer to take her to and pay for her dates would be tantalising prospect or her having me in the bedroom, humiliating me in front of her stud and using me in the most degrading ways to further their pleasure and experience has me salivating at the thought (Mistress ordering me to fluff him to get him ready for her or cleanup duties/grabbing his huge dick and having him finish in my mouth instead of in her would be ways I’d be happy to serve)

    To close, I would highly recommend this session to anyone, whether you are a fan of cuckolding or not and if any other cuckold sessions are coming in the future, I will be purchasing and (most likely) recommending those as well!

  5. Braxton Bryant


    We all enjoy it when Mistress plays with us, but what happens when she wants to play with us in a different way? This is the perfect session to kick off ‘Locktober’. Being locked up for the duration of the month and being allowed to be a bystander whilst Mistress has her way with a superior lover. Don’t worry, she’ll tell you all about it.

    Great session Mia

  6. Dale Roads

    In a review one walks the line of saying something but not too much. But really … Loctober? boys in chastity? what are gorgeous dominant females to do, play Bingo? No, probably what they do any other month when the urge and inclination strikes, yet perhaps this month even more, the better to introduce us boys to the facts of sub-life when we are at our weakest.

    Are you familiar with the ways of the female Cuckoo bird? Check out Youtube, “Cuckoo Hijacks Warbler Nest”. Oh do! (short and sweet, 75 sec)

    Ho, is that real? Are you real? Are hypnotic inductions and suggestions real or just fantasies without consequence? There is a saying “If you feed it, it will grow.”

    Could it be that the mind atop one’s shoulders is, in a fashion, a nest filled with not only memories, but our egg of self as well. That would include, in particular, our self-identity, our self-regard, the way we see ourselves, and the way we wish others to see us. You know that is strong stuff. There is hardly anything more intolerable then being disrespected, laughed at. And there is hardly anything more personally hurtful then being found a woman’s dupe.

    But good news! One need not be a dupe; one might even become a hero in Mia’s eyes.

    Breathing slowly, fading into a semi-conscious state, Mia’s voice swirling into one’s mind like sandalwood smoke, so stirring, so suggestive, and so very personal. Such a narcotic, her voice, and the things she say’s, and the emotions she raises. And the inner trembling as her word egg drops into your nest, and you feel yourself responding, changing, thinking of yourself differently. Perhaps there is a struggle within, as she plucks and swallows your old egg of identity … the way you had wanted others to see you, the way you wanted to see yourself … a conquistador of the sexual realm, your dark shadow attracting and flirting with the desire of women that glance your way; your rod a veritable pole upon which woman hang themselves like a flags, swooning in pleasure, and presenting the most lascivious displays of their extraordinary beauty, even as they lose their mind. But … that is the role we are not offered, or seemingly, capable of fulfilling, although such a character is present in this recording.

    If we are not “the Stud”, then what good are we? And that is what this lesson is about, IMHO, becoming yourself, becoming HER HERO, finding that we do have something to offer her in life that is as important to her as “PlayTime”.

  7. GoodBoyLance

    I have never been one for cuckolding fantasies, but Mia is opening my mind to new possibilities in serving Dominant Women. I have already surrendered all possibilities of orgasms for a whole month in service of Mia’s pleasure, but how will Mia get her pleasure if my cock is locked and impotent? Masturbation can only go so far for a confident assertive woman that is used to getting her way. There is really only one solution: Mia has to go out and have sex with other masculine men and I must be ok with this to serve Mia’s higher pleasure, the only thing in the way is my pesky little jealousy, but that is a small hurdle for my Mistress Mia to effortlessly step over and kick aside.

  8. lorenzo

    I get it now, cuckolding was never something I was overly fond of. But as so many times before, when Mia clarifies, things become so mindlessly clear for me.
    Letting Mia enjoy many wild orgasms while I serve her in any other way possible. Tending to her every need and caring for her while being chastised for the whole month. I honestly could live out that fantasy.

    Because serving Mia and making sure she is happy in every single way is a far greater pleasure then then tending to my own pleasure.

    Go ahead and leave for tonight Mia, everything will be clean and tidy upon your arrival

  9. Abe

    My mind goes loopy by just imagining Mistress’ pleasure. Through out my day here cleaning, doing my own house tasks, my mind drifts off to the delicious details she shares in this session. Happily locked and keeping her palace nice and neat for her return, all while struggling with the constant arousal and reminder that she’s having the time of her life as she plays around with her carnal sexual desires. This session is steamy and raw, provocative and it shows Mistress’ raw naughty side whenever she’s feeling sexy and needy for a good fuck. All this vanishes after a while after I’m done cleaning my own place to only return after a few minutes sitting down and resting. I’m constantly reminded that I have no chance of release, no chance of sexual pleasure, tempted the brick of collision. After my arousal fades and cools off, I smile in knowing how my devotion and dedication to Mistress’ pleasure truly pleases and makes her happy.

    Her waiting Cuckold to ease her most swollen intimate parts with my tongue to treat and service.

  10. Orella

    Playtime for Mistress, just the title sends an electrifying thrill through me.

    This is the first new session release in Locktober 2022 and I find myself in the deeply desired place as Mistress Mia’s devoted housepet.

    A perfect role for me, serving Mistress with love and total devotion, making sure that I devote myself to her needs and wishes.

    Mistress does whatever she pleases and I do whatever pleases her.

    It is a total joy as I help Mistress prepare for her girls’ night.

    I feel a brief twinge of conflicting thoughts, if I could be the ‘bull’ for her evening fun would I trade places with him?
    The fleeting moment of doubt passes almost instantaneously, I am where I belong, a devoted housepet pleasing Mistress at every opportunity. I love my place at her feet and treasure being permitted to serve Mistress.

    Spoiler alert.
    I loved being given the opportunity to kiss and lick, soothing Mistress Mia’s pleasure pounded pussy with my lips and tongue, this is where I deeply desire to belong.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for weaving this delicious session for me to experience the wonderful bliss of being your devoted housepet.

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