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Length: 17:34
Voice: Mistress Sophia

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

6 reviews for PP1 – In The Showers

  1. Andi_S

    This session is a very immersive, potentially very humiliating JOI experience. From the way Sophia instructed me to masturbate my cock, to the sound of her voice (just the whole way she speaks to me), to being caught naked in the shower by a fully clothed woman…hands motionless around my cock and fucking into it. The whole situation…I was so immersed in it…and yes, it did feel so humiliating…I felt helpless…weak…at her mercy. I felt extremely aroused as well. It was like my arousal was making me weak. My arousal was humiliating. Before listening to this session I had never actually been as immersed in these feelings before. I was definitely out of my comfort zone. I fucked my hand with increasing speed and fervor but…I had to obey….even knowing what was coming…even knowing that Sophia was setting me up…there was no way out for me…I couldn’t resist her instructions…I felt that I had to obey her…but to be honest I also wanted this…I want someone to take charge…and…oh my…I came so hard exactly in the moment Mistress Sophia commanded me to. So much cum. Which I immediately lapped up with my hungry tongue. All the ladies seeing me like this. Oh my gosh…I just felt so helpless and taken advantage of. The orgasm was powerful but it almost felt like a ruined orgasm in a sense because I also felt so humiliated at the same time. Maybe I sound like a broken clock but it is so beautiful and impressive how the hypnotic ladies of The HypnoMistress are again and again able to create these incredibly immersive, emotionally intense and so very sexy experiences. Highly recommended.

  2. Braxton

    This is one of my all time favorite sessions from the Angelic Mistress Sophia! This session has nearly everything that I love about BDSM.

    Roleplay ✅
    CFNM ✅
    Humiliation ✅
    JOI ✅

    Mistress Sophia effortlessly relaxes you after a long, and hard day at work. You find yourself alone with your thoughts, just trying to wash away all of the fatigue, at your local country clubs large shower facility. You are taken on this journey by a women with a very sweet, warm, and angelic voice, you have no choice but to let go and just relax for her. After all it’s just you alone in the shower… Right? The woman you were just listening to was all in your head right?

    Turns out you were NOT simply hearing things, the VOICES get louder and you suddenly realize that your aren’t alone in the shower like you thought.

    How will you escape this potential humiliating predicament?

  3. Pahh

    I’ve listened to this session several times, both with and without the primer. Sophia’s voice is seductively sweet. Her dominance seeps in slowly, being effectively masked by her ostensible innocence. She’s a terrific addition to TheHypnoMistress team.

    Definitely enjoyed the primer too, looking forward to the rest of the series!

  4. Quiet Joe

    Really a truly enjoyable session. I chose the foreplay option download like the previous reviews. It was highly pleasurable listening to Mistress Mia before the transition into Mistress Sophia’s incredible sweet voice with this CFNM session. She just does something to me with that voice.

  5. Orella

    Who could resist the opportunity for a little foreplay with Mistress Mia, her enchanting, sexy, sensual yet commanding voice that is simply so compelling and must be obeyed without question. As Mistress Mia describes the pleasure that we both get from the CFNM scenario, the power dynamic between she and I, Mistress and Slave, powerful female verses helpless male makes me feel so very submissive yet aroused and desperate to please Mistress Mia and do anything that she commands me to do.
    Mistress Sophia’s shower session is such fun. I am captivated by her voice, somehow innocent, sweet, very sexy and tantalisingly naughty all at the same time. What a delicious twist on the JOI, you will need to listen to appreciate this, I love sessions where I have to wait to cum when command.
    I simply love being helpless and trapped at the mercy of a dominant woman or in this case as it turns out many powerful women.

  6. Taigh

    I downloaded Sophia’s session choosing the option for the extra Foreplay content from Mia. Twice the session time for an extra 5 bucks was just too tempting – and frankly a no-brainer.
    There’s something about listening to multiple Mistresses in the one recording that just feels so good. Like I’m surrounded by all their feminine power and control. Its Magic.
    Mia’s foreplay section was as hot all her primers – leading my imagination down a path full of erotic ideas and little pleasure triggers so that by the time I got to the part where I was in the Shower with Sophia, I was already pretty hot and steamy. Sophia’s voice is crazy hot. Some quality about it just flips my switch and Im hanging on every word. I do find CFNM to be a very hot fantasy so I guess I was always going to enjoy this one. It was really arousing and its very exiting I find when you do a JOI session with someone for the first time, Somehow it feels more revealing to be doing this with someone you’ve only just met. So that adds tremendously to the whole Clothed Female Nude Male, vulnerability vibe of this session.
    I loved this and cannot wait to hear the next installment in the series.

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