Length: 37:02
Voice: Mistress Mia Croft & Amber

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6 reviews for Prey

  1. Matiqx

    I never would have known that I could turned on this way. To be used like this, a fucktoy. Being a good doggie never felt this right, this natural. I must thank Amber for this experience.

  2. Braxton


    Mistress Amber is back on the prowl. In this session we are introduced to a new character, Irma. We quickly find out that she is extremely domineering, and also very persuasive. Ultimately, she gets what she wants from you.

    Great job Mia & Amber

  3. GoodBoyLance

    All meek and mild submissive prey boys better watch out because Prey is out and there’s a dangerous and dominant Predator Woman on the loose. Prey is one of the most kinky erotic files I’ve seen and reviewed from THM. The Huntress in this file is a confident and assertive Mistress named Irma, voiced by Amber, that is used to getting Her way and expects submissive boys like you to comply. Irma pushes the boundaries of fetishes slowly ramping up the kinks. I won’t spoil all the kinks here but it starts with a good boy and ends with you with a dildo up your ass and lapping up your mess. This file has definitely awakened the fetish of pegging in me as is Mia’s specialty as a Mind Mistress.

  4. Abe

    3 weeks in from this challenge we know as Locktober and I’m here writing up about my struggles. For one, my main focus and though is not about when I’ll be able to find relief from Chastity but he constant awareness of Mia’s pleasure all through out my past days and second my constant desire to me taken and be a prey for a women such as the one I found here. It’s amazes me how Mia takes control of the entire situation while allowing another women she can trust to take control of me and my sexual cravings. The story presented by Mia delivers all sorts of feelings inside me, about how much I’ll like to be taken to the point where I lose everything I once had and made mine, much like in the story. Erna is a very interesting woman and one that knows what she wants and the often wicked, manipulative ways to get them. At the end of the story here, I can truly see myself there on the floor kneeling and showered in my pool of cum with my locked member having no choice but to squirt and be made to cum right at the floor in the bedroom I once owned. Defeated, broken and chaste.

    Demanded to clean up my own mess, and to perhaps, follow new orders I my own household.

  5. Andi_S

    Mistress Mia has already locked me in chastity for over two weeks. And now after listening to this session, Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber have me fantasizing about them teasing me mercilessly, fucking my ass with a big black rubber cock, and turning me into their docile submissive prey.

    I can’t stop thinking about Erna, the dangerous woman this session is about, invading my house and just taking over my life. I can’t stop thinking about her divine female body and how I am completely helpless as she controls and dominates me at will. My poor little locked away cock just keeps pulsating with arousal from thinking about her turning me into her submissive chastity bitch with her big rubber cock.

    Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber, you both do a fantastic job at making this fantasy come alive in my mind in this session. I love to feel your sexy voices resonate and penetrate deep in my subconscious and I have no choice but to obey and let you use my mind and body in whatever way you please. I know that listening to this session will only make my chastity this much harder to endure but I know that I am helpless to resist the desire to listen to it again and again. Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber, for letting me experience this exciting session and turning me into your submissive bitch.

  6. Orella

    Prey says the session title. I am says my submissive nature, very much so for a Mistress I can trust. The ladies here at THM are completely trustworthy and I willingly serve at their pleasure.

    As a Gold tier subscriber, I was able to enjoy my first listen on the day the session was released. I zoned out completely, I recall hearing Mistress Mia’s voice, I recall hearing Mistress Amber’s voice but no details of what was being said. I awoke from trance feeling thoroughly used, a very happy pet, for some reason I expected to find a big sticky mess to lick up but only found some dribbles to take care of, my ass felt odd and I can’t identify why.

    I keep experiencing ‘good dog’ in my thoughts but I am not sure why.

    Thank you Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber, l feel like I loved this session, I don’t know why and I will listen again and again so I can explore this delicious feeling of being prey for wonderful dominant ladies to use as they please.

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