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Length: 36:56

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2023 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

9 reviews for Pleasure of Trance

  1. Martin Slowey

    Thank you Mia,
    I enjoyed listening to your voice and letting it guide me into trance. It felt very good to be deeply hypnotised and have Mia remove my resistance to here control.

  2. Braxton

    This was an amazing session!

    Fantastic job Mia!

  3. Hot Thumper

    This session is proof positive of the power of Mistress’s hypnotic power. This includes extreme arousal with no touching.
    How extreme? Imagine the power of a strong, swift kick to the balls, except the sensation is powerful arousal instead of pain! All Mistress has to do is snap her fingers and, well, WOW! The sensation is sudden, extreme, fantastic, and mentally overwhelming. That’s one of several triggers Mistress gives and uses in this session.

  4. Eddie

    Pleasure of Trance was such a magical experience for me. It’s always been about your voice to me so sweet, so sultry, so stern, so much pleasure. My mind just loves to soak up up everything you have to offer. I don’t know what space you took us to this time. I’m going to dub it our-space, only the combination of your incredible voice and my incredible mind could take us to this magnificent place. A place where you control the pleasure and there’s really only one answer, yes Mistress

  5. Andi_S

    As I was listening to Pleasure of Trance a question popped up in my mind: How relaxed can you really get when your genital feels like a pulsating rod made of pure steel? The answer was revealed over the course of the session: Incredibly deeply relaxed. At some point my body starts to feel sort of faint, in the background, just like my thoughts, just like everything in a way. And the arousal is still there but it sort of transitions into something greater. My feelings, attention, and my consciousness not centered in my groin but all part of one big sensation of pleasure that seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

    I love the feeling of trance. I love lying down and hearing the voice of my Mind Mistress. I love the sensations and emotions her voice gives me. I love to lose control to her. I love for my whole mind and body be engulfed in her voice and control. I have no memory of what this session is about. I just remember this beautiful feeling of pleasure that is nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Thank for, Mistress Mia, for allowing me to experience this gift of trance.

  6. Orella

    This is the first new THM session release of 2023 and OMG an amazing start to the year.

    Wow, what a truly delicious experience and a wonderful session this is.
    I was captivated by Mistress Mia’s voice back in 2018 when I discovered her wonderful hypnosis sessions and remain so ever more deeply bound to her.

    This session is a perfect expression of the unfathomable depths of endless pleasure that I find in letting go and dropping deeper and deeper into blissful trances floating on Mistress Mia’s words wrapped in her beautifully captivating, enchanting voice.

    It is difficult to put feelings into words, imagine if you could reach out and touch pure joy, immerse yourself in pure pleasure, cuddle up to total happiness and relaxation. This is how I feel listening to this wonderful session.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this delicious journey into deep relaxation and pleasure.
    You have brought many layers of enrichment into my world and I am enthralled to discover what is yet to come.

  7. Abe

    First of all, I pledge to listen to this file everyday for the entirety of this year. Daily pleasure delivered by Mistress Mia, what more could I want and need? Listening to this session various times now made me realize that Mistress comes in a different approach; willing and giving. Willing to give pleasure, wanting us to feel the pleasure. I don’t think I experienced any form of Dominance here which makes it truly special and very unique as we start this new year. This addiction for Mistress’s voice is one incredible addiction that I have and need more of. This session truly took me to that place where pure pleasure is found, where I’m caught in her pleasure trap, not being able to resist all the sensations and words that take me so far down and deep, where I’m filled with arousal.

    To be able to experience this every time, everyday, any day makes me want to surrender and never resist the pleasure and arousal that she brings.

  8. Michael F.

    This was incredible. I have listened to so many of Mia’s sessions, but by the end of this one, it really felt like my mind was gone, and I was existing in a dimension of pure pleasure. Just pleasure, and Mia’s voice, and pleasure, and Mia’s voice…. I don’t know that I ever really felt truly addicted to Mia’s voice in the way that I do right now.

  9. Taigh Dupp

    This is why I love hypnosis.
    Sessions like this, The Pleasure of Trance, give me so much pleasure. I went many layers down to the point where there was just Mia’s voice. I was floating in her words or maybe her words were floating in the void of my mind.
    Then after a time I felt lifted right up, raised up floating into a zone of ecstasy. It’s not orgasm, similar and in some ways better.
    I know from other great sessions in my past that the ‘teachings’, the conditioning, the changes from a session like this will embed themselves and come back to push me along in other sessions. Thank you Mistress Mia
    I feel full of love and pleasure from this gift you have given.

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