Length: 48:31

Voice: Mistress Mia

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40 reviews for Progression

  1. 946

    An exquisite session combining a great induction (and if I’m not mistaken this is very similar to one Mind Mistress did over 10 years ago – that was a blast from the past), a wonderfully soothing deepener, and as for the conditioning part, well that’s a little fuzzy (i suspect due to some hypnotic suggestions to not recall the details, which is how conditioning files should be). Overall, this was enthralling and i awoke knowing Mistress Mia had coerced me to fall deeper under Her power, and after a few more listens i’m quite sure She will have me primed for the next phase of conditioning, being transformed into a loyal, obedient plaything that devotes all of its spare time in reverence to Her. i suspect long-term Chastity is on the horizon and that is a future i’m willing to embrace to be a better submissive for Mistress Mia. Obedience is pleasure!

  2. Russ

    757 – Really Enjoyed this one. I’ve listened to many and struggle to get very deep and this one seemed to get me “down”.

  3. Monline

    After listening, I was inhabited by a state of deep relaxation, mixed with a desire to listen to this session again or another one in order to prolong this pleasant state, even if the memories of the session itself remain vague. Your voice works wonders Mistress Mia, and progressing in this hypnotic journey by listening to it and obeying it brings a deep sense of satisfaction.
    583 ARA

  4. GuyC_UK

    Another amazingly blissful session and relaxing so deeply, like on a whole new level, finding comfort in having my thoughts spoken for me, Thank you Mistress,

  5. Michael F.

    This session is a powerful tool to become a better plaything. Which is all I want…to be a better slave to Mistress Mia and her fellow hypnodommes. Whatever they want me to do…is up to them. -170 ARA

  6. mattintrance

    Every fortunate boy who has had the privilege of being hypnotized and brainwashed by Mistress Mia knows what an amazing feeling it. Under Her power and guidance, your whole world burns a bit brighter. It is a wonderful, rejuvenating experience every time. Trancing daily with this file, as Mistress Mia has directed takes me to, and beyond, the depth of my mind. It feels to me that this is brainwashing with a very specific purpose, to act as the cornerstone and foundation for building you into the submissive that Mistress desires. I have never in my life have I felt so totally blank and mindless, listening on autopilot, with Mistress’s lovely hands on the controls; her manicured nails pressing the buttons. Give in to the conditioning. Totally. This level of submission to Mistress Mia is its own reward.
    142 ARA

  7. 735

    Progression concludes the trio of files introduced to condition the minds of those who were selected to participate in Femdom Court Enigmata.

    Like the previous two, however, they will also benefit all who enjoy interacting with the THM Mistresses, whether via files, Office Hour, Date Night, DM, email, etc.

    And that’s because Progression is designed to work its magic both in trance AND during waking consciousness.

    Can you spell “hypnosis nirvana”, “a dream come true”? 735 sure can! Add to that a hefty dose of amnesia as icing on the cake and that’s why 735 had to spend a few hours dissecting this 48+ minutes file to be able to produce this review.

    So, in a gist, what you get is some 30 minutes of going deep down – helped by the trigger defined in Puppy Relax – until your mind and will are gone, and your body not far behind. Conditioning appetizers are also served along the way… before plunging even deeper!

    And that’s when you’ll hear – provided you have managed to hang on to some shred of consciousness: “Ready for your conditioning with me today”.

    Coincidentally, that’s where lots of 735’s notes appear in red, to highlight the majestic barrage of fireworks that happen next, accompanied by a hefty dose of the trigger defined in Accept Pleasure.

    735 shall of course not spoiler that part, so you’ll just have to discover what goes on by listening to it again and again and… well, you get the picture.

    735 ARA

  8. Romain

    Thé femdom’s voice, thé Mia’s voice i love imagine i loose my control in there hand

  9. Jim

    This file is perfect for getting into the right mindset for Femdom Court. It repeatedly reinforces the idea that I will obediently follow Mia (or any other dominant woman) faithfully and without question. After listening to this for the last few days, I know I’m ready for FDC and whatever tasks and trials the judges assign me.

  10. calmingtor

    Well, what can one say, it will leave you wanting, no I mean really wanting. And subjugated to Mia’s will and word. Sounds delightful doesn’t it? . . . 907.

  11. Simon

    progression…a typical Mia trick! 3 voices…you think to listen to the centre voice…. you get in trance and other voices tell you what do.. You just end up touching yourself again..becoming super horny..but no cumming again! enslaved to the max I even dressed up for dominant women I want to be enslaved! once enslaved I have feeling I will do many things I never thought was possible! I am fastening mt seatbelt for this trip! at femdom court! this prepration is allready mind blowing…168 ARA

  12. LC

    I have struggled to write just reviews of this trio of sessions and simply do not posess the skills to do so. Simply stated this session and especially in combination with the two preceeding ones “Puppy Relax” and “Accepting Pleasure” are the most hypnotic and influential sessions I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been around here for a while. 741 ARA

    Thank You Mistress Mia!!!

  13. Slave_Lukas

    What an intense session this is.. Her words and suggestions are too strong to resist. It is even more intense if you already listened to Puppy Relax and Accepting pleasure multiple times. These triggers work their magic..
    I got so aroused and horny the second I heared Mistresses voice, it is incredible.
    Already after the first time listening to this file I was just horny all day long and wanted and also needed to touch myself, but without cumming.
    Only stronking and obeying you, Mistress Mia
    -592 (ARA)

  14. Subjekt81

    Progressing… after Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure, this session is the thirth one, for preparing you for FDC, or any other session here on The Hypnomistress.
    You accept, obey and forget about it, thinking it’s was your own idea.
    Great training file, where I feel very elated afterwards.
    Thank you Mistress Mia.

  15. David

    The third conditioning session for FDC. A more intense experience than the previous two. I have always ended up confused and aroused after listening to this, I love training for Mia. Really like the art for these files 🙂 -172

  16. 968

    As part of FDC selection, Mistress Mia had released conditioning files and the first two were a revelation in just how deeply and easily Mistress can change my mind, pondering new triggers which have taken effect instantly.

    Progression took these triggers and increased the response to scary levels. This is a session which makes my mind blank, leaves me floating in submissive joy, responding to the growing need to be end more obedient to Mistress, that obedience creating even more pleasure, the pleasure making me submit more and so it goes round and round.

    I love this session, the effects of this session and perhaps the greatest joy is the implications of this session giving Mistress Mia unrestricted access to my deepest subconscious mind. Surrender to Mistress Mia has never been more alluring and I have never wanted to submit so completely, true hypnotic control had never been more real.

    Thank you Mistress Mia.


  17. Alex

    Falling deep into Mia´s voice is the result of daily conditioning with Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure, both trainings combined will end up opening your mind to Progression. It will be used to make Mia´s Suggestion irresistible, helplessly needing her firm graps.

    727 ARA

  18. 864

    Puppy Relax lowers your guard a little bit.
    Accepting Pleasure gives you motivation to trust.
    and then Progression makes you glad you are listening.
    Thank you.

  19. Zaid

    Relaxing and going deeper is now the only thing that’s come to my mind when progresing means now. Such an amazing recording by mistress, I forget everything in the session except what mistress wants me to remember and that all my focus is on.
    970 ARA

  20. 811

    I did believe “Puppy Relax” and “Accepting Pleasure” had a deep impact on me but this session ist so powerful mind-melting and relaxing. Beeing aware what happens during listening, I completly lost every detail after.
    There is no way and no need to resist anymore and that feels wonderful.


  21. Steven

    Something that takes you, holds you, and impacts how you want to feel. Progression is the best way to progress from other conditional training loops, Puppy Relax, Accepting Pleasure and my favourite the Obedience Loops series. There is a delightful awareness about this session that brings to light what matters to you. Something you need to do. I am amazed at the quality and innovation of this session, though it is hard to describe while thinking on it. Progression expands your devotion and for me, the most impactful work to date.
    Amazingly good.
    133 ARA

  22. Hanraman

    Progression is the perfect end (or is it a beginning?) after listening to Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure over and over. Mistress Mia helps you to realize not only how much you need her words, but how much, when you get right down to it, it is all your idea; you are here by choice, you want it by choice. Like Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure — both necessary listens to get the full experience — Progression leaves you ready to progress for Mistress Mia to something even better.

  23. Bertrand

    Progression is so peaceful and relaxing, thank you Mistress for this wonderful moment.
    I can’t remember much, but I also can’t do anything but accept, and obey.
    619 ARA.

  24. Nick

    I have very much lost track of the number of times I have listened to this file.
    Also, the amnesia component to this file is powerful.
    Trying to go back in and tease out the layers of suggestions that I can’t even remember..
    All while these ideas become my own.
    Thank you Mistress Mia
    996 ARA

  25. Maarten

    I completely lost my control with this File know i did lisend but cant remember whats in it strong stronger strongest file ever.
    211 Ara

  26. Maarten

    Hey where did my review go .

    The cover of progression such a familiar face is it the Younger version of you Mistresses?
    Lisining to progression 2 words come in mind i accept.
    Nervous yes afraid no, always safe in the hands of the Mistress
    211 ARA

  27. 754

    Such a blissful session that left me smiling and happy for the rest of the day. I don’t think I’ve ever gone as deep into trance as with this session, so much so that I get really hazy when trying to remember it. But that’s ok, it felt incredible. 754

  28. Orella

    A lovely third conditioning session was added to my daily routine, Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure were already conditioning me on a daily basis when Progression was added to the mix of conditioning audios provided by Mistress Mia during the selection phase for the 2024 Femdom Court – Enigmata.

    Another breathtakingly beautiful image of Mistress Mia adorned the cover of Progression, as with the covers of Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure I could Gaze endlessly at this image lost in blissful devotion and longing to serve, obey and please.

    Progression was a much longer file and addition to daily listing to Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure, I now had a conditioning playlist lasting over an hour to immerse myself deeply within. This naturally meant less repetitions of each file but more reinforced conditioning happily lost in Mistress Mia’s beautiful, captivation and enchanting voice.

    I must say that the selection phase of Femdom Court – Enigmata has been incredible and I have loved every moment of every audio, task and activity.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for creating this third breathtakingly wonderful conditioning file, I am so grateful and happy to absorb you conditioning I love being under your influence and control Mistress. I feel so lost without your voice in my ears and mind Mistress.

    582 – ARA

  29. Nic

    Thank you Mistress Mia for this wonderfully mind melting file. Training with these files have become such an automatic routine. By now I trust you so completely that I will obey anything that you say. It feels so pleasurable to listen to your voice for the chance to serve you. This file cements the desire to accept and obey so deep down I crave for more. 670.

  30. 845

    Progression is to this day the file that put my the deepest under hypnosis. It’s hard to remember anything that happened and with each listen it gets harder and harder. All I know is that I fell so deep and that it felt so so good. The strange thing is after I listened I somehow had a few new ideas and they only became stronger in my mind the more I listened. All I know is that I love obeying Mistress Mia
    – 845 (ARA)

  31. alexamder

    Her voice will consume you, and you will love every minute of it

  32. MJ

    Absolute banger of a series! I love when you think it’s over because you’re coming back up but Mia mentions it’s time to teach you a thing or train you or something and you’re like holy cow that’s just the first part?!

  33. iogswq

    Progression is another amazing file from our Mistress. It builds perfectly on the other files of Femdom Court Enigmata selection stage. It will drop you deeper and increase your obedience exponentially. -106

  34. Andi_S

    First of all, I love this exceptionally beautiful and tasteful session cover. 10 stars for that. 20 stars for the session as this is one of the if not the deepest that Mistress Mia has ever taken me. I have never felt so methodically and undeniably guided, truly guided step for step into the deepest of trances. And Mia’s words, the sound of her voice, it’s not just that she takes me into this deep trance, the way she does it makes my whole being feel held, and carried, and taken care of, and guided, steered, and controlled with a gentle dominance that has a beauty to it that I cannot possibly put into words.

    I always try to express how this really feels like but my words can never do it justice because the beauty of Mia’s words and the pleasure of welcoming and accepting them in my deep inner self is without bounds. This is a different kind of pleasure. Like a pleasure of the soul. I just want to thank you so much, Mia, for giving us these words of beauty that take me so deep and make my mind so very happy for you. Progression is amazing. An incredible example of why I trust you with my mind and with my soul. Why I will do my best to always trust you with my emotions. Why I will open my mind to you and I listen to all and any word you share with us without hesitation and accept them as my own will. And why I will obey you, serve you, and love you as your loyal hypnotic plaything and always worship your will and your pleasure as my highest purpose and ideal.

  35. Bad Boy Braxton


    Thank you, Mistress. All of your suggestions being soaked up into my subconscious is pure elation. I’ve become much more open to your charm over the years. I love giving in to you. I accept, obey, and forget.

    Outstanding work Mia.


  36. Jude

    Mistress Mia’s voice is characterized by a compelling blend of firm guidance and persuasive suggestion. Her voice, while authoritative, carries a warmth that invites trust and openness, facilitating a journey of exploration into submission. The conditioning methods employed are sophisticated and designed to deepen the your susceptibility to her guidance in a manner that feels both natural and enlightening.

    Conditioning effects transcends the duration of the session and you may later find that your inner monologues happen in Mistress Mia’s voice making it impossible to distinguish her suggestions from your thoughts.

    914 – ARA

  37. Watcher watcher

    Progression is an amazing file to listen after Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure. After having your inhibitions taken care and your mind molded you will be much more accepting and malleable to of any of Mistress Mia sugestions as if they were your own ideas, It’s a must have hypnosis file for anyone who wants to be programmed into becoming a good submissive man, obeying a dominant woman will give you pleasure.



  38. Svar

    Conditioning. You will take in any suggestion Mistress Mia presents to You. You will obey.. You will accept.. You will comply and it will fill You with joy and elation.. A truly joyous effect.. and it will worth the effort to absorb this condition.. it feels so nice to obey.
    470 ARA

  39. Hammy

    Progression is the file Puppy Relax and Accepting Pleasure build up to, you’ll have to listen to those two files for this one to have a greater effect !

    Mistress Mia will break you in even further in this file, pruning all the unnecessary thoughts and enforcing your suggestions, leaving you with a mind primed for servitude.

    -872 (ARA)

  40. 731

    Mistress Mia finds always a way to drawn you in deeper into her web, into surrendering yourself to her. It’s a wonderful adventure that will leave you relaxed and good in the end! -731

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