Length: 45:58

Voice: Mistress Mia

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5 reviews for Pleasure Me

  1. Andi_S

    Being a shy person who is prone to feeling anxious in unfamiliar social situations, I was quite nervous when I first got to attend Mistress Mia’s Office Hours. I do not remember how long it took, if it was during my first, second, or maybe third visit, but at some point
    I learned to leave that nervousness and anxiety behind as I entered her office. Actually, the visits to her office became the most fun time of the month. An event during which all problems and worries and stresses suddenly didn’t matter anymore. It was almost a little bit as if I turned into someone else in the presence of Mistress. Just living in and enjoying the moment with a huge smile on my face. Not a care in the world other than a strong focus on Mistress Mia and this magical feeling of being immersed in the atmosphere she creates.

    In Pleasure Me, Mistress Mia beautifully re-creates the atmosphere and dynamic of this situation. And takes it a step further as she invites the listener to a private one on one Hffice Hours meeting. As she paints the picture of this situation on my mind’s canvas, I can’t help but wonder how it would be and how it would feel if I actually stood in front of her office door, waiting for permission to enter. I just know I would be weak on my knees, trembling with nervousness and excitement. How would it feel to open the door and see her? Maybe it would feel similar as it feels in this session. Maybe Mistress would immediately
    take complete control of the situation and my every thought, feeling, and action from that point on would be exactly as she wills and as she had foreseen. I am sure she would.

    As she allows me or commands me to approach her, all thoughts and concerns vanish. Everything I see, hear, smell, and feel is deliberate. By Mistress’ design. I am hypnotized by her mere presence. I can’t think of anything but her. I can’t do anything but carry out her will. All other concerns become irrelevant. I am free. I am in perfect alignment. Everything is right in the world if her will is done. A different way of being in the world. Feeling the world through her. Everything is light. No need to think. Just listen. Just feel her voice. Resonating in my soul. Going deeper. Getting closer. One step at a time. Kneeling. Looking. Listening. Licking. Free from everything. Melting. Floating. Praying. Worshiping. Ascending into ecstacy.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for making this session so special. Thank you for letting me pray at your altar.

  2. Braxton Bryant

    Simply amazing! Office Hour is always a special time. This particular hour was extra special.

    Great work Mia.

  3. GoodBoyLance

    Very sexy session, it reminds me of the monthly office hour held for Mistress Mia, the monthly office hour is that special time of month where we can talk with our headmistress Mia for a whole hour. This session reminds me that this office hour is for Mistress Mia’s pleasure and Her pleasure and my pleasure are one and the same so putting Her pleasure first is always the most pleasurable.

  4. Abe

    I’ve listened to numerous pussy worship themed sessions through out the years, all truly incredible experiences. Mistress Alexandra’s Pussy Worship lead me on to an obsession that I couldn’t get enough from. Pleasure Me, when it comes to Mistress Mia and pleasuring her the way I did here it’s truly rewarding. Thoughts you might before kneeling to her have turn into arousal, thoughts of her most sacred part of her body. It’s a wonderful tease of resistance as I try not look without proper permission, but once allowed, I can finally pleasure Mistress with my tongue taking all of her pleasure into my mouth.

    Without a doubt, I would forever want to be there kneeling at her feet, having and seeing her legs spread for my eager mouth and tongue to lick that wonderful pleasure stop of hers.

  5. Orella

    Pleasure Me, I love the title of this session. I love the cover art. I love the theme of this session.

    If I had to choose one word to describe this session, ‘delicious’ is one word that springs to mind, ‘perfect’ is another one.

    I treasure the moments spent in the presence of Mistress Mia; Office Hour is very special as are her Date Nights when she chooses to hold them.

    This session is such a very special gift from Mistress Mia, a private Office Hour with her.
    An opportunity to please her as she playfully teases me and fuels my arousal and desperation to serve and please her.

    I love being permitted to serve Mistress in this up close and personal intimate way.

    I am lost in perfect bliss from being permitted to lick and lick and lick, probing and exploring with my tongue and lips, feeling her response with my mouth, hearing and feeling her as she becomes lost in waves of pleasure, her body responding to one little earthquake after another emanating from her pussy shuddering throughout her entire body.

    I am rewarded with an intense glow of pleasure throughout my entire being at having the privilege to pleasure my wonderful Mistress, I saviour the gift of her juices filling my mouth, a beautiful gift from my Goddess thankfully swallowing this delicious gift.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this delicious experience, thank you for permitting your devoted pet to pleasure you, thank you for permitting me to experience this intimate private Office Hour on my hands and knees with my head where it longs to be between your thighs.

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