Length: 46:45

Voice: mistress Sophia

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6 reviews for Pretty

  1. Grimbard

    Fantastic. The voice is so charming. Already few Sophias words and I drift off. The deeper she can reach into my soul the better. I love relaxing with this session. I feel blessed to be able to play this over and over. So good.

  2. Braxton


    The beauty of a woman has always been admired throughout history, and will continue to be forevermore. This session was especially wonderful because it was bright to life by a very sweet, but not so innocent voice, Mistress Sophia. Perfectly applied makeup on an already beautiful woman can captivate a man anytime.

    Great job Sophia.

  3. Jalang

    Seductive, alluring, and tasteful new take on Mia’s ‘Seduced into Chastity’. Sophia delivers and erotic chastity experience by re-assuring the listener that staying chaste is the right.

  4. Abe

    Pretty is such a dreamy escape into dreamland as Sophia prepares us to drift off. Late at night as you finsih off your day as you remember all those beautiful ladies I happened to ran into during the day. Sophia’s voice as we know is soft, and smoth. A voice so beautiful, talented and domiant. Faces and their wonderful makeup all looping around and around as I prepare myself to sleep.

    I’ve really enjoyed listening in at night right before sleep.
    In all, women are the world’s gift to mankind. Their makeup is a wonderful accesory to cause a spell on all who look at them.

    Pretty is Beautiful, soft, smooth and erotic.

  5. Andi_S

    The first time I laid down to listen to this session it was very late at night and I very quickly fell asleep. When I awoke the next day the first thing I heard was Mistress Sophia’s voice filling the room. The batteries of my headphones had run out and Mistress Sophia had been talking to me all through the night. As I was waking up and regained awareness of my senses and body, I could feel my body surrounded by her voice and completely engulfed in arousal. The kind of intense, undeniable, fiery arousal that would make me instantly grab my penis and frantically stroke if it wasn’t for Mistress Mia’s training and her appearing inside my mind saying “the fuller your balls, the emptier your mind” and reminding me that I must not touch myself without permission.

    As I started to listen to what Mistress Sophia was actually saying, I heard her speaking about me being mesmerized by women’s pretty faces. Spellbound by their beauty. Unable to stop staring. Unable to not show them how deeply affected I am. Unable to hide my weakness.

    I have always been afraid to let women see my weakness. A woman’s beauty is awe-inspiring and out of this world. It just makes me so weak. Even just looking at a beautiful woman makes me feel like I am about to lose all and any control to her. My eyes are always drawn to women’s faces. Their beauty is almost unfathomable to me. Like, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe that something so beautiful and perfect can even exist. I have shied away from letting the moment play out when I look a woman in the eye. That moment when it feels like a mere look changes into something more. Like a feeling is just about to take over where I lose all and any control and would be completely defenseless. Like she will be able to see into my very soul. She will see just how weak I am for her and I will be at her mercy. And who can I trust enough to let them see me like this? What happens if she doesn’t approve and I just crumble into the ground in shame? I’ve just never been able to handle this and let a woman see me like this.

    So while I was listening to Mistress Sophia speak about how I will from now on be unable to stop this exact moment from playing out, at first I was like ‘oh god, what trap am I walking into now?’. My mind was trying to find out whether I should resist this. Whether I can resist this. Or if I wanted to resist even if I could. I felt sort of desperate and helpless but even more so incredibly aroused.

    Mistress Sophia’s voice is one of the prettiest voices I have ever heard. It felt so good to just listen. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if I got over my fear. Isn’t this what I really always wanted? To not feel like I must live in hiding. To be able to show a woman how I really feel about her? Are these words not what Mistress wants for me? Should I not listen and just let it happen? And can I not trust that her words will only affect me in ways that are good and right for me? These are some of the last thoughts I remember as I let go of all of my own thoughts and considerations and just let myself fall into Mistress Sophia’s beauty.

    I then reconnected the headphones and enjoyed the session another time. It felt so wonderful. To just let Mistress Sophia guide me. Listening, trusting, and believing. Engulfed in beauty and arousal and bliss.

    Thank for Mistress Sophia for confronting me with my fear and letting me be engulfed in the unspeakable pleasure of gazing at the utmost beauty and perfection of a woman’s face. Thank you so much for this wonderful, incredible experience. I will keep listening and I am very interested in finding out how this is going to affect me.

  6. Orella

    This is an enchanting session from Mistress Sophia.
    I loved her ‘Sexy Secrets’ session back in March and although it was very welcome to hear Mistress Sophia’s voice in the background in Mistress Mia’s ‘The Principle of Perfection’. Hearing a new full release from Mistress Sophia is deeply bliss inducing.

    I felt such pleasure in immersing myself in the naughty innocently sexy voice of Mistress Sophia.

    Mistress Sophia skilfully took me on a journey of how mesmerising the female face is. The pure sensual art that women create with makeup is addictively irresistible.

    I this session, Mistress Sophia expresses how makeup makes her feel, she pushes all my buttons on how women make me feel with their wondrous tantalising use of makeup.

    Irrespective of the ongoing effects from the suggestions in this session influencing my perceptions. I was prompted to think back throughout my life of how women’s beautifully applied makeup has captivated me countless times throughout my life.

    Wandering through the vast sea of memories of stunning female faces, many encountered in real life, the majority encountered in the tsunami of electronic and printed media. This memory journey enabled me to revisit a myriad of blissfully arousing memory images going back as far as I can recall.

    I was reminded of the magical captivating, mesmerising impact, on me, of the female face. The enhancing transformative effects of makeup are awe-inspiring.

    I recall back when I was commuting by train every day.
    Occasionally there would be ladies doing their makeup, I found these occasions irresistibly compelling to observe.

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, thank you for creating this session. I loved this journey; I loved the images that popped into my mind creating new memories of perfect beautiful female faces.
    Thank you for filling me with deliciously exquisite feelings and enhancing my desire to worship and serve.

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8 months 13 days ago

Thank you Mistress Sophia for this great recording.
Please, when may I have release?