Length: 36:21

Voice: Mistress Mia

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58 reviews for Please Mia

  1. Jack

    A proper submissive always wonders what they can do for their Mistress, how they can train and go deeper for Her power. Mistress Mia leaves no doubts here, and She only further sparks that desire, calls it forward, and takes possession of that fantasy. A wonderful, arousing experience.

  2. Matiqx

    Please Mia has one of the best trance experience ever made. The images and suggestions she gives you are so arousing that you will have no choice but to please. I keep imagining myself being her sex toy would bring true happyness to my life.
    Thank Mistress Mia

  3. Kotor

    Please Mia is a Masterpiece.
    I don’t remember everything but I feel such a powerful need to please Mistress Mia.
    I’ll leave you as I’m already feeling the urge to listen to it again.

  4. Nornog

    I can not recommend this session enough, I have not been able to stop listening to it. After listening I feel so submissive, I long to serve and please Mistress Mia. To the point I wrote and asked her what I could do to Please her. I can not stop thinking about that, how to please Mia.

  5. Jens

    It is after each listen, clearer and clearer, and also confirms what I actually know for years. I just have to listen to her, obey, go deeper (which actually happens automatically), and I feel overjoyed and sensationally excited, although I am paralyzed down since my penultimate operation. I want to please Mistress Mia over and over again, be obedient for her, serve her, sink deeper than ever before.
    Yes Mistress Mia, Yes Mistress Mia I obey you, my greatest desire is to please you.

  6. James G

    What an experience! I can’t stop listening to this file. It perfectly encapsulates and reinforces what it truly means to be Mia’s devoted, submissive sex toy. I now obey Mia without question, knowing that it all serves to to give my Mistress great pleasure.

  7. Turbo3000

    Everyone needs to know how it feels to Please Mia.
    Whether you’re just starting out listening to her sessions or have been listening for years this session is one not to be missed!
    It just can’t be overstated how good it feels to relax and Please Mia.

  8. Taigh

    Please Mia. Please Mistress. Yes Mia. Yes Mistress. After listening once I wanted to listen again, it felt so great.
    I’ve been listening now for a week and just thinking about Mistress Mia, her voice, her smile, is making me feel like I’m floating on a cloud. Just saying those words now, or even thinking them or reading them gets me hard and happy.

  9. BobsleighBob

    All I want to do is please Mia. I must please Mia.

  10. tymissmayihaveanother

    Please Mia. I’m not sure if I’m begging to further obey Her, or saying what I so desperately want to achieve for Her. I do know that im so very lucky to be in Her presence and that she turns me into a puddle, and I cannot resist the urge to obey, and obey, and obey again. Absolutely terrific session Miss

  11. lorenzo

    It is really quite simple, this file makes me want to please Mia even more then before (if that is even possible). I feel like I am one of the most luckiest of Pets to be often provided with opportunities to please Mistress Mia‍

  12. Curiously Curious

    A deep blissful trance, extreme pleasure, and coming out of the trance with only one thought, sinking deeper into obedience for Mistress Mia, giving pleasure to Mia.

    When Mia speaks I just vibrate in pleasure, then fade into a wonderful detached, dreamy state. I know that when Mistress pulls my strings I just respond like a mindless puppet, but the specifics of the suggestions are always just out of reach.

    The feeling of being held in trance, not able or wanting to wake up, suggestions pouring into my mind and floating in bliss, arousal, and joy, is the signature of surrender to Mia’s sultry hypnotic voice.

    I want to never end this journey of submission with Mia, the bliss grows the pleasure grows and the memory of the suggestions and the conditioning fades.

    This is another incredible session that just makes me want to melt for Mia every day, more and more.

  13. Liam

    Another amazing session from Mistress Mia.
    Would highly recommend listening to this file.
    Thankyou Mistress Mia for allowing me to please you.

  14. MoK

    A beautiful session!
    Please Mia is a file I can listen to again and still feel like I’m listening to it the first time.
    Arousal, relaxation and an ending that leaves you with the desire to please Mistress Mia.

  15. Felix

    I can never quite recall what’s happening once Mia starts talking to me with that wonderful voice of hers. All I know is I’m waking up happy, aroused and with the deep desire to please her. I’m sure that desire has always been there though since pleasing Mia feels good and natural.

  16. KM

    A wonderful session by Mistress Mia that I could listen to over and over again.
    Relaxing, comfortable and arousing while also leaving a desire in you.
    The desire to Please Mia.

  17. Kiwueh

    This file is ideal for those who seek to become submissive.

    It promotes a deep level of trance before seeking to link acts of obedience/performing required tasks to one’s arousal and urges repeated listening to deepen that link.

    It also uses multiple voices at times, which happens to be a favorite technique of mine.

  18. zack231

    Please Mia opens the gateway to utlimate submission. It turns me into a true slave for my Mistress. Now I am only a sex toy for Mistress to play with.

  19. thm-pet

    Great session! Very good as a conditioning file. I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was after only a few repetitions.

  20. Ncam

    This file leaves me filled with the desire to carry out any task given to me by my mind mistress. Thank you so much Mia

  21. Peter

    This session is very intense, especially when participating at the Femdom Court. After listening to it before going to bed, I woke up early in the morning very aroused. My whole body was tingling. This session definitely did something to me. All I want to do is to submit and to serve Mistress Mia. Highly recomended …

  22. Fridex

    This is an awesome session, it gives me purpose and a place where to be. And yes I want to please Mia. Pleasing Mia gives me pleasure.

  23. Alexander

    This session once again shows, how much control Mia has over her submissive toys. The more i listen the more addictive Mia´s voice gets, the deeper i go the more i want to please her. Submitting to Mia feels natural. It just feels so good to please Mia. I want to please Mia.

  24. ag

    I want to please Mia.

  25. lynx4u

    A good boy and a pleasing toy, that’s what I wanted to be.
    Every time I listen this session, I’m overwhelmed by the desire to obey and please my Mind MIstress.
    Once, I accidentally confessed my love and pledged my devotion.

  26. Orella

    5 stars are no way near enough, but that is the most that can be selected.

    Please Mia is the title of this session and my deepest desire.

    The elusive subconscious, what it is, where it is and how it works is such a mystery.
    The source of feelings and emotions far more powerful and immediate than any conscious thought processes.

    My unconscious subconscious mysterious layers are Mistress Mia’s playground. Open and ready for her to sift through and play with whenever she pleases.

    The session progresses and my conscious mind wonders what programming she will do and then slips out of sight.

    With effortless ease and expertise Mistress Mia takes me down deep into trance.

    Post trance I am an aroused dribbling mess downstairs. Buzzing all over with a sublime happiness, filled to overflowing with pleasure, arousal, sexual energy and extreme desire to please Mistress Mia.
    Deep inside I feel, not only the desire to please Mistress Mia in any way she wishes, I also feel a glow of her pleased approval emanating from the core of my being shining throughout my mind and body.
    Electrifying pure pleasure energy flowing from my dominant Goddess Mia fuelling, feeding and intensifying my aroused blissful state of delicious submissive pleasure.
    I can ‘feel’ submissive obedience flowing from me to Mistress Mia completing the connection circuit between myself ‘her submissive toy’ and Mistress Mia my dominant Goddess.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, words are completely inadequate to express the intensity of the feelings and desires that you so effortlessly dredge up from my deepest depths. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times Mistress.

  27. K

    Please Mia kind a sort of seducing wizardy. Mistress mia takes you with her voice and you cannot doing other things but please your beautiful Mistress.

  28. Nan Yarb

    Enthralling. By the end, I was left feeling the desire – this overwhelming need to please Mia; to be Mia’s toy and submit to Mia.

  29. Zaid

    With every word I hear from my mistress takes me deep to the extent that I never want to come back from the depth. Being submissive and being a toy for mistress is the only thing that has occupied my mind after listening to this session. Purpose of being aLive alone to provide pleasure to mistress has occupied my mind.

  30. Andrew K

    This file becomes more powerful with each time listening…perhaps the first file that genuine makes me want to listen again and again every day becoming more and more obedient and mindless.

  31. squealerson squealerson

    This session is incredibly arousing and leaves me feeling so comfortable. Try as I might to remember it all, the details are a bit fuzzy. I just know that pleasing Mia feels very good. I tingle just thinking about it.

  32. Andi_S

    Please Mia is my favorite hypnosis session of all time. I can’t stop listening to it. It makes me want to please and obey and arouse and be a mindless obedient plaything for my Mind Mistress Mia more than anything in the world.

  33. mike

    This file is great if you are looking for a taste of what thehypnomistress offers. Mia does a great job painting a picture in your mind and playing with you. Teasing you with how you can bring her pleasure and by extension yourself pleasure. If you don’t already have a mistress this is great file to join Mia’s collection.

  34. David hanratty

    I couldn’t stop listening to this file I had it on repeat and listened to it 4 times in a row one night love pleasing Mia and hope to be her Obedient toy

  35. hypnoslave21

    this session make me want to spend all time at Her feet mindless and obedient jump at any command She give. all i do is make Her life easy i mindless empty and blank her plaything to use

  36. Orion Tleb

    Listening again to please Mia… and again… and again…

  37. Svar

    I feel the tingling in my body makes me want to repeat listening to this session. It deepens my wish to obey and to Please Mia, and creates a longing to become her mindless sextoy.

  38. Dom

    This session drops me so deep i barely remember anything that happened. All i know is that it ended with me throbing with submissive pleasure and the desire to do anything to please Mistress Mia.

  39. squealerson squealerson

    This is such a wonderfully arousing session. It makes me want to sink to my knees and submit to Mia completely. It leaves me feeling very submissive with no need to worry about “what’s next”. Focusing on Mia’s pleasure instead of my own is very liberating.

  40. nananono8

    Do you know that warm, fuzzy feeling deep down in your tummy and below? This mindful and intense session creates exactly that. Mistress Mia is luring you in with her smooth velvety voice and takes you into a trance where you don’t want to leave again. It feels so amazing to submit to Mistress and please her with whatever task she will set in front of you. To feel that vibrating arousal deep within you when you please Mia you want to listen to that session again and again and again.

  41. Plaything

    This session made me go into trance extremely deep. I don’t really remember the contents. I only know that I woke up dizzy and had random pleasure attacks throughout the day. I listened to this session about 5 or 6 times. I noticed that I react stronger to anything that has to do with Mistress Mia. Already writing her name just now made my heart beat faster. It feels so satisfying to accomplish the tasks she gives me. In my daily life I find myself in situations where I suddenly feel submissive hornyness with my nipples getting sensitive. I don’t really understand what is happening but it feels so good to please Mia and do things for her. This recording further helped me to accept my role. I hope these effects last for ever.

  42. Tueffy

    I am not a person that leaves long reviews.
    All I can say is that this session is amazing like all others before it and probably after it.
    Mia’s voice lures you into trance so effortlessly and the pleasure felt from just a few simple words from the Mind Mistress is Devine.

  43. Anda

    Mistress Mia builds up a mind home and invites us into it. Besides the hospitality, the variety of voice spaces, and the option to loop it, make it great to grow into it. My natural appreciation for a classic work.

  44. Abe

    This session truly makes me want to listen again and again, experiencing the ultimate pleasure I can ever receive just by pleasing Mia. It makes me want to obey again and again. Putting her own pleasure before mine…

  45. Braxton


    Please Mia is a wonderful command. It is something that I have desired to do from my initial encounter with her. Thank you for the opportunity to display my obedience to you.

    Superb job Mistress.

  46. Fklegend24

    This conditioning file by Mia is one of the best conditioning file I’ve heard for a long time!

    The triggers in the file really go well with other files and every time I hear good boy and obey I just want to please Mia. How much of that is my idea at this point I can’t say, but I can say is that I want to listen to this over and over.

  47. Michael F.

    This session makes me want to be Mistress Mia’s obedient plaything, forever. It makes me understand that all I want is to please and obey Mia, and that no pleasure can compare with the pleasure of being Mia’s.

  48. Bobby

    This session makes me want to obey and please Mistress Mia in all ways that I can. To give her complete control over my orgasms and pleasure, and to be the best sex toy that I can be for her.

  49. Souf

    A very arousing session. It’s always relaxing to listen to the voice of Mistress Mia, especially when she teaches you how to please a Domme.

    I feel very lucky to be allowed to become a more pleasant submissive boy for Mistress Mia and obey all the tasks.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia.

  50. Fence

    I want to melt and serve Mia ass the best toy I can be. This session really strengthens the sexual thrill and rush of submitting to even the most mundane of tasks for Mistress.

  51. Alexander

    I aim to please Mistress Mia and know that her pleasure is my pleasure. I will obey.

  52. Spirit

    This session makes me eager to be an obedient toy and find every opportunity to please Mia, melting as I put her pleasure before my own.

  53. GoodBoyLance

    Mia effortlessly reprograms and rewires my subconscious mind with delightful tease and denial to recondition my mind to put Mia’s pleasure first and in doing so receive even greater pleasure than selfish pleasure. Thank you Mia for the selfless pleasure of serving you first.

  54. RonS8048

    I enjoy the relaxation of this VERY DEEP trance. and pleasing Mia by training to be her Hypnotised toy, an object for her pleasure, and learning more about submissive nature serving a dominant, sexy woman.

    I love it when Mia’s voice changes from loving/ nurturing to dominant and authoritarian, talking to unconscious mind. It’s so hot.

    Feel the pleasure of obedience. Feel the arousal preforming out the tasks Mia assigns.

    Put Mia’s pleasures first, being rewarded pleasing by her following her program, and completing submissive acts; every task and obeying all of her instructions.

    Feel the rush of pleasure and thoughts and images of sexual pleasure when accepting task that reprogram for her total control. Tasks that will change the unconscience that make me her sexual play thing, learned responses.

    Love to be programmed deep into pleasure. I love listening again and again.

  55. Eddie

    Such a great session Mia, I just loved it. The blending of past favourites with your new suggestions was wonderful. It felt like you had reached deep down grabbed the missing links floating around that big empty head and attached them. Time will tell whether I’ll obey all your tasks but I’ve noticed pleasing Mia, obeying your commands produces a very intense level of pleasure. Who doesn’t love that.

  56. Nic

    An amazing experience.

  57. Dale Roads

    falling, falling

    Once upon a willie wonker as the bibble
    began to swoon there rose the
    peter pantsless to cozy up
    it’s sweetest sap,
    as the She,
    pulling on her Billy cap,
    sang dosey doe,
    a tune

    lashes casting twilight
    silver severed off a head,
    but poppy pop alive now,
    head boy arising from the dead

    doggy ears up, ruff ruff,
    dignity a wheelchair case,
    you want, you want, you want,
    she toying with your place

    funny skits, the lady’s mirth,
    embarrassed on the stage,
    but peering into her heart,
    your place there …
    that there the final wage

    So sweetly she says,
    “It is easy, just say yes.”

    and you wake up wondering

    -Dale Roads

    That is my review, a poem, for the session is an artful, seductive exposition, all about the subconscious state extant, and placing you therein. So let us say this has been a report from the front.

    This session is really powerful for me. Still I am afraid, the fairest sort of fright, and yet Mistress so puckers up a wink that you find yourself smiling thank you. So dear self, and maybe you …. ?

  58. Spirit

    I have already had the privilege of listening to this session, and so when just I listened to it for the 4th (I think) time, I realized I should take the opportunity to try to be the first to review.

    It is a fascinating session, and one that speaks to me on a personal level as a submissive, just like the description promises to. Teaching me how to be pleasing to a domme. Making me feel very seen as a submissive in all the best ways.

    But it is also fascinating because it has many layers to it, layers of voice and layers of trance. So when listening to it several times I notice different aspects of it. Sometimes it can be a very relaxing experience, sometimes extremely arousing, and sometimes it does really feel like intimately pleasureable even after you’ve finished listening to it.

    So I’m grateful to have listened to this and would encourage and recommend others to do the same.

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