Length: 29:11
Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Pulse for Mia

  1. Orella

    A wonderful journey guided by Mistress Mia’s beautiful voice, a hands free experience of utmost pleasure and bliss. Wet HFO achieved or not there is an incredible feeling deep within that takes my breath away lost in complete bliss, this is such a sexy intensely intoxicating experience as I give myself to Mistress Mia completely under her expert control.

  2. Doug

    Another great session by Mia. The session started out smooth and easy but by the end there was quite a build up. Mia’s intoxicating voice helps the subject deep into trance to a wonderful outcome. Would love more of these types of sessions.

  3. abe

    I would describe this session using just two words; Intense and Powerful. For us men who have experienced mental orgams, we know that they can be as intense and pleasureable as phisical ones. I took me a while to fully experience these kind of pleasures, or orgams but I’m finally there.

    Now, this audio does exactly what it says in the description. Its amazing and wonderful how a voice can bring so much pleasure and take so much sexual energy from you, that you won’t be able to resist what Mia gives you as she guides her voice deep into you.

    I never experienced a Hands Free Orgasm but I set myself a priority that Mia’s voice will accompish this…

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